WWE Star Makes Fun Of CM Punk’s Visit To Raw

CM Punk

CM Punk sent social media into a meltdown on April 24th when it was revealed that he had made a surprise visit to Monday Night Raw.

While the taping took place near his home in Chicago, WWE has visited the city plenty of times since his acrimonious exit in 2014. Although the thought of CM Punk chopping it up backstage at a WWE event seemed unthinkable in the first place, his expected return to AEW in a matter of weeks added an extra layer of intrigue.

As fans soaked in the chaos and indulged in one conspiracy theory after another, one WWE Superstar decided to have some fun with the situation.

Chicago native Corda Jade was also present at the taping and wrestled Nikki Cross on Main Event. After the match, she excitedly posted about her experience and shared a photo of herself with Bayley, alongside another from 2016.

Fellow Chicagoan Mustafa Ali also got in the action after his win on Raw sharing a photo with Jade, joking that he didn’t have one from 2016.

Mån.sôör then chimed in that Ali was Jade’s favorite wrestler in the building from Chicago, a clear reference to Punk.

CM Punk Not Angling For WWE Return

Despite the numerous theories flying around the internet, CM Punk reportedly decided to visit Raw on a whim after ending up on a flight to Chicago with numerous WWE talents. Once there he cleared the air with The Miz and spoke to Triple H before eventually being asked to leave by security, seemingly at the behest of Vince McMahon who wasn’t at the taping.

It has since been reported that Punk wasn’t trying to gauge WWE interest and remains locked into a lengthy AEW contract.