WWE Reportedly Attempted To ‘Vince-Proof’ Storylines From Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is back in the WWE mix, but some in the company are reportedly trying to take the necessary precautions.

Although Triple H is the Chief Content Officer for WWE, McMahon has had his fingers in everything since returning to the company. He’s been a big reason that a lot of sudden changes have been made in recent weeks both on “WWE SmackDown” and “WWE Raw,” but a new report from Fightful provides further detail.

McMahon has been making several changes remotely over the phone and the WWE Chairman and according to Fightful’s sources, Vince typically likes to deliver on advertised matches. However, one source said that the practice of “SmackDown” advertising particular matches for weeks in advance may have been an effort to “Vince-proof” things from changing last minute.

Is There Frustration In WWE Because Of Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon was reportedly the catalyst of major change for the first 30 minutes of the June 19 “Raw.” Seth Rollins was advertised to open challenge an aspiring World Title contender on that evening’s episode, but the champion instead was ambushed by Balor and the bout never happened.

Following “Raw,” the June 22 “SmackDown” then experienced several changes to the matches which came courtesy of McMahon. Due to all those changes, Fightful reports that there is a lot of frustration backstage because of that. That frustration could likely continue as a new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider indicates that McMahon’s influence on the WWE product is “likely to grow.”

No word as to if we’ll see major moves made in advance of Money In The Bank this weekend, but one of the matches does have a highly-suspected “frontrunner” to pull down a briefcase.