WWE Star Claims Brock Lesnar “Gets Whatever He Wants”

Brock Lesnar entrance on WWE Raw

Paul Heyman not only spent years as Brock Lesnar’s right-hand man but also told anyone that would listen that The Beast does whatever he wants. That goes for both on-screen and backstage.

Given his star power and relationship with Vince McMahon, Lesnar has always commanded a monster salary and had a huge amount of control over his schedule and storylines. While as an on-screen character, the UFC star has been one of the most dominant performers that WWE has ever seen.

In 2023, Lesnar has been at war with Bobby Lashley owing to a rivalry that began early the previous year. With each man holding one victory over the other, their rivalry will seemingly be settled at Elimination Chamber when they meet for a third time.

On the February 13th episode of Raw, there was a contract signing for their match and naturally, things didn’t go quite to plan. After Lashley ended the segment by leaving his rival laying, the star spoke to Cath Kelley, where he claimed that it was “ridiculous” that Lesnar gets anything he wants.

“Brock Lesnar gets whatever he wants. Brock Lesnar gets this he gets that, he wanted a contract signing they roll out the carpet for him. Anything Brock Lesnar wants he gets and that’s ridiculous around here.”

What Happened With Bobby Lashley And Brock Lesnar On Raw?

For the contract signing Brock Lesnar was out first, joining Adam Pearce. The Beast called out his rival, who eventually arrived on the stage, but not before a number of security guards lined the ramp and a table was set up at the top of the stage.

Lashley said that he was fed up with Lesnar getting special treatment and said that everyone from his representatives to his kids had looked at the contract for Elimination Chamber. After some back and forth Lesnar went after Lashley running through security but was met with a backdrop and a huge Spear from the All-Mighty. With Lesnar laid out, Lashley signed the contract and dropped onto The Beast who smiled.

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