WWE SmackDown Results – March 5th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with over two weeks to go till Fastlane!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • King Corbin defeated Montez Ford via Pinfall (2:26)
  • Angelo Dawkins defeated Sami Zayn via Pinfall (4:30)
  • Dominik Mysterio defeated Chad Gable via Pinfall (3:27)
  • Bianca Belair defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall (4:23)
  • Cesaro defeated Murphy via Pinfall (4:12)
  • Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso via Submission, earning a Universal Championship match at Fastlane (13:36)

Michael Cole Interviews Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns Interrupts

  • Cole opens the show in the ring and introduces Bryan. Cole reminds us Bryan is facing Jey Uso in a Steel Cage and if he wins, he faces Roman at Fastlane but that the original Fastlane match was him & Edge vs Reigns & Uso. Cole asks why Bryan gave up that match for a title shot at Reigns.
  • Bryan says no one asked him if he wanted to be in that tag match because he just rolls with the punches. But he says he doesn’t want to be the old Daniel Bryan anymore and he doesn’t want to see Edge vs Roman at WrestleMania because he wants Edge vs Bryan.
  • Bryan shows us a video recap of his Elimination Chamber performance and his loss to Reigns. He says he felt like a failure when Edge challenged Roman because he failed himself due to putting himself on the back-burner to give other people an opportunity.
  • Bryan says he should be in the main event of WrestleMania because he’s wrestled more in the last three weeks than Roman and Edge have in the last three months combined. Reigns interrupts before we cut to commercials.
  • Roman says Bryan is confusing him and the audience because Bryan isn’t ambitious, he’s just the little guy. He says Bryan needs wrestling whilst wrestling, including Bryan, needs Reigns. Bryan starts to retort but Uso snatches the mic and says he isn’t going to get through him in the first place.
  • Uso goes for a cheap shot but Bryan takes him down with an arm drag and throws him out the ring to close the segment.

Montez Ford vs King Corbin

  • We see a recap of Street Profits beating Zayn & Corbin last week before Ford & Dawkins make their entrance before we cut to commercial.
  • During his entrance, Zayn says Street Profits pulled out a fluke win before Corbin interrupts. Corbin says they’re not teammates, doesn’t want to tag with Zayn and wants a singles match with one of the Street Profits instead – Ford accepts.
  • Corbin gets a spinebuster early on, which gets him a 2-count, but Ford quickly builds momentum of his own – hitting a DDT into a standing moonsault for a 2-count of his own. Zayn distracts Ford from the outside, allowing Corbin to hit the End of Days to pick up the win.

Winner: King Corbin via Pinfall in 2:26

Sami Zayn vs Angelo Dawkins, Carmella Fires Reginald

  • Zayn asks Corbin to help him after he helped Corbin win the prior match. As Zayn gets up onto the apron, Dawkins knocks him off into Corbin who abandons Zayn as a result before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back mid-match as Dawkins has firm control of Zayn. Dawkins manages to dodge Zayn’s offence and hits a dropkick for a near-fall before Zayn rolls out the ring. Zayn hits Dawkins’ face off the barricade and ring apron before throwing him back in the ring and hitting a clothesline for a near-fall of his own.
  • Zayn taunts Ford on the outside before hitting a shoulder tackle for several 2-counts. Dawkins eventually regains control and hits a bulldog for a 2-count followed up by The Silencer for another.
  • Zayn hits the exploder into the corner and sets up for the Helluva Kick but Ford starts playing up to Zayn’s documentary cameras, distracting Zayn long enough for Dawkins to roll him up for the win.
  • Zayn beats up one of his cameramen, believing he works for WWE. Backstage, Carmella says Reginald is a snake and betrayed her by pining after Sasha Banks. She throws the tray of champagne in his face and fires him.

Winner: Angelo Dawkins via Pinfall in 4:30

Dominik Mysterio vs Chad Gable

  • We see a video package after a commercial break that Big E will be returning on next week’s SmackDown. We also see a recap of Otis injuring Rey from a few weeks ago.
  • Dominik and Gable outmanoeuvre each other back and forth before Gable starting to focus on Dominik’s left leg. Gable gets a 2-count after whipping Dominik’s leg but Dominik regains control with an enziguri and tries for a tornado DDT but Gable dodges and hits a tiger suplex for another 2-count.
  • Gable goes for a moonsault but Dominik dodges. Dominik rolls up Gable and manages to pick up a win before Mysterio drives Otis onto the announce table with a diving seated senton before escaping.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio via Pinfall in 3:27

Seth Rollins Interview, Murphy Returns

  • We see a recap of Cesaro rejecting Rollins last week and his elongated Swing. Kayla starts to ask about Cesaro swinging Rollins before Seth interrupts and asks himself why Cesaro swung him for so long. He says Cesaro is afraid of him and The Vision.
  • The camera pans to Murphy who says he’d be willing to help with ‘the Cesaro situation’ but Seth tells him to get out of his sight.

Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair

  • Before the bell rings, Sasha makes her entrance followed by Reginald. Belair gains control early on, getting a 1-count from several roll-ups, before Baszler uses joint manipulation and a kick to wear down Belair’s left arm. Baszler hits a bicycle knee strike for a 1-count.
  • Belair manages to build momentum and hits a suplex despite her hurt arm before following up with a double chicken wing slam attempt. Baszler rolls out, causing Bianca to roll out of the ring in front of Reginald. She pushes Reginald into Nia before getting hit with another knee from Baszler.
  • Nia pushes Reginald in front of Sasha and tries to knock him down, but he dodges and hits Banks instead. In the ring, Baszler tries to lock in the Kirafuda Clutch but Belair transitions into the KOD to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Belair tells Sasha to get rid of Reginald and Sasha slaps him. Backstage, Roman reminds Jey that if he wins, the Universal Championship is safe till Mania but if he doesn’t he’ll have to defend it at Fastlane. He’d embarrass himself and his family if he lost but Jey says he’s got this.

Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall in 4:23

Murphy vs Cesaro

  • Seth joins commentary before the match. Cesaro overpowers Murphy early on but tweaks his knee after being whipped to the outside. Murphy hits a tope con hilo followed up by a top rope meteora for a 2-count.
  • Cesaro regains control with a series of European uppercuts in the corner before swinging Murphy for about 25 seconds before locking in the Sharpshooter to pick up the win.
  • Rollins sarcastically applauds Cesaro from ringside before we see Reginald knocking on Sasha’s door backstage. Sasha simply says no and slams the door in his face before Nia and Shayna confront him. Shayna starts looking for a fight with him but Nia stops her and says he looks “kinda cute” before we cut to commercial.

Winner: Cesaro via Submission in 4:12

Apollo Crews Addresses Big E’s Return

  • Crews comes out with back-up and reiterate that this is the real him and tells us more about his Nigerian legacy. He addresses Big E’s return and says he’ll be keeping a close eye on the Intercontinental Championship.

Bayley Presents Ding, Dong Hello! – Sweet Tweets

  • Bayley reads out some tweets praising Ding, Dong Hello!, including one from @EllenDeGeneres1, before accidentally reading one that insulted the show. She scrunches up her cue card, walks back through her door and slams it shut.

Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso – Steel Cage Match, If Bryan wins, he challenges Roman Reigns at Fastlane

  • Kayla asks if Jey is feeling any pressure from the ramifications of the match but he says he thrives off the pressure. Bryan attacks Uso in retaliation of Usos’ attack last week.
  • Graves reiterates the rules and win conditions of a Steel Cage match before Bryan and Uso make their entrance. Before the bell, Roman Reigns makes his entrance and sits in a plush chair on the entrance ramp.
  • Bryan and Uso go back and forth with aggressive strikes early on before Uso slams Bryan into the cage wall several times and Roman orders for more. Jey asks for the door to be opened early and almost gets out, but Bryan catches his leg.
  • Uso climbs up the cage but Bryan follows. The two slam each others’ heads into the wall but Uso jumps down and sweeps Bryan’s legs out from under him, causing him to land onto the top rope.
  • Bryan eventually regains control by hitting a missile dropkick and attempting the climb himself but Uso knocks him down again. Uso stomps Bryan’s injured knee and tries to escape and both hang from the top.
  • Uso eventually climbs down and hits a top rope Samoan Drop before we cut to commercial. We cut back to both men fighting on top of the cage wall before they climb down. Bryan hits the Yes Kicks against the cage wall but Uso answers with a Superkick into the Uso Splash but Bryan kicks out. Uso tries to escape through the cage door but Bryan catches Jey’s ankle. Uso takes him down with a superkick but Bryan kicks out again.
  • Bryan tries to lock in the Yes Lock but Uso stuns him with some ground and pound strikes. Uso attempts to scale the wall one more time but Bryan catches him by his ankle again. Bryan hits a top rope butterfly suplex before locking in the Yes Lock.
  • Uso gets to the ropes but there’s no rope break in the match and he eventually taps out. Bryan celebrates and Reigns looks on disappointed from ringside to close the show.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via Submission, earning a Univeral Championship match at Fastlane in 13:36