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Britt Baker Reacts To Being Removed From NXT TakeOver Footage

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AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker recently reacted to the news that WWE removed footage of her in the audience at NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

In 2019 the third edition of the PPV concept featured the Undisputed Era vs Team Ciampa. Baker was in attendance that night and was captured in shock at the match’s breathtaking spot in which Tommasso Ciampa drove Adam Cole through tables from atop the steel structure.

The footage of her reaction caused quite a stir in wrestling circles as she was an AEW star on WWE programming and even became an internet meme. Speaking about the incident on Talk is Jericho, Baker revealed Triple H’s response to the production mishap:

“I went to check in on Adam, and Triple H came up right away saying, ‘sorry, we didn’t mean for that to happen.’ I’m kind of like wait, what? He’s like, ‘yeah, we got you on camera with your reaction to the bump. I’m so sorry.

They didn’t know.’ The head production didn’t know who you were. Do I believe that? I don’t know, but he was super apologetic to me, super nice. Him and Stephanie both said we’re so sorry about that. I hope you don’t get in trouble, which Tony didn’t care at all because after that night, I was the top Google search of that show, the entire NXT show was Britt Baker because of that one little blip they showed on TV.”

“Afterwards, I’m not sure who it was came up to Adam and said I know who your girlfriend is. It was a series of unfortunate events that happened. It ended up being a happy accident because it was me, an AEW wrestler, who became the top Google search of their PPV.”

The shot of Baker’s stunned reaction has since been removed from the Peacock edition of the match with one fan taking to social media to let the AEW women’s champ know to which she responded in hilarious fashion stating:

“That’s okay. They took me out, I took their BAY BAY”

Adam Cole made his emphatic AEW debut earlier this year at All Out. He has since reformed the Undisputed Era with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. The trio is in action on AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash against Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.