WWE Appears To Have Scrapped Vince McMahon’s Secret Rule

WWE Vince McMahon

A tag team rule in WWE may have just been scrapped at last weekend’s Clash at the Castle event.

The WWE has undergone many changes since Vince McMahon announced his retirement and Triple H took over as Head of Creative. Rules that were put in place by the old regime seemingly are being taken away, and wrestlers are allowed to have more freedom onscreen.

One secret rule McMahon imposed on talents involved tag team matches. Specifically, if the illegal tag partner attacks the legal person during the match, it would result in an automatic disqualification. However, it appears this strict rule was scrapped during a six-women tag match at last weekend’s Clash at the Castle.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer pointed out that during the tag match between Damage Control and the team of Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss, IYO SKY performed a moonsault onto Belair and wasn’t immediately disqualified. Apart from a warning from the referee, there were no consequences after the illegal partners got involved. This led to speculation that McMahon’s old rule is no longer a factor in WWE.

As noted, this wouldn’t be the first time Triple H and the new regime in the company have decided to do away with McMahon’s strict rules. For the longest time, wrestlers and commentators weren’t allowed to say “wrestling” onscreen, and now they seemingly are free to do so. Additionally, a few superstars on the main roster now have their first names back after McMahon decided to remove them.

While these changes are minor, fans have appreciated them so far. Only time will tell whether these changes become permanent.