WWE Star Admits They’re “Not On Rhea Ripley’s Level”

WWE star Rhea Ripley

As part of the 2023 WWE Draft, Natalya hopped over to Raw and immediately confronted SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley.

After coming to the aid of Dana Brooke, the veteran put herself in the way of the dominant champion, and that has traditionally proven to be a dangerous place to be. As the rivalry developed, Ripley challenged Natalya to a match at Night of Champions, and the bout was later made official.

However, despite feeling that she can test the champion, Natalya has admitted she isn’t currently on the same level as Ripley and is fully aware that many fans think the same. In a short video posted on Twitter, the veteran conceded that she’s facing an uphill battle, but her whole career has been the same story.

“Just want to get something off my chest that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about, just from the moment that I first got drafted to Raw until now. I was so excited. I was excited for a fresh start, and when I went out to save Dana, maybe Rhea was right. Maybe I was trying to save myself. It’s hard to not see comments online, waves and waves of comments that I’ve read on Twitter and people’s podcasts that have talked about it and just saying, ‘Natty’s not on Rhea’s level and she doesn’t have Rhea’s momentum.’

But I started thinking about it, and I was like, maybe they’re right. Right now, I’m not on Rhea’s level. I don’t have her momentum, and the truth is, I’ve never been a favorite. I’ve never been a favorite, and it’s something I’ve struggled with, and I’ve fought against. I haven’t lasted this long in WWE by not fighting tooth and nail for every single thing I have because I know that I’ve never been a favorite. Rhea can mock me, she can beat me up, and she might even beat me. But at Night of Champions, I can assure you that she is going to respect me. She’s gonna respect me,”

Rhea Ripley To Make Second Defence Of SmackDown Women’s Title

After winning the SmackDown Women’s Title at WrestleMania 39 by defeating Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley dispatched Zelina Vega at Backlash. The Nightmare and Judgment Day enforcer will be hoping for a similar result in Saudi Arabia.

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