Injured WWE Star Says They Would Be Content If They Never Wrestled Again

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A high profile WWE Superstar has admitted that they would be “content” if they never wrestled again as they continue their recovery from a serious, career threatening injury.

On July 13th it was reported that Big E had been informed by doctors that he will make a full and complete recovery from the broken neck which has kept him side-lined since March.

On the March 11th edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Big E took an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex from Ridge Holland at ringside. However, instead of the New Day star landing flat on his back, he landed on his head and neck. While Big E was taken to the backstage area on a stretcher, it was later confirmed that he had broken his neck.

The star later explained that his C1 and C6 vertebrae were fractured, but he thankfully hadn’t sustained any damage to his spinal cord.

The former WWE Champion has previously confirmed that he will be evaluated again in March 2023, and this will likely determine whether he will wrestle again.

Speaking to TMZ Sports Big E explained that he’s not sure what his evaluation in March will hold, but he’s trying not to worry about it, as it’s a number of months away.

“It’s really one of those ‘wait and see’ things, I really can’t say. I don’t know whether I’ll be back in March at 100% or if they’ll look at say, ‘Maybe you should be doing something else with your life.’ For me, March of next year is very far off, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying and stressing about that. I’ve been with this company for 13 years. That means a lot of Saturdays and Sundays in Poughkeepsie and Kalamazoo and most random towns. But, now I get to live my life a little bit and see some friends and I’m enjoying just being human.”

When asked whether he would be content if told that his wrestling career was over, he admitted that he would be.

“Yeah, I think so. Honestly, my philosophy as a human being is learning to be content with whatever life brings you. I’m so grateful to not be in a wheelchair, but if I was, I would have to adjust to life in a wheelchair. That’s just how I am programmed. If I spend hours or days or weeks kind of mourning where I’m at in life, and not being what I wanted to be, that doesn’t serve me.”

Although unable to compete in the ring, Big E is still actively involved with WWE and will be working alongside Triple H at the upcoming try-outs held during SummerSlam week.