Former WWE Superstar Resurfaces On Marriage Counselling Website

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A former WWE Raw General Manager has gone viral on Twitter after re-emerging on a marriage counselling website.

One of the more memorable Raw General Managers of the last decade was Brad Maddox. The star started off as a referee for the red brand before gaining more of an onscreen presence aiding CM Punk in defeating Ryback in their Hell in a Cell match with a low blow and a fast count.

This led to him beginning a storyline where he tried to get a contract as a WWE wrestler by defeating top stars, only to be squashed by the likes of Ryback, Randy Orton, and Edge.

He eventually got himself a position as then-GM Vickie Guerrero’s assistant and took over the role after she was “fired” in a storyline.

He continued in this role for two years before being fired by Vince McMahon after calling the audience “cocky p***ks” during an episode of Raw.

Since then, Brad Maddox has disappeared from the pro wrestling world. However, he has now resurfaced in a surprising way, as a stock image model on a marriage counselling website.

The ‘Married & Manifesting’ site has several images of the star, who is now going by the stage name ‘Tyler K. Warner’for his acting career.

Several Twitter users have expressed their surprise at seeing the star, with one posting a screenshot and questioning whether he had been married for 15 years.

Another joked that he has “a face which says “yes, I was the GM of RAW and have a dog.”

Meanwhile, dozens of people replied questioning the reality of the original tweet, since it’s unlikely Maddox has been married for that length of time, especially as he seemingly last got married in 2018.