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WWE SmackDown Results – April 2nd 2021

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with a week to go till WrestleMania!

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The results from this week’s show were as follows:

  • Alpha Academy and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated The Street Profits and Rey & Dominik Mysterio via Pinfall (9:35)
  • Natalya defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall (0:35)
  • Bianca Belair defeated Carmella via Pinfall (4:46)
  • Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso via Submission (13:05)

Edge Sends A Warning To Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

  • We see a recap of Bryan being added to the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania last week before Edge makes his way to the ring. He says the chaos of last week didn’t need to happen because Bryan has created a speedbump on his road to WrestleMania.
  • Edge says if anyone should understand where he was coming from, it should be Daniel due to their parallels of their injury and retirements. Edge says that neither of the suggestions Bryan made last week were heroic and he simply got outplayed.
  • Edge says he has to thank Daniel though because he finally saw ‘The Rated-R Superstar’. He admits he snapped at Fastlane and last week because he finally woke up. Edge says he was this close from hitting the conchairto and next time, he won’t hesitate.
  • Backstage, we see Kayla Braxton ask Edge for his thoughts on the Street Fight. Edge says he doesn’t feel bad that Daniel might get hurt and the same goes if Bryan is unable to compete at WrestleMania. In fact, it’ll feel good.

Alpha Academy & Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs The Street Profits & Rey and Dominik Mysterio

  • Gable and Otis are in the ring. Gable says he’s transformed Otis over the last few months using his brains and they’ll outclass their own partners tonight – Roode & Ziggler before winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship next week.
  • Dominik hits an early tornado DDT on Ziggler for a near-fall before the faces throw all the heels to the outside. All four hit diving offence to the outside before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Rey getting a hot tag off to Dawkins who takes down everyone on the opposing team with exploder suplexes.
  • Otis tags in and manages to get a two-count off a stiff strike to Dawkins. The heels isolate Dawkins in their corner until the latter creates an opening with a clothesline to tag in Ford who hits an elevated uranage into a standing moonsault for a two-count.
  • Ford gets a two-count off a roll-up before following up with a enziguri. He tries for From The Heavens but Gable dodges. Gable hits Chaos Theory before Otis follows up with his middle rope splash to pick up the win.

Winners: Alpha Academy and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode via Pinfall in 9:35

Paul Heyman Inserts A Hold-Harmless Clause In Tonight’s Street Fight

  • Paul Heyman confronts Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce in their office and reminds them that there’s a hold-harmless clause that strips Jey Uso of any responsibility in tonight’s Street Fight. Pearce is about to interject but Sonya interrupts, saying Heyman made the correct choice.

Seth Rollins And Cesaro Go Face-To-Face Ahead Of WrestleMania

  • Corey Graves asks Cesaro if his match with Rollins if this’ll be the breakthrough moment he’s been waiting for. Cesaro says he will not fail at WrestleMania because there’s something different in the air… “swing is in the air”.
  • Graves then asks Rollins if Cesaro swinging him was a blemish on his career. Rollins says Graves and Cesaro are colluding to make him look bad but he’s not gonna let them get to him. Rollins says he’s up there with WrestleMania legends like Hogan and The Rock because of moments like him cashing in at WrestleMania 31.
  • Graves asks Cesaro if he has what it takes to defeat Rollins. Cesaro says that not only can he beat Rollins at WrestleMania, he can embrass him. Rollins reminds the two that he is unshakeable but Cesaro says he isn’t ‘unswingable’.
  • Rollins orders Graves out of the ring before telling his opponent that he’s on a completely different level to Cesaro. Rollins says Cesaro will only have him himself to blame when he loses but he’s not even going to let him get to WrestleMania before Cesaro tells him to take a swing. Rollins feigns a punch before exiting the ring.

Shayna Baszler vs Natalya

  • Nia Jax joins commentary as Natalya makes her entrance. Both women counter each others’ roll-up attempts before Natalya gets an incredibly quick win after a second attempt. Nia Jax attacks her after the bell, leading The Riott Squad to make the save.
  • Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke as well as Lana & Naomi appear and all chaos breaks loose, ending with Natalya and Tamina standing tall by the end. Carmella is seen watching from backstage and accepts a resume from Billie Kay.

Winner: Natalya via Pinfall in 0:35

Sami Zayn’s Red Carpet Premiere With Logan Paul

  • Sami explains he needed a big social media influencer to guide him in the premiere of his documentary before introducing Logan Paul. Sami invites Logan to be his guest of honour at WrestleMania and Logan accepts before Zayn shows the documentary trailer.
  • Sami asks Logan for his thoughts who says it’s a lot to take in and compelling, but Kevin Owens confronted him in the lockerroom. Logan says that Owens said Sami is delusional before Sami interrupts. Sami says he doesn’t care what Owens thinks and he doesn’t want Owens opinion, he wants Logan’s.
  • Logan starts to critique it but Kevin Owens appears and hits a Stunner. He leaves via the entrance ramp but not before pushing Logan Paul out of the way all the while.
  • After an ad break, Owens explains that he enjoyed stunning Sami and he wants to prove that he can stun anyone in WWE at any time before Sami attacks him and says he’ll see him at WrestleMania.

Carmella vs Bianca Belair

  • Kayla asks Bianca if she’s worried about splitting her focus between her Mania match with Sasha and this match with Carmella. Bianca says Carmella has a chip on a shoulder but she’s on her way to make history at WrestleMania and won’t let that be stopped.
  • Carmella attacks Belair during her entrance, injuring Belair’s arm after whipping her into the steel steps before we cut to commercial. We cut back to Carmella hitting a hurricanrana followed up by a bronco buster for a two-count.
  • Belair regains control with a series of clotheslines and attempts a handspring moonsault but Carmella dodges and hits a superkick, getting another two-count. Carmella attempts a second superkick but Belair catches her into the KOD to pick up the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall in 4:46

Apollo Crews Challenges Big E To A… Nigerian Drum Fight?

  • Apollo says none of his ancestors have been as disrespected as he was by Big E at Fastlane. To make up for it, he wants to add a stipulation to their WrestleMania match – challenging Big E to a Nigerian Drum Fight.

Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso – Street Fight

  • Edge joins commentary. Bryan runs into the ring during his entrance and immediately starts to brawl with Uso. The two move to the outside where Uso whips Bryan into the barricade shoulder-first. Bryan gets back in the ring and attempts a tope suicida but Uso blocks it with a steel chair.
  • Jey locks Bryan’s leg in the chair and goes for an Uso Splash but Bryan rolls out the way before laying in multiple chair shots to Jey’s back before Roman Reigns makes his way to the top of the ramp, sitting down in a leather chair as we cut to commercial.
  • We cut back to Bryan delivering Yes Kicks to Uso in the corner before attempting a corner dropkick, but Uso counters with a superkick. Uso whips Bryan into a steel chair in the corner before bringing out a steel chain and hitting a a punch using it.
  • Uso hits the Uso Splash but only gets a near-fall. Uso brings Bryan to the outside before attempting a suplex off the steel steps. Bryan counters into a suplex to ringside before driving Uso’s head off the announce table directly in front of Edge.
  • Bryan rolls Uso back into the ring and hits a missile dropkick before wrapping the steel chain around his arm. Bryan pummels Uso with several steel chain-assisted strikes before locking in the Yes Lock to pick up the win.
  • After the bell, Bryan hits the Running Knee on Edge before repeatedly slamming Edge’s head into the ringpost. Bryan hits the Running Knee on Roman before locking in the Yes Lock which he eventually releases after several officials break the hold. He stands tall to close the show.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via Submission in 13:05