WWE Star Recalls Match With Rey Mysterio Leaving Him In Tears

Rey Mysterio at the WWE Hall of Fame

Rey Mysterio has enjoyed a lengthy and storied career. He began over three decades ago when he was only fourteen years old and has wrestled countless different wrestlers over that period.

He has since become a certified legend, especially following his recent WWE Hall of Fame induction. Because of his legendary status, many wrestlers to come after him have looked at him with reverence.

That reverence led to one wrestler, who faced Rey Mysterio outside WWE, describing how he started getting emotional after the match was over.

Rey Mysterio and Ricochet wrestled in Lucha Underground when Ricochet wrestled under the name “Prince Puma”. Mysterio won that match but Ricochet was so excited about the simple fact that he got to wrestle one of his childhood idols.

Rey Mysterio wrestled Ricochet in Lucha Underground and brought him to tears

That fact caused Ricochet to tear up, as he described in an interview with SPORF.

“After the match was done, he left and left me in the middle of the ring. He let me get the applause and under the mask I’m crying. Then when we get to the back, I go to his locker room to thank him for the match and I can’t even talk. I can’t speak, I’m so choked up.

He saw that and, like I said, it’s hard to even put into words what he means. It really lit a fire under Ricochet to get to that level.”

Mysterio and Ricochet wrestled each other twelve times while Ricochet was under the Prince Puma gimmick. All but one of them were tag matches, with their sole singles match taking place on the January 31, 2016 edition of Lucha Underground.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription