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WWE Release Pet Merchandise & It’s Adorable!

Dog with toy WWE microphone

If the world of wrestling doesn’t have you feeling cosy and warm-hearted then WWE has released a new range of merchandise for pampered pooches and it’s incredible!

WWE and animals have a long association with one another from Gorilla Monsoon to The British Bulldogs [and Matilda], Junkyard Dog, The Killer Bees, Jake The Snake, Texas Rattlesnakes, Vipers, Koko B. Ware’s parrot Frankie, Hulk Hogan’s 24-inch pythons, Rhyno, George Steele, Batista, The Big Dog, and Jerry Lawler’s beloved puppies – the wrestling giant has been more like a zoo over the years.

If you have a big dog of yourself at home – or little, we don’t judge – then WWE has launched a new range of merchandise just for you and your canine companion.

WWE has teamed with pet supply subscription company BarkBox to release some dog toys that really need to be seen to be believed.

Do you want to see your four-legged friend wrestle you for a puppet of The Rock? Or perhaps you’d rather let your dearest doggo cut a promo into a fluffy mic as to why their food dish is empty. Or maybe you want to see your dog would dig it – literally – if they could carry around the face of Macho Man Randy Savage or Ultimate Warrior.

If any of those are things you’d love in your life then your doggy dreams have come true! As well as the toys, WWE have a range of dog bowls, leads and collars to keep your pet looking fresh and reminding everyone just who’s yard it really is.