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WWE Seek Large Collections Of Historic Memorabilia

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WWE are seeking fans who own large collections of professional wrestling memorabilia. This could be anything from rare action figures, to replica championships to historic pieces from promotions no longer in existence.

Taking to Twitter in order put out their please, the WWE Universe account advertised for devotees who owned and were keen to show off their prized collections of yesteryear. The Tweet read:

“WWE is on a quest to find lost, but not forgotten, wrestling memorabilia! It’s time to unearth your collection of prized wrestling possessions. Email memorabilia@wwecorp.com with a photo and tell us about your memorabilia. The rarer the treasure, the better the story!”

Currently, it is unknown what WWE plan to do with these pictures and stories, however, there have been plans in place as far back as May this year for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to host ‘The Quest For Lost WWE Treasures’ on the A&E network.

In true Toy Hunter style – the show hosted by toy expert Jordan Hembrough – the episodic programme is set to see Mr. and Mrs. Helmsley travel the country in search of wrestling’s rarest and lost collections. They will be joined by a WWE Superstars, legends and collectors who will attempt to purchase either pieces of or entire sets.

If you have a rare collection of professional wrestling goodies that you would like to show off, then you can contact memorabilia@wwecorp.com with a photo of your swag.