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WWE SmackDown Results – November 27th 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with three weeks to go till TLC!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

  • The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
  • Otis vs King Corbin
  • Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn

The Bloodline Celebrate Roman Reigns’ Survivor Series Victory, Jey Assaults Otis

  • Jey Uso opens by saying everyone should be talking about Roman beating Drew at Survivor Series instead of The Undertaker’s Final Farewell before the Universal Champion enters to cut off Uso’s gloating.
  • Roman berates Uso for helping him defeat Drew and for not leading Team SmackDown to victory. Reigns said that Uso didn’t demand respect from him, hence they didn’t respect the Bloodline which makes them nothing.
  • Roman says Uso disappointed him before leaving the ring. Otis makes his entrance for his match and Jey gives him a cold stare before assaulting him with a steel chair.

Analysis: This was beautifully comfortable. Most heels would be happy about retaining regardless of how it happens but Roman STILL doesn’t give Uso the approve he’s chasing. Uso is getting desperate to try and win his cousins approve and does so by brutalising Otis, who it can be assumed he also partly blames for Team SmackDown’s loss. Reigns/Uso’s story never fails to make me always want more, a rarity in WWE programming today.

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler defeat The Street Profits via Pinfall in 7:50

  • Ziggler & Roode mock Otis for being attacked before saying they’re laser-focused on The Street Profits and their SmackDown Tag Team Championship!
  • Street Profits make their entrance and remind us they beat New Day at Survivor Series. They mock Ziggler for basically being HBK-lite.
  • Street Profits show off their unity by hitting several tag combination moves on Roode/Ziggler. Ford attempts the Frog Splash early but Ziggler rolls out the way, which seems to hurt his ribs.
  • Roode & Ziggler focus on Ford’s ribs and prevent him from tagging out. He almost manages to tag at one point, but Ziggler tags in and hits a Famouser for a near-fall.
  • Dawkins finally manages to tag in and overpowers both members of the opposing team. Street Profits hit their spinebuster/frog splash combo but Roode breaks it up.
  • Roode & Ziggler pick up the win after Roode rolls Ford up.

Analysis: A fairly standard match here where Roode/Ziggler picked up a sneaky win over the champions. Looks like it’ll be Roode/Ziggler challenging the Profits for the titles at TLC which will be a fine little transitionary feud before the champions hopefully get something substantial for the Rumble. Would like to see Cesaro/Shinsuke or even Rey/Dominik challenging for the titles then!

King Corbin Confronts Murphy & The Mysterios

  • The Mysterios are asked about being relieved to be free of Seth – Rey says he’s thankful that the Messiah is gone as well as Dominik starting his career, Aalyah growing up and Murphy being good after all.
  • Corbin interrupts and questions if Murphy will be around next Thanksgiving or if he’s just riding the coattails of Rey, leading to a staredown between Murphy and Corbin.

Analysis: Looks like Murphy is moving on to feuding with The King! Glad that Rollins is actually gone and it wasn’t just a bait and switch, we can finally see how Murphy’ll handle himself without The Messiah at his side. I don’t want him being permanently accompanied by the rest of the Mysterios though, I think Aalyah alone would be enough but it’s early days still. Would also like to see Dominik get involved in some stories outside of his father though as suggested above, he could well tag with Rey in the near future to challenge for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Loads of possibilities though, which is never a bad thing!

Sami Zayn defeats Daniel Bryan via Count-Out in 13:15

  • Before the match, Bryan is interviewed backstage about his strategy against Zayn – Bryan says that Zayn is more delusional as ever as he just exploits people to retain his title.
  • Bryan says he’s not out to get Sami Zayn but he’s instead out for the Intercontinental Championship.
  • Sami says he doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it celebrates the atrocities committed against Native Americans and… he’s right? And he’s meant to be the heel?
  • Bryan maintains a strategy throughout of working on Zayn’s left arm whilst Zayn continues to exploit the rules to avoid fighting the Leader Of The Yes Movement straight up.
  • Zayn goes to the top but Bryan knocks him down to ringside. Bryan attempts to hit Zayn with a move from the top but Zayn dodges and Bryan lands headfirst onto the barricade.
  • Zayn takes control after raking Bryan’s eyes, hitting a brainbuster on the apron and hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb but Bryan kicks out.
  • Bryan locks in an armbar before transitioning into the Yes Lock but Zayn gets his foot on the rope to force a break. Bryan hits two Tope Suicidas and Zayn tries to escape up the ramp and Bryan follows. Zayn dashes back in the ring just as the ref counts to 10, resulting in a count-out victory.
  • We cut backstage to see Jey Uso assaulting Bryan, hence why he never made the count. Kevin Owens pulled Uso off Zayn.
  • After a commercial break, we see Jey Uso talking to Roman before Kevin Owens confronts Roman. Owens says he’s sick of Roman’s family issues and says that for someone who prides themself in family, “he sure treats his like trash”.
  • Roman tells Jey to make sure Owens looks at him with fear next time he sees him.

Analysis: Great match between these two which left me wanting more. Uso costing Bryan the match is a great example of multi-layered stories all intertwining with each with other after Bryan beat Uso last week. I suspect this leading to Uso/Zayn Vs. Owens/Bryan next week, which would also call back to Owens and Bryan teaming a few weeks ago. Whatever direction this goes though, I’m super excited if it involves Bryan, Owens, Uso and Zayn!

Bianca Belair defeats Natalya via Pinfall in 3:35

  • Bayley joins commentary just before the match starts.
  • Belair overpowers Natalya for the majority of the match, before countering the Nattie By Nature and dumps the BOAT to the outside.
  • Bayley taunts Belair from commentary but gets her comeuppance after Natalya dodges a punch from the EST which hits Bayley instead.
  • Bianca manages to roll Natalya up to pick up a win! Bayley argues with Bianca after the match.

Analysis: A quick win from Bianca, though I would have liked a clean victory rather than a roll-up. Bianca’s been dominant over the last couple of weeks and was throughout this match too, so I don’t think a clean loss would have hurt Natalya. Looks like we’re getting Bianca vs Bayley next though, which could lead to some INCREDIBLE stuff. Give me ALL THE MATCHES between those two.

Murphy defeats King Corbin via Pinfall in 3:50

  • Murphy outspeeds Corbin throughout the match, with the Mysterios continually jumping on the apron to taunt Corbin.
  • Murphy and Corbin exchange offence on the outside before Murphy brings him back into the ring.
  • Dominik and Rey continually jump up onto the apron and distract Corbin, allowing Murphy to hit a knee strike and cover Corbin for the win. Corbin had his foot on the rope but Dominik pushed it off whilst the ref wasn’t looking.
  • Corbin says he was screwed and challenges Murphy again for next week, but says he’ll be prepared for their rematch.

Analysis: Not the direction I expected at all for Murphy. Was glad to see Aalyah accompanying him but groaned as soon as I saw Rey & Dominik. What’s even more interesting is that Rey & Dominik entirely cost Corbin the match with their interferences, yet they’re supposed to be the faces judging by Graves’ reaction on commentary to it? I just want Murphy to show off how good he is on his own. Is that too much to ask for?

Corbin saying he’ll be “prepared” next week was intriguing though and suggested to me that he’ll perhaps be bringing his own backup next week. The only names I can think of that would maybe work would be Blake & Cutler of the Forgotten Sons – They’ve done nothing since being taken off TV last year and they could work in Blake & Murphy’s history in NXT!

Sami Zayn Confronts Apollo Crews & Big E Backstage

  • Apollo and Big E are playing games in front of the interview area before Sami tells them to cut it out and brags about his victory over Bryan and Apollo a few weeks ago.
  • Apollo says he sees Zayn and leaves before Big E adds that the house of Sami’s championship reign is rickety because of all the count-outs and roll-ups that hold it up. He adds that one day, it’ll all come crashing down.
  • Zayn responses that E doesn’t have to put down his reign because of the New Day member’s own “forgettable” reign with the belt a few years ago.
  • Big E then ‘congratulates’ Zayn on his reign with a stiff handshake for a 10-count, referencing his gimmick prior to New Day.

Analysis: Are we getting Big E vs Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship? Because I think we’re getting Big E vs Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship based off this and that should be great! I’d love to see Big E pick up the IC title from Zayn to give his solo run the much-needed adrenaline boost it needs and Zayn’ll get a great match out of him. Even if he doesn’t win the title though, a title feud with Zayn gets E into the singles spotlight which he’s needed after being stuck promoting New Day vs Street Profits the last few weeks.

Sasha Banks Takes Revenge Against Carmella

  • Carmella calls out Sasha for “falling so easily” for a champion. She adds that she’s had everything: The title, the spotlight etc and catered to the will of the fans, which caused her to lose it all
  • Now she calls the shots so now everyone else jumps for her. She clicks for a glass of champagne, but we see the hand giving it to her turn to reveal Sasha’s BOSS hand ring before the SmackDown Women’s Champion measured her revenge.

Analysis: The reveal of Sasha’s hand ring was done super well – I think we all knew it was gonna be her anyway but it didn’t take away from the fact the visual was great. Hoping the feud takes a more verbal approach from here as its been almost entirely physical between these two up to this point. It’s overdone, but maybe a contract signing for them to go back-and-forth during? Though they did just do one Roman and Drew, so maybe not.

Kevin Owens defeats Jey Uso via Disqualification in 12:05

  • Roman and Heyman are seen watching the match on a monitor backstage.
  • Uso continued his mean streak from earlier in the night by brawling with Owens on the outside and rendering his right arm useless, after driving it into ringside.
  • Owens responded in kind, delivering a slingshot into the ring post before delivering several superkicks.
  • Owens got a near-fall with the Steenbreaker and looked close to defeating Uso, but Jey grabbed a chair and hit Owens with it, causing a DQ loss.
  • After the match, Owens continued attacking Uso, driving him across the commentary desk before calling out Roman by saying he didn’t fear him and if he had a problem with him, he’d have to say it to his face. He then delivered a Stunner to Uso and said he’d be waiting for Roman as the show went off the air.

Analysis: A fantastic main event between Owens and Jey in the Uso cousin’s FIFTH SmackDown main event in a row! Looks like we’re getting Owens vs Reigns at TLC which is a surprise as I was expecting Bryan, though that may have been moved to the bigger stage of the Rumble in January. Owens will be a great opponent for Reigns though and they could even call back to his last Universal Championship reign where he lost to Goldberg. Owens will be able to give what he gets given with Roman promo-wise, so we’re in for a couple of entertaining shows the next few weeks leading to TLC!

And that was the November 27th episode of SmackDown! A strong show I thought that did well in establishing a lot of new stories post-Survivor Series. Lots of exciting stuff in the future including Owens/Roman and Bianca/Bayley, though I wasn’t a fan of how Murphy was helped by the Mysterios and Roode/Ziggler winning did feel a bit lazy as we’ve seen the archetype of that feud HUNDREDS of times before.

Keep up-to-date with all the fallout from this week’s SmackDown, as well as all the latest WWE news generally, right here at Inside The Ropes.