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SmackDown Results – December 4th 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE SmackDown results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with two weeks to go till TLC!

Matches and segments announced for tonight’s show include:

  • Murphy vs King Corbin
  • Kevin Owens & Otis vs Roman Reigns & Jey Uso

10 Bell Salute For The Late Pat Patterson

  • A moving 10 bell salute tribute is held for the late Pat Patterson, who passed away earlier this week.
  • Cheers of “Thank You Pat” ring out across the ThunderDome before we fade into the intro.

Kayla Braxton Interviews Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens Makes TLC Challenge

  • Kayla Braxton introduces the show and her guest, Roman Reigns – listing off his many accomplishments in the process.
  • Roman says Kayla missed his most accomplishment – Being the Tribal Chief. Kayla asks if Roman fears Kevin Owens since Owens doesn’t fear him.
  • Roman berates Kayla for asking such a stupid question since this is such a big opportunity for her before also rejecting her notion that he might be manipulating Jey before asking Heyman to take over, but Kevin Owens interrupts.
  • Owens says that he wants to face Roman face-to-face. Heyman attempts to hand the mic to Roman, but Uso takes the mic and challenges Owens again. Owens retorts he was talking to Roman and not “the busboy”.
  • Owens challenges Roman to a TLC match at TLC or a match tonight. Roman accepts his TLC challenge but says the time’s not right tonight because he’s a gentleman and there’s a lady in the room before leaving.
  • Owens cuts off Roman’s exit and calls the Universal Champion “a b*tch”.
  • After a commercial break, we see Jey ranting backstage to Roman about feeling like he overstepped. Roman says he understands but there are consequences for everything they do.

Analysis: Great opener with a lot of minor details you might not have noticed. Kayla’s constant stuttering to sell the fear Roman commands, Heyman getting Kayla the opportunity to interview Roman through them working together on Talking Smack – All just fleshes out the story that little bit more. Wish there was a bit more of a reason for Owens challenging Reigns to the TLC stipulation beyond that being the next PPV’s theme, but we’ve come to expect that as the norm for PPV stipulations now. Nevertheless, it should be a great match!

Natalya defeats Bayley via Submission in 6:05

  • Bianca Belair joins commentary for the match.
  • Bayley and Natalya make their way to the outside early and Bayley taunts Belair, leading Natalya to gain the advantage by driving her opponent into a set of steel steps.
  • Natalya manages to lock in the Sharpshooter and Bayley taps as Belair claps from ringside. Bayley attempts to get at Belair after the match but is too hurt.

Analysis: Why? Bayley has been SO dominant since turning heel last November whereas Natalya took FOUR ATTEMPTS to qualify for the Women’s Survivor Series match just a few weeks ago. Very very odd booking choice that did neither Bayley nor Belair any favours – They could have easily had Belair cost Bayley in an empathetic fashion but instead we just had one of SmackDown’s biggest star losing clean in minutes. Just strange.

Big E, Daniel Bryan & Rey Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn via Pinfall in 11:30

  • Before the match, we get a moving video package celebrating Pat Patterson’s career and even get shown the original Intercontiential Champion he won ‘at a tournament in Rio De Janerio’.
  • We’re told this match is a Pat Patterson Tribute Match, featuring former Intercontinental champions as well as the current titleholder Sami Zayn.
  • Big E debuts a new entrance theme & titantron as well as bringing back the chalk!
  • Zayn distracts Daniel Bryan early on, allowing Ziggler to gain control over the one-time Intercontinental Champion.
  • Bryan manages to finally tag out to Big E, who dominates Shinsuke and almost gets the win with a unranage before Ziggler breaks it up.
  • Ziggler and Bryan tag back in and Bryan hits the Yes Kicks in the corner before trying for a top rope hurricanrana which Ziggler flips into a roll-up, which Bryan kicks out of.
  • Zayn sneakily tags in without Bryan noticing. Bryan hits the flying knee on Ziggler and Zayn attempts a roll-up, which Bryan counters into the Yes Lock. Zayn breaks the hold on the rope.
  • Bryan picks up the win after rolling up Zayn when he hit the Brainbuster. The heels attempt to attack the faces after the match, but Nakamura & Zayn get thrown from the ring before gets hit by an atomic drop from Bryan, a 619 from Mysterio and a Big Ending from Big E.

Analysis: Great 6-man tag that managed to perfectly pay tribute to Pat whilst also achieving some character and story progress. Commentary constantly references the competitors’ history with the title whilst Big E debuted a new theme & titantron AND Bryan managed to get one up on Zayn. A perfect tribute to one of the greats.

Carmella & Sasha Banks Battle In War Of Words, TLC Match Announced

  • Cole tries to start with Carmella but Sasha says she has something to say after Carmella got to speak last week and the two go back-and-forth.
  • Cole asks if the two are more alike than they think after Carmella said she used to do it for the fans and Sasha simply laughs off the notion. Sasha calls out Carmella for getting help all her career and points out that there’s a reason they’ve never faced off one-on-one before.
  • Carmella responds that Sasha is jealous of her: All her life Sasha wanted to be a WWE Superstar and had to work for it whereas she got into wrestling and skyrocketed to the top immediately.
  • Sasha gives Carmella a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship at TLC but says she’s never faced “a bad b*tch like her”.

Analysis: Glad they went for a more promo-based segment this week after the constant back-handed assaults the last few weeks. We finally got some story justification for why these two don’t like each other beyond the championship, including that the interesting tidbit that the two have never faced off in singles action. Hope we Carmella in-ring next week, though not against Sasha in any way! Leave that for the pay-per-view.

King Corbin defeated Murphy via Pinfall in 10:30, Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler Return

  • We’re shown a recap of Murphy & Corbin’s encounter last week before Corbin makes his entrance alongside the returning Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake, who seem to have abandoned their Forgotten Sons gimmick.
  • Murphy maintains control throughout the early going but stares down Blake on the outside, allowing Corbin to throw him into the timekeeper’s area as we cut to commercials.
  • Corbin manages to hit a Deep Six for a near-fall as Blake & Cutler stare down Dominik outside the ring.
  • Murphy regains control after raking Corbin’s eyes in the corner before hitting a devastating knee strike, but Corbin rolls out the ring.
  • Blake & Cutler eventually begin assaulting Rey & Dominik outside the ring which distracts Murphy enough for Corbin to hit the End of Days and pick up the win.

Analysis: I still don’t entirely get why we were meant to cheer Murphy for blatantly cheating against Corbin last week but this was a great way to reintroduce Blake & Cutler. Seems like the two have entirely discarded their Forgotten Sons gimmick which is likely for the best, though I’m glad they at least mentioned Blake & Murphy’s NXT history even if it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a storyline detail going forward. By their own logic though, Corbin should be justified in cheating like this, right? Murphy blatantly cheated after Corbin insulted him last week, so Corbin should be fine to do it back surely?

Cesaro & Bobby Roode Confront The Street Profits

  • The Street Profits comment on the main event and Roman’s recent character change.
  • Bobby Roode interrupts and brings up him & Ziggler defeating the SmackDown Tag Team Champions last week. Cesaro then appears and calls him and Shinsuke the S tier team of SmackDown before the three get into a shouting match.

Kevin Owens & Otis defeat Roman Reigns & Jey Uso via Disqualification in 11:25

  • Earlier in the show, Kayla asks Kevin what bothers him about Roman. Owens says he’s frustrated by the “despicable” change in Roman since his return.
  • Kalisto randomly interrupts with a fedora on. Kevin Owens compliments it and Kalisto doesn’t know what a fedora is when asked.
  • Otis appears and agrees with Owens sentiment about Reigns, humming the crowd chant of “a**hole” before fist-bumping ahead of their match.
  • Jey makes his way to the ring but Roman does not appear, apparently leaving Uso to fend for himself against Owens & Otis.
  • Roman finally shows up after Uso hits a Samoan Drop on Owens. He puts his hand out for the tag but pulls it away at the last second, instead opting to hit Otis with a Superman Punch and proceeding to hit him with a step of steel steps multiple times.
  • Reigns eventually tags in during the commercial break, turning the tide of the match into a handicap match against Owens. Uso tags back in and takes down Owens, eventually setting up for a Frog Splash.
  • Roman tells Uso to tag him in instead, which Uso attempts to do but Owens takes Roman down before hitting a Stunner on Uso.
  • Roman breaks up the cover before locking the Guillotine Choke on Owens, causing a DQ loss. Uso brings in steel chairs for himself and Roman and the two proceed to continually batter Owens with shots using them.
  • Uso eventually hits a chair assisted Uso Splash before Roman hits Uso with a chair shot of his own as punishment for his speaking out earlier.
  • Roman tells Owens he has his attention for trying to split up his family and that in return, he’ll take away everything Owens loves – including his own family.

Analysis: A strong story-focused main event which saw Reigns dominate control after his eventual appearance. I love that the rare time he actually competes, he feels special – almost to the degree of a Brock Lesnar or Goldberg. Roman completely dominated control after he finally made his appearance and even punished Uso despite him following Roman’s order post-match. Reigns brought up Owens’ family in his post-match promo which could mean a Randy Orton/Triple H WrestleMania 25-esque involvement of Owens’ family. though we do only have the go-home show left so there might not be enough time for that. Either way, Roman is incredibly endearing as always!

And that was the December 4th 2020 episode of SmackDown!

A weaker show than usual in terms of in-ring action but there was a lot of storyline progress. We got the announcements of Roman vs Owens as well as Sasha vs Carmella at TLC, the return of Blake & Cutler as well as hints at the Street Profits’ next opponents.

On the downside, however, Bayley being handed a clean win by Natalya – who lost three weeks in a row just last month – was a mind-bogglingly odd choice ahead of her facing Bianca Belair, who’s undefeated in singles action. Also, Corbin being condemned for cheating after Murphy did the exact same thing last week is very strange. Seems like Murphy is being justified just because he’s a face and Corbin the opposite just because he’s a heel.

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