WWE Star Suffers Separated Shoulder At WWE NXT Roadblock

Jacy Jayne Gigi Dolin WWE NXT Roadblock

As Toxic Attraction, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne ruled the WWE NXT women’s tag team division for over a year, becoming two time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

However, cracks began to show in their partnership when the group’s leader Mandy Rose was surprisingly fired last December, and on the February 7th episode of NXT, Jayne ended their partnership for good when she not only superkicked Dolin during a Bayley-led Ding Dong Hello segment, but she also kicked her now-former friend into the talk show’s door, leaving brutal scrapes across Dolin’s face and chest.

After attacking one another in the following weeks, Dolin and Jayne finally faced off inside the squared circle at NXT Roadblock on March 7th. Gigi Dolin emerged victorious in the end, exacting some revenge on her former friend and teammate.

Jacy Jayne Was Injured Fighting Gigi Dolin At WWE NXT Roadblock

On the March 14th episode of NXT, Jacy Jayne was interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell, speaking about her match against Gigi Dolin the previous week. She began by claiming that Dolin was nowhere near as skilled as her despite earning the victory last week.

“I’m not even gonna wait for a question here. Gigi Dolin did absolutely nothing last week. Even on her best day, she’s not one tenth as good as I am.”

When Mitchell pointed out that Dolin was indeed victorious, Jayne continued, clearly irritated by the line of questioning.

“McKenzie, why don’t you report real news, real facts, instead of your pity gossip. One minute into the match last week, Gigi Dolin separated my shoulder. Because she couldn’t handle me at 100%, she had to take a shortcut, because that’s just the kind of person Gigi Dolin is. I could barely even lift my arm in that match, let alone lift it right now. So if Gigi wants to consider that a victory, she’s even more pathetic than I thought she was.

“Gigi, every day, every hour, every minute, every second that I’m away from this place, I’m gonna be thinking of you and what you did to me. And when I return, I promise I’m gonna break your heart and your face again.”

There is currently no timetable announced for Jayne’s eventual return to the ring following her injury.

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