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WWE SmackDown Results – November 6th 2020

Graphic for Bayley Vs. Sasha Banks on the November 6th 2020 SmackDown results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with just over two weeks to go till Survivor Series!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

Sasha Banks defeats Bayley via Submission to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship in 18:20

  • A PPV-esque video package recapping Bayley’s betrayal, Sasha’s title win and Bayley’s challenge for tonight is shown before the match. Bayley is interviewed by Kayla Braxton and sha reminds us that Sasha has never successfully defended a singles title on RAW or SmackDown before.
  • Things started off surprisingly technical: Sasha managed to outmanoeuvre Bayley and almost locked in the Bank Statement before Bayley rolled out the ring.
  • Bayley tries to slingshot Sasha into the ring post at one point with her legs, but doesn’t seem to get enough momentum and Sasha ends up landing hard on top of her. Sasha returns in kind with a top rope Meteroa, but isn’t able to make the cover.
  • Bayley hits Sasha with one of Sasha’s Backstabbers and a Bayley-To-Belly for a close two count, before hitting the diving elbow for another nearfall.
  • Bayley ran into the ringpost after Sasha dodged, allowing Banks to lock in the Bank Statement for the win.
  • Carmella appeared as Sasha made her way up the ramp and attacked the champion with a Facebuster!

Analysis: A hot start to the show that left me wanting more – Admittedly it was a little slow and technical to start, but things picked quickly up after the first ad break. I’m sure this isn’t the end for Bayley Vs. Sasha, rather a ‘to be continued’, but Carmella and Sasha’ll be a good feud if given time. This is one of the few times I”m actually glad Survivor Series is a thing: It means they don’t have to rush the build for the next PPV as Sasha’ll be facing Asuka in November 22nd instead.

Jey Uso Interview With Kayla Braxton

  • Before the interview, Kevin Owens makes a joke about Jey getting coffee for Roman. Jey takes offence and Owens says they need to be cohesive as they’re teaming at Survivor Series
  • Jey says he did what he had to do and it was nothing personal. He considers Bryan a friend but he isn’t family, family’s forever.
  • Heyman interrupts and tells Kayla that Roman didn’t authorise this interview and tells Jey Roman wants to see him before prematurely ending the interview.
  • Afterwards, Roman reminds Jey he needs to follow the chain of command. Roman says that Owens running his mouth is an insult to the family and Jey says “I’ll handle it.”
  • Roman tells Heyman to find Adam Pearce so they can handle the Kevin Owens problem tonight.

Analysis: I’m glad it’s not a complete brainwashing-esque thing with Jey and Roman. Jey still seems to be conflicted and is still facing teething issues in his relationship with the Tribal Chief. Interested to see how the dynamic will affect Jey in the Survivor Series match, especially if he’s going to be going against his fellow team members in the next few weeks.

King Corbin defeats Rey Mysterio via Pinfall, qualifying for the SmackDown Men’s Survivor Series Team in 15:35

  • Rey tries to call Aalyah and can’t get a hold of her and tells Dominik to go get his gear as he still isn’t dressed for his match, but King Corbin attacks him.
  • Corbin dominates for the majority of the match, hitting a spinebuster right away and getting an early near-fall.
  • As Mysterio starts getting the advantage, Seth Rollins appears at the top of the ramp. Corbin slows the match down and focuses on Rey’s back after injuring it in his attack backstage, hitting multiple backbreakers throughout.
  • Mysterio eventually regains control after biting Corbin in the head but Corbin delivers a cheap shot to Dominik whilst on the outside.
  • Rey manages to hit the 619 but Rollins attacks Dominik which distracts Rey from taking advantage. Murphy & Aalyah come out to help, but Rey tells them to stay away as he runs right into an End of Days from Corbin, allowing the King to qualify.

Analysis: A fine match between these two though it was pretty forgettable. Also, can we PLEASE be done with Rollins Vs. Mysterio already? I was hoping, with Murphy & Aalayh kissing last week, that we’d maybe move onto Mysterio Vs. Murphy with no Rollins but hey can’t get everything. Hopefully this leads to one last match between these two before they stay away from each other for a good while because this has beccome verystale.

Ruby Riott defeats Natalya & Zelina Vega, qualifying for the SmackDown Women’s Survivor Series Team in 3:10

  • Vega keeps to her typical opportunistic style, attempting multiple roll-ups and stealing pinfalls off her opponents.
  • Natalya stays in control for the majority of the match, locking in a Sharpshooter on Vega and managing to drag her back to the centre of the ring.
  • Ruby manages to lock in a Crossface Armbar on Vega too and Natalya lets go, seeming to think she’d won, but Vega taps just after that – giving Riott the win!

Analysis: Another fairly nothing match, though the result was pleasantly unexpected! Ruby debuted a new look and picked up the win after Natalya gave up her chance at winning again. Could a fun little story over the next few weeks of Natalya continually attempting to qualify but slipping up. Riott wasn’t at all who I was expecting to qualify but excited to see what she can do in her first major opportunity away from Liv in over a year!

The Street Profits Attempt To Garner New Day’s Strategy From Big E

  • Big E is seen playing Trival Pursuit backstage before being confronted by the Street Profits. The champions try to divulge some information on New Day for their Survivor Series match but E doesn’t let anything out.
  • The three laugh before Billie Kay interrupts and trys to give the Street Profits her headshots & resume, which the champions reject.

Analysis: Nothing much to analyse in this to be honest, this segment just seemed to be here to remind us that New Day Vs. Street Profits is happening and to get Big E on the show. The Billie cameo was FANTASTIC though! I really hope they let Billie’s personality shine through because she’s 100% charismatic enough to stand out from most of the SmackDown women’s roster if they just let her.

Seth Rollins defeats Otis via Pinfall, qualifying for the SmackDown Men’s Survivor Series Team in 4:30

  • The match barely kicks off before Murphy makes his way ringside. Both competitors are somewhat distracted by his appearance but Otis takes control.
  • Otis managed to knock Rollins down after shrugging off some of his offence and looked like he was about to hit the Caterpillar but Murphy got up on the Apron.
  • Otis tried to knock Murphy off, but this allowed Rollins to hit a running knee and then The Stomp to qualify.
  • Backstage, Murphy seems to rejoin Rollins by repeatedly reiterating that Rollins was the Messiah and he was the Disciple. Rollins walks away saying there’s so much to do before Aalyah runs up and lashes out on Murphy. Murphy tells her that she needs to trust him and that it’s all for the greater good.

Analysis: Not the direction I was hoping this’d go in at all to be honest. I wanted Rollins further away from this story so we could see more of Murphy on his own but it seems like we’re going back AGAIN to Rollins and Mysterio. Seems pretty obvious to me that Murphy’s only doing this to get with Aalyah so hopefully he turns on Rollins again soon so we can the Mysterio & Rollins as far away from each other as possible.

Lars Sullivan Interviewed by Michael Cole

  • Cole attempts to pick up from Corey’s interview last week and asks Sullivan to elaborate on his time being bullied in grade school.
  • Lars says he hates bullies because they would mock him and call him a freak. He said he built himself up, became the bully and got revenge because they deserved it.
  • Lars literally SCREAMS in Michael Cole’s face after saying he can do whatever he wants and that’s why he loves being so powerful.

Analysis: Ehhmmmm, so this was… something? The only real way I can describe this is ridiculous, and I’m not entirely sure if that’s good ridiculous or bad ridiculous quite yet. I will say, I know Lars screaming was meant to be intimidating but I just ended up laughing at how stupid the whole bit looked. I commend them for trying to give Lars some backstory but I’m hoping we get to see him return to the ring and dominate more soon as that’s where he excels.

Jey Uso defeats Kevin Owens via Pinfall in 11:25

  • Kayla interviews Owens beforehand, Owens says he’s done some bad stuff in the past but that was all his own choice. Jey’s just a puppet in comparison.
  • Owens takes control early, leading Roman to send Heyman to the ring midway through the match as Owens delivered a Frog Splash to Jey on the outside. As Owens went to hit a second, Heyman appeared and distracted him long enough for Jey to deliver a Superkick and regain control.
  • Owens managed to hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Jey got his foot on the rope. Owens was about to hit the Stunner before Roman’s music hit and in the momentary distraction, Jey headbutted Owens low and hit the Uso Splash to pick up the win.
  • As Jey left the ring, Roman’s music hit again and the Tribal Chief made his way to the top of the ramp where the two cousins posed as the show went off-air.

Analysis: A weak end to the show to be honest, mainly due to this being yet another distraction finish – The third of the night! I feel like Sasha & Bayley would have been the stronger match to end the show on, though I get why they had it open as the rest of the show didn’t feel as high-stakes in comparison. I suppose this victory gets Jey yet another big win though after his win over Bryan clean last week, I felt this didn’t need the distraction. Also, where’s Jimmy gone? He was a BIG part in the Hell In A Cell lead-up, match and stipulation! Whilst they could justify him being out injured or something after Roman locked him in the Guiltiness Choke, him just not being brought up at all seems very odd.

And that was the November 6th 2020 episode of WWE SmackDown!

A good show, though definitely not as strong as the last few weeks have been. Most of the show’s matches were marred by distraction finishes whilst two went under five minutes and ended well before they could even get into gear. On the plug side though, Bayley & Sasha had a PPV-quality rematch and the progression of the Roman Reigns & Jey Uso was great, though again not as strong as previous weeks.

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