WWE Reportedly Planning To Turn Roman Reigns Into “New Brock Lesnar”

WWE Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

A new report has indicated that the plan within WWE is to turn current Unified WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns into a new version of Brock Lesnar.

Recent reports have seemingly revealed that Roman Reigns will be working fewer dates for WWE despite his current role as the sole male world champion in the company. Reigns will seemingly be working fewer small market house shows but reports have also stated he could miss a big chunk of time from WWE television this summer.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer has said that the idea within WWE could be to turn Reigns into an attraction in the same way that Brock Lesnar and even Goldberg have been used by the company in recent years:

“It seems the idea now is to try and make Reigns into a new Lesnar, a guy who beats everyone and is portrayed at a level of his own, while he only works limited dates.”

“We do know that Reigns will be on some PPV shows over the next few months, that he will not be on all PPV shows going forward, that he will be doing Smackdown shows to build up the PPVs he is on, similar to what Brock Lesnar or Bill Goldberg would do, and supposedly his name will be back in the advertising for the shows he will do.”

Roman Reigns looks set to miss the Hell In A Cell premium live event in June with advertising for the event focussing heavily on Cody Rhodes.