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WWE SmackDown Results – November 13th 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with just over a week to go till Survivor Series!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

Roman Reigns Addresses Survivor Series Match, Drew McIntyre Appears

  • Roman and Heyman make their way to the ring and commentary hype up his Survivor Series match with either Orton or McIntyre.
  • Heyman calls SmackDown ‘the island of relevancy’ because Roman makes everyone around him relevant. Roman backs that up by pointing out Jey’s dominated both Bryan and Owens the last two weeks.
  • Roman says he’s going to beat WWE’s ‘secondary champion’ in Randy Orton before Drew McIntyre interrupts.
  • McIntyre says Roman’s going to be facing him at Survivor Series after McIntyre beats Orton on Monday. McIntyre reminds Roman he eliminated Roman from the Rumble and he beat Lesnar at Mania in ‘5 minutes.
  • Drew says Roman’s been gone and now Drew’s the man now and he’ll beat him at Survivor Series. Roman replies he’s back now and no one watches RAW because everyone’s watching him. Roman asks Drew who he is.
  • Drew says he’s the one who’ll beat Orton, go to Survivor Series and show Roman ‘who the secondary champion really is’. Jey Uso runs out and runs down Drew for disrespecting Roman. Jey challenges him to a match tonight and Drew pushes him in response before the opposing trio left.
  • Backstage, Roman shouts at Jey for making a match for himself and reminds him who the Universal Champion is. Jey says he’ll handle it.
  • Later, Adam Pearce tells Drew he can’t officially sanction a match between him and Jey as they’re on different brands but he can sanction a fight, which Drew agrees to.

Analysis: Really strong opener to the show with a fresh confrontation between Roman and Drew. Bit of a shame that they’re throwing show exclusivity out the window A MONTH after the Draft but admittedly it’s somewhat needed for Survivor Series’ inter-brand rivalries. Honestly, I’d LOVE to see Drew Vs. Roman after this promo war.

They address this later in the show, however, with Adam Pearce saying he can’t sanction a match between Drew and Jey because they’re on separate brands. It’s a small detail, but keeping up continuity like this makes the weekly TV so much more rewarding to watch.

Sami Zayn defeats Apollo Crews via Count-Out, retaining the Intercontinental Championship in 2:05

  • Sami complains that he was only informed of his title match an hour before the show and accuses management of sabotage. Apollo interrupts his tirade.
  • Sami starts off aggressive before Crews knocks him down and takes control.
  • Crews hit a Gorilla Press into a Standing Moonsault for a near-fall.
  • Zayn rips the ring apron off the right side and ties Crews up to win via Count-out.

Analysis: Zayn, perhaps unsurprisingly sneaks out a win to retain and go on to face Lashley at Survivor Series. The pre-match promo was great, with Zayn acknowledging the late announcement of his defence, and the match itself was fine. Nothing really to analyse, this honestly just came across as a bit of filler to remind us that Lashley Vs. Zayn is happening considering neither RAW nor SmackDown have built it up at all.

Sasha Banks Attacked By Carmella Again

  • We see a recap of Sasha Vs. Bayley last week and Carmella’s return. Sasha says it’s good to prove her haters wrong after retaining the championship.
  • Sasha calls out Carmella but Bayley interrupts. As Bayley makes her way to the ring, Carmella superkicks Sasha from behind before delivering a facebuster.

Analysis: A nice way to get Sasha, Bayley and Carmella on the show though this did feel a bit filler since it really didn’t contribute anything beyond Carmella attacking Sasha again. Also, where did Bayley go after Carmella attacked Sasha? Was she in on it? Did she intend to attack Sasha before deciding ‘Eh, Carmella’s go this’? So many questions. If it is a partnership between the two, then great, but give us a bit of a tease at least.

Otis defeats Dolph Ziggler in 1:50

  • We see Otis sitting eating food backstage. Dolph and Roode appear and laughs about Tucker turning on Otis until Otis snaps and flips the table he’s eating at.
  • Cole acknowledges their previous issues and even mentions their Mania match when Otis beat Ziggler.
  • Otis clubs Dolph with several heavy forearms to start. Roode distracts Otis allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig-Zag for a near-fall.
  • Ziggler goes for a Superkick but Otis blocks it before hitting a Caterpiller Elbow and a Middle Rope Splash for the win.
  • Chad Gable talks to Otis backstage and says he needs a mentor and that he can fulfil that role before handing a leaflet for ‘Alpha Academy’.

Analysis: Otis dominated over Ziggler WAY more than I thought he would. Looks like they’re going for a sort-of untamed beast thing with Otis, especially judging by Gable offering to mentor him after. Not the role I expected for Gable but one he’ll definitely excel in. I would LOVE to see some Rocky-esque training montages with the two in the next few weeks, with Otis just slacking off to ruin his diet – This could go in a really fun direction.

Rey Mysterio defeats Seth Rollins via Pinfall in 18:25

  • Mysterio is interviewed earlier in the show and says he’s tired of Seth interfering in his life. Rey calls Seth ‘the Devil’ and says he’s gonna send Rollins back to the ‘soul-crushing hell he comes from’.
  • The two stare each other down before trading blows and running each into the opposing ring corners.
  • Rollins attempts to deliver a backbreaker to Mysterio on the apron but Mysterio counters it into a Tornado DDT.
  • Rollins dragged Mysterio back into the ring before promptly whipping him out again and laying him out with some Steel Steps.
  • Rollins laid Mysterio out on the steps and tried to crush Mysterio’s head onto them with The Stomp but Mysterio countered before hitting a Splash on Rollins onto the steps.
  • The two got back in the ring, with Rey setting up a table. Rey attempts to hurricanrana Rollins through it but Rollins countered and powerbombed Rey through it instead for a close near-fall.
  • Rollins attempts to stab Rey in his exposed eye with the end of a steel chair but Dominik pulls him out the ring. Murphy attempts to stop him but Rollins tells him no. Murphy gets in the ring and gives
  • Rey hits a Frog Splash in tribute to Eddie to pick up the pinfall win!
  • After the match, Rey tells Murphy to step in the ring and face him like a man. He gives Murphy his approval of him and Aalyah and shakes his hand before Dominik and Angie do the same.
  • Rollins confronts Adam Pearce backstage and says he never wants to see Rey Mysterio again but wants Murphy as he built him and he can destroy him.

Analysis: Great match to (FINALLY) end the long-time rivalry between Rollins and Mysterio. It was slightly rejuvenated by the move to SmackDown but after SEVEN MONTHS it had to end. They did a great job delivering a brutal match that fit the longevity of the feud and the post-match angle wrapped up the tension between Murphy, Rey and Dominik well too.

Looks like we’ll be getting one last clash between Rollins and Murphy before everyone gets a fresh start. I’d like to see Aalyah stick around as a manager for Murphy though, think she could add an interesting dynamic to his new solo run!

Liv Morgan defeats Tamina, Natalya and Chelsea Green via Pinfall, qualifying for the SmackDown Women’s Survivor Series Team in 3:55

  • Natalya confronts Adam Pearce about being given ANOTHER triple threat opportunity. Natalya says that’s not what she wants but Pearce tells her the match is next. She leaves and Chelsea Green appears behind Pearce, making her SmackDown debut.
  • Tamina, Liv Morgan and Natalya are in the ring and we’re told the match is now a Fatal-4-Way with Chelsea Green getting added.
  • Liv maintains control for the majority of the match, getting multiple near-falls on Natalya before picking up a pinfall win over Tamina.

Analysis: Great showing for Liv with her getting nearly all the offence of the match but what happened to Chelsea? She got a tease before the ad break, got her own full entrance when everyone else didn’t get one then disappeared a minute into the match. I’m all for Liv getting a spotlight but just seemed a very odd debut for Chelsea to completely disappear from her first match after a minute. Still one more SmackDown till Survivor Series though, so she could get another shot!

Big E Is Handed Some Ls By The Street Profits

  • Big E is doing skipping rope challenges with someone backstage before Street Profits roll-up with a food trolley.
  • Big E opens one of the dishes and asks why they’re all shaped like Ls before realising.
  • Street Profits tell Big E to deliver their message to his New Day brethren. Big E says Street Profits are great but they’ll always be New Day-lite and says the best tag team in the world will be clear as day, New Day.
  • The three laugh but as Big E walks off, the Street Profits go straight-faced.

Analysis: Not entirely sure what the end-game of this will be next week but hey, it’s something different and keeps New Day Vs. Street Profits in our minds so not complaining. Big E’s monologue saying that Street Profits would always play second fiddle to New Day was great and showed off his great promo ability but I’d like to see him move on to his own singles stuff away from New Day after Survivor Series.

Drew McIntyre defeats Jey Uso via Pinfall in 12:20

  • Kayla interviews Drew before the match. Drew says he’s gonna send a message to Randy through his match with Jey. He says he has a lot of pent-up anger and it’s a lot more humiliating to get ‘your a** kicked’ in your own backyard.
  • McIntyre dominates early on, easily overpowering the smaller Uso brother but Jey manages to gain control after catching McIntyre low in the ropes.
  • Uso signalled a Hip Attack in the corner but Drew got up and levelled Jey with a clothesline. Drew attempted the Future Shock but Jey rolled through into a pinfall attempt, which Drew kicked out of.
  • Drew tried to go for the Claymore but Jey rolled out the ring and Drew followed before Roman Reigns made his way to the ring. The momentary distraction allows Jey to hit Drew against the corner post and steel steps.
  • Roman says he doesn’t care if Jey beat him, but simply to make him understand. After Jey ground and pounds Drew and deliberates his next move, Drew gets up and delivers the Claymore for the win.
  • Drew goes face-to-face with Roman after the match and Roman tells Drew to get himself a championship and that they’ll talk.

Analysis: Another fantastic main event showing for Jey Uso. There’s been a lot of criticisms of WWE over the last few years that they can’t make new stars, but they’ve damn sure proved that wrong with Jey Uso. Who’d have thought he’d go toe-to-toe with Daniel Bryna, Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre and it’d be totally believable. Roman’s direction ultimately costs Jey and we get a lovely tease for Drew and Roman, which is exactly why I think we WON’T be getting it at Survivor Series. They can have Roman/Drew as a guaranteed ace in their back pocket for the foreseeable future.

And that was the November 13th episode of SmackDown!

Another strong show with a lot of story progress! They managed to (finally) wrap up the long-running Mysterio/Rollins rivalry whilst also building up to both Survivor Series and beyond by adding Liv Morgan to the women’s team and having Chelsea Green debut,

Admittedly, there was a bit of filler in the Sami match as well as Big E & Sasha’s segments but neither felt like they took anything away from the show. Unfortunately, they didn’t add anything either.

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