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WWE Releases Reportedly Set To Be A “Regular Occurance”


Mass WWE releases such as the latest round of talents cuts on August 6th could be here to stay according to a new report.

On August 6th, WWE released numerous NXT Superstars including Bronson Reed, Mercedes Martinez, Bobby Fish and Leon Ruff. While the releases took some fans by surprise, they were just the latest in a long line of talent cuts that WWE have staged since April.

Other high-profile names that have departed during this period are Aleister Black, Braun Strowman, Mickie James and Bray Wyatt. In total more than 40 wrestlers have left WWE since April.

In a new update, a report from Fightful Select has given some more background on the cuts and why they look set to continue.

The report, which includes information from a WWE official, explains that in 2018 the company began “talent stashing.” The idea being that WWE would set up Performance Centers across the world with each PC featuring both local and international talent. However, within a year the project was put on the back burner with focus shifting to NXT launching on USA. This coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, brought all plans to a halt.

In addition the official explains that the releases are a collaborative effort although “Vince McMahon can personally put a stop to any of these [releases]” should he want too. The report closes by saying that “WWE releases are going to be a regular occurrence going forward,” although not to the level that has been seen this year.

Following the news of the latest releases Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that NXT was heading for major changes. This reportedly includes a new logo, new lighting, a focus on younger talents and a different format to the TV shows.