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WWE SmackDown Results – January 29th 2021

Graphic for Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens on the December 25th 2020 Smackdown - SmackDown results thumb

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with just two days to go till Royal Rumble!

Check out the results from last week’s SmackDown!

The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Bianca Belair defeated Bayley via Pinfall (11:07)
  • King Corbin defeated Dominik Mysterio via Pinfall (4:55)
  • Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles via Disqualification (12:37)
  • Daniel Bryan, Big E & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Sami Zayn, Cesaro & AJ Styles via Disqualification (9:27)
  • Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Big E, Shinsuke Nakamura & Otis defeated Sami Zayn, Cesaro, AJ Styles, The Miz & John Morrison via Pinfall (4:55)

Daniel Bryan Hypes The Rumble, AJ Styles Interrupts, Match Between The Two Made

  • Bryan welcomes us to SmackDown and reminds us he’s never won a Royal Rumble. Bryan says he knows what it’s like to be in the main event of WrestleMania and doesn’t know how many WrestleMania moments he has left.
  • Bryan says Gable and Otis have helped him prepare for the unpredictability of the match before AJ Styles interrupts and says he’s winning. Bryan reminds AJ he’s on RAW and asks what he’s doing here. AJ says he’s here due to the Quarterly Brand-To-Brand Invitational.
  • AJ says he’s still the gatekeeper of SmackDown and Bryan challenges him to a match. AJ accepts it as a Royal Rumble warmup and as he goes to leave, Bryan tells him that with or without Omos, he’ll beat him.

Bayley Interviewed Backstage, Bianca Belair defeats Bayley via Pinfall in 11:07

  • We see a recap of last week’s Obstacle Course before Kayla attempts to interview Bayley. Bayley reminds us the segment ended with Bianca beaten up and says Bianca’s ran away from her problems all her life (referencing Belair’s WWE Chronicle). Bayley says she’s the biggest problem Bianca’ll ever face so she’ll have to run away from her too.
  • The two start with a collar-and-elbow but Belair easily overpowers her opponent, eventually hitting a suplex for a 1-count. Bayley regains control by going after Belair’s knee, following up with a sliding clothesline for a 1-count of her own.
  • Bayley attacks Belair’s shoulder which she injured last week and pulls on Belair’s hair, which causes Belair to start aggressively beating Bayley down. Belair hits a moonsault to Bayley’s back and goes for a cover, but Bayley breaks it up via rope break before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Belair hitting a powerbomb for a near-fall before Bayley retaliates with a top rope armbreaker for her own near-fall. Belair tries to roll Bayley up but Bayley hits her with a knee for another 2-count.
  • Bayley continues to work over Belair’s arm and shoulder before hitting a flying elbow to Belair’s neck for another 2-count. The two exchange near-falls through roll-ups but Belair hits a stiff forearm strike before picking up the win with the KOD.
  • Afterwards, Belair talks to Kayla and says she’ll never apologise for being her but beating Bayley is a big accomplishment. She says the only thing bigger will be when she wins the Women’s Royal Rumble on Sunday.

King Corbin defeats Dominik Mysterio via Pinfall in 4:55

  • Whilst Corbin is making his entrance, Mysterio attacks him from behind before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Rey joining commentary and Corbin & Mysterio brawling to start the match off. Dominik gains control with a springboard dive to the outside.
  • Corbin jaw jacks with Rey before reentering the ring and hitting a wheelbarrow back suplex to regain control. Corbins continues to focus on Dominik’s back whilst staring down Rey but Dominik dodges out the way of a tackle, allowing Corbin to run shoulder-first into the ringpost.
  • Dominik hits a springboard senton for a near-fall before attempting the 619. Corbin catches him but Dominik counters with a hurricanrana into the corner. Dominik hits a tornado DDT for a 2-count before missing a springboard dropkick. Corbin drops Dominik chest first onto the top rope before hitting the End of Days to pick up the win.
  • After the bell, Rey attempts to go and help Dominik but Corbin goes to attack him. Mysterio manages to lay Corbin out with a running senton off the apron before helping Dominik.

Big E Asks Sonya Deville For His Royal Rumble Number, The Miz & John Morrison Appear

  • Big E jokingly tries to bribe Sonya to find out his Royal Rumble number before The Miz & John Morrison appear, asking where Adam Pearce is. Sonya says Pearce isn’t here as he’s recovering from his match with Heyman last week before leaving.
  • Morrison & Miz mock Big E for attempting to leave to “do Rumble stuff” but Big E bites back that the two don’t have a chance at winning the match anyway. They get into a big brawl and are separated by backstage officials before we cut to commercial.

Reginald Gives Sasha Banks A Gift

  • We see Sasha walking through the backstage area, hugging Kalisto before eventually encountering Reginald. Reginald says he comes in peace, baring a gift of the best wine Carmella has on offer.
  • Sasha initially goes along with Reginald’s game but quickly switches, asking what the best wine is for drinking through a broken jaw, which is exactly what she’ll give Carmella during their match this Sunday.

Sami Zayn asks for Shinsuke Nakamura’s help

  • Sami asks if Shinsuke & Cesaro are broken up and mentions it’s a little suspicious RAW guys have started turning up. Sami reminds Shinsuke that he helped him out and got him and Cesaro together but now it’s time to pay him back and asks for him to watch his back later tonight. Nakamura declines.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens have their final showdown before Royal Rumble

  • Cole asks what’s going to be different this time that’ll allow Owens to become Universal Champion. Owens says nothing will be different other than the match being Last Man Standing because regardless, no one is going to stop him from being the last man standing.
  • Roman responds that Owens is a very smart man and asks why Owens doesn’t understand. Roman calls Owens a pawn whilst he’s the king of this board and says he doesn’t have a chance at Royal Rumble. Roman tells Owens to blame his father and grandfather.
  • Owens brings up their initials on his knuckles again and tells Roman to watch what he says next. Roman says he still doesn’t understand and goads Owens further by telling Owens his grandfathers will call Owens a disgrace when he meets them again.
  • Owens calls Roman a “delusional jackass” and says he sees a man who his father, grandfather and his entire family legacy can be proud of but Roman cuts out his feed. Owens says he’s had enough before walking off.

Daniel Bryan defeats AJ Styles via Disqualification in 12:37

  • Cesaro joins commentary for the match as Bryan and Styles go back-and-forth in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Bryan gets the better of the exchange before delivering a penalty kick to Styles’ left arm. Bryan hits a high kick for a 1-count before AJ regains control with a high knee to Bryan’s gut.
  • Bryan begins building up momentum before Sami Zayn appears with his documentary crew. Bryan’s momentary distraction allows AJ to push him off the top rope before whipping Bryan into the steel steps – We cut to commerical.
  • We cut back to AJ beating down Bryan who’s still reeling from Zayn’s distraction. Bryan manages to dodge out of AJ’s offence before hitting a flying clothesline. Bryan hits several high kicks in the corner before hitting a top rope hurricanrana for a near-fall.
  • Zayn taunts Cesaro, Cole & Graves on commentary as AJ hits a dragon leg sweep on Bryan to regain control. AJ hits an enziguri in the corner before locking in the Calf Crusher which Bryan breaks up via rope break.
  • AJ attempts the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan counters in the LeBell Lock. AJ breaks it up with rope break before Big E comes out to beat up Zayn. Zayn gets caught in the crossfire of Bryan and AJ and eventually rushes the ring, causing a disqualification for Bryan.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura runs out and a brawl ensues, ending in Big E, Bryan and Nakamura throwing Zayn, Cesaro and Styles out of the ring.

Daniel Bryan, Big E and Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Sami Zayn, Cesaro and AJ Styles via Disqualification in 9:27

  • Cesaro and Shinsuke start off with a back-and-forth exchange before Sami and Big E tag in, with Big E overpowering Zayn to gain control. The faces keep Zayn isolated in their corner as Bryan tags in. Zayn delivers a chop block to Bryan’s knee before tagging in AJ. AJ pelts Bryan’s knee off the ring post several times before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Cesaro executing the swing on Bryan before locking in the Sharpshooter. He tags in AJ who continues his team’s strategy of breaking down Bryan’s injured leg. Sami tags in and attempts a superplex but Bryan counters. They both tag out and everyone hits their finishers.
  • Cesaro hits a corkscrew uppercut on Big E for a near-fall and goes for the Neutralizer but Big E fights out before hitting the uranage for a near-fall of his own. Big E teases the Big Ending but The Miz & John Morrison appear on the ramp. They attack Nakamura & Big E, causing another disqualification.
  • Otis comes out to make the save, taking down both Miz & Morrison with a double Caterpillar.

Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Big E, Shinsuke Nakamura and Otis defeat Sami Zayn, Cesaro, AJ Styles, The Miz and John Morrison via Pinfall in 4:55, Braun Strowman Returns

  • The heels start off aggressive, beating down Bryan and continually tagging in and out to conserve energy. Bryan eventually creates an opening after taking down AJ with a double tackle but the heels take down the entire opposing team, leaving Bryan in the ring with Zayn.
  • Sheamus makes his way to the ring and tags in from Bryan, seemingly entering himself into the match on the face team, before hitting an Irish Curse on Zayn. Everyone hits their finishers again before Sheamus finally hits the Brogue Kick to Zayn to pick up the win for his team.
  • After the match, Braun Strowman returned for the first time since Survivor Series and laid out everyone to close the show.