WWE Scrapped Plans For Finn Balor To Bring Back The Demon

Finn Balor entrance as The Demon

Finn Balor hasn’t appeared as ‘The Demon’ since Extreme Rules 2021 when he was defeated by Roman Reigns in bizarre fashion.

Balor utilised the character regularly early in his WWE career mainly for big matches, tapping into the darker side of his persona. However, in more recent years, the face and body paint has been used more sparingly. Prior to facing Reigns at Extreme Rules, Balor hadn’t adopted the character since Super ShowDown in 2019.

Despite this, ‘The Demon’ was nearly brought back very recently. A new report has claimed that Balor was supposed to use the persona in a match against Edge. The report from Fightful Select adds that some backstage felt the character doesn’t fit with his role in the Judgment Day, while others thought it would have been a good addition to the match.

Back in December, it was reported that Balor and Edge would finally settle their differences inside Hell in a Cell at the Royal Rumble. For the match, the former NXT Champion was set to reprise ‘The Demon’ for an eighth time on the main roster. But plans changed and the match never happened, instead, both men appeared in the Royal Rumble match itself.

Could Finn Balor Still Bring Back The Demon?

It was reported in early February that the match and subsequently Balor’s appearance as ‘The Demon’ was scrapped due to Edge filming a television show in January which meant he wouldn’t be on television. Despite this, plans for a high-profile match between the pair appear far from over.

It has been noted that the match which should have happened at the Rumble could happen at WrestleMania with Balor as ‘The Demon’ and Edge as his Brood character.

On the February 20th episode of Raw, Finn Balor cost Edge the United States Title and attacked him after the match to stand tall as the show went off the air.