WWE Reportedly “Pushing Hard” To Sign Daniel Bryan To A New Deal

Daniel Bryan thumb

It has been reported that WWE are “pushing hard” in their attempts to re-sign Daniel Bryan to a new contract.

The report comes after the news was broken by Fightful Select that Bryan’s current contract expired after his clash with Roman Reigns on the most recent episode of SmackDown.

The initial report revealed that Bryan had not spoken openly about his contract status in the locker room, but Fightful sources noted that Bryan has been vocal about doing “unconventional work with and for WWE.”

Following up on the news, Dave Meltzer adds that WWE “is pushing hard for him to sign a new deal”.

Meanwhile, Fightful have followed up their initial report with news on what Bryan may do next. Fightful Select notes that their sources in ROH say that they expect the company to try and make some kind of offer to their former star. Adding that the two sides have been in contact in recent years.

The report continues:

“Two AEW talent we spoke with said they fully expect Bryan to remain with WWE, with one outright saying they’ve heard he’s staying with WWE. Of course we’ve not been able to confirm that, as it’s just speculation.”

In recent weeks Daniel Bryan has been open about potentially moving away from being a full-time performer. Speaking after WrestleMania 37, Bryan admitted that feeing an “odd detachment” had led him to question his future.

After two decades in the business spent mostly working a punishing style and with a litany of injuries over the years, it seems inevitable that Bryan’s days as a full-time in-ring competitor are numbered regardless of where he ends up.