WWE SmackDown Star Teases Gimmick Change

WWE SmackDown

With a change in leadership in WWE come changes in gimmicks, storylines, and creative directions. That has been a recurring theme ever since Triple H took control over WWE after Vince McMahon’s (initial) departure. And while Vince has returned, it doesn’t appear that he has the final say on creative anymore.

As a result, several characters that were tweaked/introduced during Vince’s regime have been changed back. And that trend may continue with someone in Sheamus’ entourage.

Ever since Sheamus formed his group/faction/stable, fans haven’t been too happy with Butch’s name. Plenty of fans remember him as Pete Dunne, especially from his matches in NXT. And yet, for whatever reason, Dunne was renamed ‘Butch’ on the main roster, even though he had plenty of history under a previous name.

Aware of the unpopularity of his ‘new’ name, and aware that Vince McMahon doesn’t decide on wrestlers’ names anymore, the man currently known as ‘Butch’ has started teasing that this five-letter name may soon disappear.

Earlier today, Pete Dunne sent out a semi-cryptic tweet of himself – or rather, his former self – holding the NXT UK Championship with the caption “r e m e m b e r”:

And while the title is long gone, the wrestler that carried it certainly isn’t.

“Butch” might soon go back to wrestling under his former WWE name

The last time Butch wrestled a televised match in WWE was on the February 3, 2023 edition of SmackDown, in a losing effort against the Imperium duo of Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci.

Though he hasn’t wrestled (on TV) since then, he was seen briefly on the March 17th edition of SmackDown helping his fellow Brawling Brute Sheamus get hyped up for his #1 contender’s match against Drew McIntyre.