WWE Star Talks Unfinished Business With Manchester United Legend Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Back in November 2015, Wade Barrett was still a full-time in-ring performer and a long way from becoming a fixture at the SmackDown announce desk.

That period of his career is best remembered for a slightly surreal confrontation with Manchester United and England football legend Wayne Rooney. The former England captain was seated in the front row for an episode of Raw and ended up arguing with the Intercontinental Champion. After Barrett had insulted Rooney, the football star slapped him in the face.

Speaking in a new interview with The Metro, Barrett said that he would be open to dealing with the “unfinished business” between the pair.

“So, if he fancies turning up, come along Wayne and maybe we can get to some unfinished business between the two of us!”

The wrestler-turned-announcer went on to reflect further, commenting that it’s strange that he’ll be remembered for being slapped by the star.

“It’s such a silly little thing, you don’t go into a career to do things like that. That’s never the aim when you become a wrestler with WWE, but that’s one of those silly little things that people will always remember. People love talking to me about that time I got slapped by Wayne Rooney!”

Wade Barrett Hints At WWE In-Ring Return

Speaking elsewhere, Wade Barrett hinted that he could yet return to the ring, despite not wrestling since April 2016. The British star explained that while he’s enjoying working as a commentator, he’s not ruling out getting back in the ring. Barrett named Austin Theory as a potential opponent should he decide to lace up his boots one more time.