Ex-WWE Superstar Gives Savage Assessment Of Shane McMahon’s Skills – “He Doesn’t Know How To Wrestle”

Shane McMahon & Dwayne Johnson

Despite not being properly trained wrestler Shane McMahon enjoyed a huge level of popularity in the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. This mainly stemmed from his on-screen reputation as the most likeable member of the McMahon family, and willingness to throw himself from very tall structures.

What McMahon lacked in pure, technical wrestling ability, he made up for with a series of incredible stunts complete with a devil may care attitude to his own safety. McMahon is also a former European and Hardcore Champion, while he also captured the SmackDown Tag Team Titles alongside The Miz. The star was also once crowned ‘The Best Wrestler in the World’ after winning a WWE tournament back in 2018.

Rene Dupree Claims Shane McMahon Made His Job Harder

However, while this approach certainly made Shane McMahon a hit with fans and live audiences, a former WWE star has revealed that he was less impressed. Speaking on his Cafe de de Rene podcast, Rene Dupree claimed that not only does McMahon “not know how to wrestle” but he also made his job harder.

“He doesn’t know how to wrestle. He just knows how to do stunts, and doing all those crazy stunts, it actually hurts the business because you’re hot-shotting it, right? So for him diving off the cage, yeah, it gets a pop, but that makes our job even harder to get a reaction. And he wrestles what? Once a year on pay-per-view, right? I don’t think he is even around anymore, right?”

Shane McMahon hasn’t wrestled since appearing in the 2022 Royal Rumble Match. The ‘Boy Wonder’s’ appearance was shrouded in controversy. McMahon also served as a producer for the match and ended up getting “a lot of heat” for his role in how the match went down. It was reported that McMahon rubbed people up the wrong way backstage, and plans for further matches were scrapped.

Around this time it was noted that McMahon had been “quietly let go” by the company.

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