Ex-WWE Star Criticises Kevin Owens’ Appearance

WWE Kevin Owens

A WWE hardcore legend believes Kevin Owens could do a better job looking more like a formidable wrestler.

Kevin Owens seems to be on a career resurgence following his feud with Ezekiel. The Prizefighter has now gone back to being more of the serious competitor fans paid attention to in NXT, destroying Superstars left and right, showing hardly any compassion afterward.

Although Owens looks to be back on track, one former WWE star still believes the Prizefighter needs to adjust something about himself on the main roster. In the latest episode of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Shane Douglas discussed Owens’ appearance and mentioned that he could do a better job looking more like a formidable wrestler.

“My thing about Kevin is, you know, to each his own, like we each create our own character, right? He has amazing in-ring ability but he looks like he just left the Kmart on a shift, right? Look like the star that he is because he’s damn good in the ring. I just don’t know if it’s the company telling him that or if that’s just what he’s comfortable doing. And I don’t mean he be out there in sequins and a burning cape or whatever, but look like a wrestler.”

Regardless of whether or not Owens needs to change his look, the former Universal Champion rack up the victories. On the September 26th episode of Monday Night Raw, Owens and Johnny Gargano defeated Alpha Academy in tag team action. Owens also has made it clear that he intends to go after the WWE Universal Championship again.

H/t- Sportskeeda