WWE Returning To Iconic Hell In A Cell Design At WrestleMania 39 [Photos]

WWE Hell In A Cell PPV stage and cell

At WrestleMania 39 WWE is bringing back one of its most hellacious structures Hell in a Cell.

The gimmick hasn’t been seen since the infamous match between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. In June 2022, the two met inside the unforgiving construction. The match is renowned for Rhodes’ brutal pectoral injury that saw the left side of his body black and blue.

The match occurred inside the polarizing red cage, which was introduced in 2018. But now as the wrestling world heads to Hollywood, it is bringing back the original design.

Several images surfaced on social media of the two-day supershow stadium build, showing the classic Hell in a Cell is back for the biggest show of the year.

Edge and Finn Balor Face Off Inside Hell In A Cell At WWE WrestleMania 39

On the March 13th edition of Monday Night Raw, Edge ordered that he and the leader of Judgement Day, Finn Balor, finally finish their lengthy feud inside the cell at the biggest event of the year.

Balor willingly accepted the challenge and stated he was not afraid of hell as he had been there before but it couldn’t handle his demons seemingly hinting that his “Demon” persona could make a special appearance.

The following week, Edge cut a promo referencing his previous hellacious trips inside the structure. During the promo, he referred to himself as the devil before demanding Balor leave Finn at home and bring his demon to meet the devil.

Balor responded to Edge in a spooky promo of his own. Speaking directly to Edge, Balor addressed their upcoming match, while flashes of the Demon appeared across his face.

Balor ended the speech by stating he never has to summon his demons because they are always with him. The vignette finished will a crescendo of Demon Balor imagery, confirming the return of the iconic gimmick.

Now in Hollywood, Balor will not only participate in his first-ever Hell in a Cell match, but the legendary Demon will make its first ‘Mania appearance since 2019.