WWE Star Appears To Quash Bray Wyatt Rumours

The Fiend Bray Wyatt WWE

With Bray Wyatt still on everyone’s mind with a certain song played at WWE shows being associated with him, a WWE Superstar has appeared to claim the song as his own.

Former WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt has been on seemingly everyone’s mind as of late and WWE continues to add fuel to the fire. During the 9/16 episode of SmackDown, as fans on TV were seeing a commercial break, fans in attendance at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, saw a mysterious blacked-out arena with ominous music playing.

Fans were quick to scope out that the odd tune was the popular rock song ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane, something that certainly fits the bill for Wyatt’s darker character, however, some tweets from the recently-returned Karrion Kross have fans wondering if it’s for Bray Wyatt at all.

Kross was nicknamed ‘The White Rabbit’ while working in Lucha Underground and he would take it a step further by tweeting out a rabbit emoji to a fan who pointed out Kross’ former moniker.

Karrion Kross also responded “Flattered to be remembered for that. Keep watching. Assume nothing” to another fan who questioned if the song was to do with him.

Kross also responded to a fan who seemed happy that the Bray Wyatt rumours have now apparently been killed, saying:

“Call me a killer, guilty as charged. However, I wouldn’t look to me as a suspect for any of this. I’m an innocent killer. People are reaching for answers and have no idea what to grasp for. Keep watching and have fun. That’s what I’m doing.”