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WWE Scrap Live Event Touring Schedule

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE have axed their tried and tested live touring schedule and will not return to their old way of touring once the COVID-19 pandemic allows.

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer noted that the decision came shortly before the company began to make cost cutting measures where talent were concerned, releasing Derek Casselman and Tony Chimel this past week.

Both men had a major presence on WWE’s live events, with Chimel serving as ring announcer for house shows and Casselman the company’s official Director of Venue Merchandise and Remote Operations.

Meltzer believes that WWE are currently seeing record profits without the expense or hassle of live events – for which numbers had dwindled prior to the pandemic – and so the promotion see no reason to make a hasty return.

As per the report, without merchandise selling at live events around the country and in some cases, the world, the number of users and purchases from WWE Shop went through the roof with sales surpassing those of house shows.

In order to test the waters to see if live events are a necessity anymore, WWE recently surveyed their devotees through the WWE Fan Council about house shows returning in 2021.

Quizzing the paying public about how comfortable they would be coming back to an arena with other people – with the necessary precautions catered for – the options ranged from very likely to very unlikely and the results will presumably be the deciding factor whether another touring schedule is drawn up for a reduced amount of shows per month.