WWE Shares Bonus Footage Of Seth Rollins On WWE Raw [Video]

Seth Rollins attacked by Shinsuke Nakamura

Seth Rollins was left laying by Shinsuke Nakamura on Raw.

Despite not having a match on the show, Rollins found himself at the heart of the action once again. On the episode, Ricochet took on Rollins’ latest rival Nakamura, but the match ended in disqualification after the Japanese star decided to take the violence up a level.

Nakamura tried to hit his rival with a chair but missed, and Ricochet countered by using the chair himself. This caused the DQ, and while Ricochet was arguing with the referee, Nakamura went to work.

He smashed Ricochet with a Kinshasa and ended up hammering his leg with a chair while it was wrapped around the ring post.

At this, Rollins had seen enough and charged to the ring before trying to hit a Pedigree. However, Nakamura countered, backdropping Rollins onto the chair, and although security got between them, he managed to drive the World Champion back-first into the announce desk.

WWE has now released footage of Rollins trying to make his way backstage after the attack.

Is Seth Rollins’ Back Injury Real?

The attack continues the storyline involving Rollins’ back injury which has been repeatedly targeted by Nakamura. Although the problems have been played up on television, Seth Rollins’ injury is very real.

Speaking back in July, the World Heavyweight Champion said that he’d been struggling with the issues since 2019. Rollins even went as far as revealing he should probably undergo surgery, although he’s doing what he can to avoid it.