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WWE SmackDown Results – April 30th 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida with WrestleMania Backlash set to take place in three weeks!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Bianca Belair & The Street Profits defeated Bayley & The Dirty Dawgs via Pinfall (7:45)
  • Natalya & Tamina defeated Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via Pinfall (5:09)
  • Big E defeated Apollo Crews via Disqualification, Crews retains the Intercontinental Championship (10:33)
  • Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan via Pinfall to retain the Universal Championship, Bryan is barred from SmackDown (27:29)

Bianca Belair, The Dirty Dawgs, The Street Profits and Bayley Brawl To Open The Show

  • We see a recap of Bryan accepting Reigns’ challenge last week before the show intro plays. Cole and McAfee recap the Universal Championship match once again after before Bianca Belair makes her entrance whilst a promo video hyping her up plays.
  • Bianca welcomes us to SmackDown before Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode interrupt. They say you’ve got to start the show right with the Dirty Dawgs before the Street Profits interrupt. The Street Profits berate Roode & Ziggler for interrupting Belair before Bayley interrupts them.
  • Bayley snatches Bianca’s microphone from her and laughs manically before Belair punches Bayley to the ground. The two get into a brawl which prompts the two tag teams to brawl too as we cut to commercial.

Bianca Belair & The Street Profits vs Bayley & The Dirty Dawgs

  • Bianca dominates over Bayley as we cut back from commercial and the latter eventually tags Ziggler which forces Dawkins to come in. The two team brawl to the outside where Ford hits a tope con hilo before Bayley tackles Belair into the steel steps. As Ford gets back in the ring, Ziggler stuns him with a superkick to gain control.
  • The heels focus on Ford as Ziggler gets a near-fall from a superkick before locking in a sleeper hold. Ford throws him off and creates an opening with a superkick before tagging in Dawkins. Dawkins starts building a comeback by taking down both the Dirty Dawgs, hitting a spinning neckbreaker on Roode but Ziggler breaks up the ensuing pin.
  • Belair lifts Ziggler onto her shoulder and throws him down before hitting the KOD on Bayley. Ford follows up with From The Heavens on Roode to pick up the win.

Winners: Bianca Belair & The Street Profits via Pinfall in 7:45

Seth Rollins Predicts The Winner Of Tonight’s Universal Championship Match

  • Seth Rollins predicts Daniel Bryan wins tonight in a huge upset and calls out Cesaro for a match next week to continue their feud.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs Natalya & Tamina

  • We see a recap of Tamina beating Nia last week before we see Megan asking the champions about their confidence despite losing to both in singles matches. Nia says she’s sick of the disrespect they’ve been getting before being attacked by Natalya and Tamina from behind.
  • Tamina attempts the Superfly Splash early on but Nia gets her knees up. Tamina starts to build momentum and tries to slam Nia but Nia is too heavy and slams her. Shayna tags in and Tamina manages to slam her before tagging in Natalya.
  • Natalya starts building a comeback, hitting a release german suplex for a near-fall. She attempts the Sharpshooter but Baszler hits a series of strikes on her before tagging in Nia who follows up with an elbow drop for two-count. Tamina tags back in and goes for the Superfly Splash but Shayna distracts her by throwing Natalya over the announce table.
  • Shayna tags in and attempts a superplex on Tamina but the latter blocks before headbutting Shayna off the top rope. She hits the Superfly Splash to pick up the win.

Winners: Natalya & Tamina via Pinfall in 5:09

Rey & Dominik Mysterio Are Aiming For A SmackDown Tag Team Championship Shot

  • Kayla Braxton asks if the father-son duo are looking to challenge for the tag titles after beating Alpha Academy. Dominik says they are and he’s looking forward to challenge with a four-time tag champ in his dad. Rey says he wants to add another accomplishment to his belt: Being one half of the first-ever father-son SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Aleister Black Cuts Another Cryptic Promo

  • Aleister reads from Tales of the Dark Father again, this time reading from a segment named reality. Aleister calls out his high school classmates for building their lives on a foundation of lies, something which his father taught him how to escape. Aleister says he could give us the keys to escape, but he won’t before fading away.

Apollo Crews vs Big E – Intercontinental Championship Match

  • We see a recap of Azeez helping Crews to retain over Owens last week as Crews makes his entrance. The two get into a collar-and-elbow tie-up which Big E gains the advantage from after hip tossing Apollo out of the hold.
  • Big E hits the apron splash on Crews for a two-count but Crews retaliates with a suplex on the outside before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Crews beating down Big E back in the ring before attempting a double axe handle, which Big E counters into two belly-to-belly suplexes.
  • Big E hits a third belly-to-belly followed by the Big Splash for a near-fall. Apollo hits a moonsault off the apron before hitting a big boot in the ring but Big E kicks out of the ensuing pinfall. Big E hits an uranage in the corner for yet another near-fall.
  • Big E goes for the spear to the outside but Crews counters with a knee strike before hitting a death valley driver on the apron. Crews hits a Frog Splash but Big E kicks out at 2. Big E hits the Big Ending on Crews but Azeez pulls him out of the ring and throws him into the ring post to cause a DQ.
  • Kevin Owens comes out and tries to stop Azeez’s assault but Sami Zayn comes out to take down Owens. Zayn picks up the title but sheepishly gives it back to Crews before raising both Crews and Azeez’s hands. Azeez gives him a Nigerian Nail for his troubles.

Winner: Big E via Disqualification, Apollo Crews Retains The Intercontinental Championship in 10:33

Paul Heyman Gives His Prediction For The Universal Championship Match

  • We’re shown another video recapping how we got to Bryan vs Reigns before Kayla Braxton tries to ask Heyman a question about Bryan but he cuts her off and goes on a rant about Bryan defying the odds and how, despite everyone thinking he will beat Reigns, Bryan will lose tonight.

Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan – Universal Championship Match (If Bryan loses, he leaves SmackDown forever)

  • Roman Reigns debuts a brand-new entrance theme as he makes his way to the ring. Bryan hits a running dropkick as soon as the bell rings and hits a series of kicks but Reigns pushes him back and hits an uppercut to cut his opponent off.
  • Bryan almost locks in the Yes Lock early on but Reigns escapes to the outside. Bryan hits a rope-assisted dropkick and a running knee of the apron before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Bryan focusing on Reigns’ left arm to take down his opponent’s power.
  • Reigns eventually swings the pendulum in his favour with a clothesline to Bryan before going for a cover for a two-count. Bryan starts to build a comeback using his quickness but Reigns stops him once again with a back elbow strike.
  • Bryan this Reigns with a series of uppercuts before dropping Reigns into the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Bryan attempts a top rope hurricanrana but Reigns counters into a top rope powerbomb for a near-fall before we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Reigns delivering stiff forearm strikes to Bryan at ringside before whipping him into the barricade then back into the ring for a two-count. Reigns hits several knee strikes to Bryan in the corner before taking him to the top rope and attempting a superplex. Bryan slips out under Roman and takes his legs out from under him.
  • Bryan hits a back superplex for a near-fall before hitting several Yes Kicks. Reigns goes for one to head but Reigns counters into a Samoan Drop for a near-fall of his own. Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch but Bryan counters with a roundhouse kick to Reigns arm before following up with a penalty kick to the weakened arm. Reigns falls to the outside and Bryan attempts a tope suicida but Reigns catches him into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.
  • Reigns goes for a spear but Bryan dodges, causing Reigns to run straight through the barricade before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Bryan hitting a diving headbutt for a near-fall. Bryan goes for the running knee but Reigns counters with the Superman Punch for a near-fall of his own.
  • Reigns goes for the Spear but Bryan rolls through it before hitting the running knee but Reigns breaks it up by getting his foot on the rope. Bryan stomps Reigns in the face before locking in a crossface but Reigns leans back into a pinfall. Bryan kicks out but Reigns hits the Spear and Bryan kicks out again.
  • Reigns locks in the Gullotine but Bryan manages to slip out into a cross armbreaker on Reigns’ injured arm. He transitions into the Yes Lock and Reigns nearly gets to the ropes but Bryan rolls back to the center of the ring. Reigns powers out of the lock before hitting a series of ground and pound strikes on Bryan.
  • Reigns hits a deadlift powerbomb before keeping up the ground and pound assault. He hits another deadlift powerbomb and locks in the Guillotine with his good arm. Bryan passes out and Reigns retains, meaning Bryan is barred from SmackDown.
  • After the match, Reigns teases hitting a conchairto on Bryan but Cesaro makes the save. He beats down Reigns but Jey Uso saves the Universal Champion before tying up Cesaro in the ropes. Reigns hits a conchairto on Bryan as Cesaro watches on helplessly to close the show.

Winner: Roman Reigns via Pinfall, retaining the Universal Championship in 27:29