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WWE SmackDown Results – February 5th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with just two weeks to go till Elimination Chamber!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Dominik Mysterio defeated King Corbin via Pinfall (9:45)
  • Cesaro defeated Daniel Bryan via Submission (4:10)
  • Bayley defeated Ruby Riott via Pinfall (4:00)
  • Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated Chad Gable & Otis via Pinfall (3:30)
  • Big E defeated Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn via Pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship (12:00)

Roman Reigns Gives Edge An Ultimatum

  • The show opens with a recap of Edge and Bianca winning their respective Royal Rumbles before Roman makes his entrance alongside Heyman and the returning Jey Uso.
  • Roman says he isn’t a fan of recapping but he beat Kevin Owens like he said he would. He wants to talk about the future that is Edge and asks why the Rated R Superstar wasted his time on RAW and NXT.
  • Roman continues that Edge should be begging for a title opportunity and then asks Paul where Edge is as he’s making him wait. Roman tells Paul to get Edge to come out but a member of the ringside crew tells him Edge isn’t here.
  • Roman says he isn’t the kind of man who waits and plays games because the last man to do that was Kevin Owens and now he’s gone. Roman demands Edge gives him his decision by the end of the night and leaves.

Analysis: Another terrific promo from the ‘Tribal Chief’ which should really be obvious at this point. Roman continues to show new sides to his character, this week almost snapping in anger after being stood up by Edge. I think Roman would be a great opponent for Edge at Mania though honestly, I’d prefer him to take on Finn Balor for the NXT Championship slightly more.

Dominik Mysterio defeats King Corbin via Pinfall in 9:45

  • During Dominik and Rey’s entrance Corbin attacks the duo, throwing Rey off the stage before we cut to commercial.
  • Mysterio starts out the match hurt but manages to dodge most of Corbin’s early offence to gain the advantage. Dominik gets an early 1-count off a dropkick but Corbin responds with a spinebuster followed up by a series of stiff strikes.
  • Corbin uses dirty tactics to create an opening as we still Rey getting attended to by ringside officials. Corbin gets a 2-count after whipping Dominik into the corner and taunts the younger Mysterio whilst locking into an arm wrench.
  • Dominik hits a springboard splash to the outside to take Corbin down as Rey manages to hobble his way to ringside before he cut to commercial. We cut back to Corbin attempting a suplex on Dominik but Dominik counters into a swinging neckbreaker and standing moonsault for a near-fall.
  • Dominik sets up Corbin for the 619 and goes for it but Corbin escapes and hits the Deep Six for a near-fall of his own. Dominik manages to throw Corbin to the outside before hitting a tope suicida whilst directing Rey to go under the ring.
  • As Corbin tries to get back into the ring, Rey catches his foot from under the ring – allowing Dominik to hit the 619 followed up by a frog splash to pick up the win!

Analysis: A good match that I’m glad saw Dominik finally pick up a win, even if it was via nefarious means. I hope this isn’t another case of being expected to cheer the Mysterios after they blatantly cheated to win though at least in this case it was comeuppance for Corbin attacking the two before the match got underway. Not really sure where this feud goes from here though I’m almost certain this isn’t over by a long shot.

Cesaro defeated Daniel Bryan via Submission in 4:10

  • The two start off aggressive immediately with an exchange of strikes. Bryan hits a penalty kick on Cesaro’s left arm before continuing to work on it with wrenches and kicks. Bryan throws Cesaro to the outside before diving on him from the top rope.
  • During the match, we see Shinsuke Nakamura watching on from backstage and commentary simply question what’s on his mind watching the success of his former tag partner.
  • Bryan rolls Cesaro back into the ring and continues his assault on the left arm. Cesaro temporarily regains control after raking Bryan’s eye but Bryan eventually counters into a backslide for a near-fall. At some point, the right side of Cesaro’s head gets busted open.
  • Cesaro builds up a little momentum but Bryan manages to lock in the LeBell lock which Cesaro powers out of. Bryan hits several stomps to Cesaro’s head and looks for the running single knee but Cesaro counters into a backbreaker before hitting the Swing and locking in the Sharpshooter, which Bryan shockingly taps to.
  • After the match, Cesaro shakes Bryan’s hand before leaving.

Analysis: Another, unsurprisingly, great match between these two with the surprise result of Cesaro forcing Bryan to submit. This was an almost dominant win for the ‘Swiss Superman’, making me believe WWE are continuing this big push for both him and Nakamura post-Rumble – a thought I was very afraid of. We never really got a glimpse of what Nakamura’s perspective on Cesaro winning was but if this leads to a triple threat between the three like I suspect, I am all for that.

Bianca Belair Interview, Bayley defeats Ruby Riott via Pinfall in 4:00

  • Belair is shown footage of her parents reacting to her Rumble win and says they’ll be with her in spirit at WrestleMania. Kayla then asks who she plans to challenge at WrestleMania but Belair says she’ll do WrestleMania her own EST way and that she’ll be ready to make her decision soon.
  • Billie Kay joins commentary as Liv Morgan watches on from ringside. Billie disregards Cole’s comments that the Riott Squad kicked her out of the group last week. Riott hits a Riott Kick early on for a near-fall and tries for a head scissors driver but Bayley counters into snake eyes.
  • Billie eventually hits the head scissors driver and brings Bayley to the top rope, hitting a running top rope arm drag to take down her down. Bayley tries for the Bayley To Belly but Riott counters into a roll-up which Bayley kicks out of.
  • Bayley hits a middle rope-assisted stunner and locks in an arm wrench which prompts Billie to run to ringside and try to push the rope towards Riott. Liv pulls her down and Bayley releases the hold to hit the Rose Plant and pick up the win.
  • After the match, Billie tries to give Bayley her resume but the camera cuts before we can see her reaction.

Analysis: Billie was, once again, incredibly entertaining here. I honestly wouldn’t mind her getting a temporary stint on commentary across full shows for a few weeks, she’s that funny. The stuff between The Riott Squad and her is fun though I’d like to see something different next week, she’s done a very similar shtick of accidentally costing them the last three weeks in a row.

Bianca Belair Addresses Her Royal Rumble Win, Carmella & Sasha Banks Interrupt

  • Belair gets a full entrance and says her life changed overnight when she won the Rumble. She calls choosing her WrestleMania opponent the biggest decision of her career and goes over Asuka and Sasha’s accomplishments before Reginald interrupts, leading Carmella to appear shortly after.
  • Carmella tells Bianca to not forget that she beat Sasha twice and says she’s certain she can beat Belair too before Sasha interrupts. Sasha says she’s looking ahead and not in the rear view, adding that Bianca has her attention.
  • Sasha says she knows Bianca is the fastest and many other ‘ests’ but she’s not the best because she’s not the champion. Reginald interrupts again and says Belair got lucky winning the Rumble, promoting Belair to whip Reginald out the ring.

Analysis: Weirdly, this segment just made me think about how much I want Bianca Belair vs Reginald after seeing his match with Sasha a few weeks ago. Carmella was FANTASTIC here, she has gotten so so good at the little details in segments like this. During the staredown between Sasha and Bianca, she did a very subtle but telling eye-roll that was just brilliant. Honestly, I’d be up for a Bianca/Carmella feud to tide Bianca along till Mania.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeat Chad Gable & Otis via Pinfall in 3:30

  • Roode and Ziggler have a new combined theme to accompanied their combined titantron that debuted a few weeks ago.
  • Roode and Gable start out as the Steet Profits take over commentary for this match. Roode works over Gable, keeping him in a series of rest holds to wear him down. Gable eventually counters into an Ankle Lock and Roode fights out. This gives Gable the chance to tag in Otis, however.
  • Otis builds a comeback and takes down both Roode and Ziggler. Otis hits the Caterpillar on Roode before tagging in Gable whilst Ziggler takes down Otis on the apron. Ziggler comes in and Gable hits Chaos Theory but Roode hits the Glorious DDT to pick up the win.

Analysis: A decent match that was unoffensive and short. I’m glad they’re taking strides to make Roode and Ziggler seem like more of a cohesive team with the combined tron and now theme so it feels like the tag division isn’t 50% singles guys they don’t know what else to do with. The Street Profits intercepting to commentate over the match was a really neat idea I haven’t seen them do before and did a lot to explain the Street Profits’ thoughts on both competing teams.

Big E defeats Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn via Pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship in 12:00

  • Sami immediately rolls out of the ring, leaving Apollo and Big E to battle it out. Big E manages to take down Crews before Zayn runs in to pick at the scraps, but Big E takes him down with a back body drop.
  • Crews come back in the ring and hits three german suplexes in a row for near-fall before continuing to maintain control of the match. Big E looks like he’s going to hit his spear to the outside but Zayn catches his foot and pulls him to the outside, allowing Crews to take him down with a tope con hilo before following up with a moonsault off the apron.
  • Zayn takes down Crews before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Zayn beating down Big E in the ring before choking the champion on the middle rope. Zayn attempts the Blue Thunder Bomb but Big E fights out just in time for Crews to hit Zayn with a missile dropkick.
  • Big E hits his comeback of triple belly-to-belly suplexes and goes for the Big Splash but Zayn catches him in a sleeper hold. E slams Zayn next to Apollo and hits the Big Splash on both before attempting the Big Ending on Crews who counters with an enziguri.
  • Big E throws Crews over the top rope before countering Zayn’s Helluva Kick into an urange for a near-fall. Big E hits the splash on the apron but Apollo takes him down with a dropkick on the outside before hitting a frog splash on Zayn for a 2-count.
  • Crews goes for an exploded suplex on Zayn but Big E catches him into a german suplex and the two execute the moves at the same time. Big E is stunned in the process and Zayn hits the Helluva Kick and goes for the cover but Crews pulls Zayn out of the ring to stop the count.
  • Zayn starts beating up Crews on the outside but Crews responds by gorilla pressing Zayn into the timekeepers’ area. He runs into the ring straight into the Big Ending from Big E, who retains the title.
  • After the match, Crews storms off angrily as Big E celebrates.

Analysis: A fantastic triple threat that could’ve very easily been on Royal Rumble given how great it was. Crews really shone here, particularly with the new offence he pulled out like the triple german suplexes and the tope con hiro. Big E retaining was the right call and pretty much guaranteed Apollo going down the dark path to try and finally capture the gold as was teased in the aftermath and over the last couple of weeks.

Edge Gives Roman Reigns His Response

  • Edge says he dreamed of coming back home and winning the Royal Rumble to main event WrestleMania and he outlasted 29 other men to do it. The Rated R Superstar deliberates between choosing Drew, Finn or Roman and looks like he’s about to decide before Roman Reigns interrupts.
  • Edge laughs at the fact Roman had to bring backup and Roman responds that without his blessing, Paul will not make a move. Edge says he’s already in Roman’s head and Roman tells Uso and Heyman he’s got this, prompting them to leave.
  • Roman demands Edge acknowledge him as THE champion by declaring him as his challenger. Edge stares down Roman before Kevin Owens appears and hits a Stunner on Roman Reigns and leaves. Edge drops the mic and leaves to close the show.

Analysis: A good end to the show if a little anticlimactic. I don’t mind Owens coming back to face Reigns again but I felt a little let down when the entire hook of Edge confronting Reigns didn’t have a very satisfying conclusion for the ‘Rated R Superstar’ – for me, even a witty one-liner after Owens hit the Stunner would have sufficed. Hopefully this third match in the Owens vs Reigns series is more like their TLC encounter at the Rumble match did feel like a bit of a step-down.

And that was this week’s SmackDown!

A fun show that did well in building off the Rumble though I am disappointed and slightly concerned that Elimination Chamber wasn’t brought up at all, despite being just over two weeks away. I hope that show doesn’t end up just having throwaway matches on it for the sake of having matches but considering they’ll only have two shows to build off of now, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

The highlights of this week included the great Intercontinental Championship triple threat and Bryan vs Cesaro II whilst the lowlights were Dominik vs Corbin as well as Roode & Ziggler vs Otis & Gable.

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