Former WWE Star Saved Mother From House Fire

Chris Masters John Cena

A former WWE Superstar has revealed the details behind a sensational incident that saw him heroically save his Mother from a burning building during a dramatic incident in Los Angeles, California back in 2013.

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters saved Mother in stunning act of bravery

Masters, who now wrestles as Chris Adonis in the NWA, began his WWE career in 2003 after joining the company’s developmental territory of OVW. Two years late he debuted on RAW as ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters where he became best known for his ‘Master Lock Challenge’ segments.

Despite not winning gold whilst with the company, Masters did challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship on an episode of RAW in 2005 and also feuded with current WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley before his eventual release in November 2007 following a second violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy.

The 6ft 4 inch Superstar would face a challenge of a different nature in March 2013, however, after he stepped in to help rescue his Mother from a burning building after she had been apprehended. Speaking in a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Masters has revealed details of the distressing incident:

“I get there, and my uncle who was staying with my mom at the time is locked out. That’s all I see is him at the door. So I get out of the truck. And I don’t know what’s going on. I’m like, What is going on?

And I get to the door. And you know, I’m trying, I don’t even know what my uncle told me. But I start trying to make communication through the door. And somebody starts speaking to me, it’s a voice I don’t recognise and they are just speaking. Like I’m asking about my mom, and this person is like talking crazy. They’re like, she’s my Mom too now.

And, you know, we’re gonna go, I don’t even know he said something like, we’re gonna go to heaven together. Like it was, yeah, it was out. But here’s the thing, so I realized within, it didn’t take long for me to realize oh, this guy’s tripping on something.”

Masters, real name Chris Mordetzky, immediately called the Police after it became apparent the situation was escalating:

I hear my Mom yell something about fire. She’s like speaking in code. And I can tell that she’s saying that he’s basically, he’s threatening her to start a fire in there. So I already knew that much. So and that’s why I didn’t also didn’t kick the door down because she had said that and it made me think he’s gonna start a fire and I can’t get the door down then I’m screwed. What do I do?

Okay, so anyways, now the cops come, they form a perimeter, I’m on that perimeter. And they start trying to communicate obviously, same thing. And then they start trying to get the door down. And again, this just kind of solidifies my position. They couldn’t get the door down. They get the battering ram. It takes about three to four tries to get the door down.

Soon after the Superstar, a former NWA National Champion, saw a fire and sprung into action to help law enforcement enter the burning building:

“She had two windows, and one of the windows was blocked by a tree. So I told the cop break these windows break these windows, she’s in this room because again, they can’t enter because the smoke and she breaks one, no sign of her.

Now the other window is blocked by a tree. So I freaking grabbed the tree and I bear hug it, and I basically rip it to the ground. Like I like come to the ground with it. She breaks that window. Nothing. Nothing. All of a sudden my mom pops up. But it was like for me, it was like, Oh my God, thank God and I got up, I scooped her out, I brought her about 50 feet from the scene. I made sure she was okay.”

It was later revealed that the man who held Diane Mordetzky hostage would go on to spend four years in prison having also received a restraining order from his wife. Masters would move on from the horrifying incident to claim the Real Canadian Wrestling Heavyweight Championship a few months later.