WWE Rejected AJ Lee’s Request To Work With Former RAW Star

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee

A former WWE Superstar has revealed the company denied her a match with former Divas Champion AJ Lee multiple times.

Speaking on a recent virtual signing for Golden Ring Collectibles Summer Rae revealed that Lee wanted to work with her back in 2013. Yet despite the champion going all the way to the top and asking Vince McMahon personally, her requests were always shot down.

“AJ did ask to work me multiple times and they didn’t give it to her. AJ was kind of working the same people over and over, and we had one match on “Superstars” or something. Because I was so tall, I could base her for a lot of her lucha and high flying stuff. She just really liked working with me, and she didn’t think I had a shot, like I wasn’t given a shot. She asked Vince and she asked a lot of people, and they just said ‘No.’”

Prior to her main roster debut, Rae was a big part of NXT. She was involved in the tournament to crown the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion. She then feuded Paige before forming a stable with Sasha Banks called Beautiful Fierce Females.

Her big break came on Monday Night Raw as Fandango’s valet and dance partner. She transitioned into the ring and began competing on a regular basis. However, the closest she ever got to wrestling again Lee was at WrestleMania XXX in the 14-woman Vickie Guerrero Invitational match for the Divas Championship, which was won by Lee.

AJ Lee Retired From WWE In 2015

AJ Lee (real name AJ Mendez) is one of WWE’s most successful female acts. During her time with the company, she was a three-time Divas Champion and at one point the longest-reigning champion with a 295-day reign.

Due to her husband CM Punk returning to the ring for AEW in 2021, speculation emerged about her return to the ring. Despite the rumours, Lee is yet to return to the ring although she has made a comeback in wrestling.

In a 2021 press conference, AJ Mendez was announced as the executive producer of WOW – Women of Wrestling. As well as being involved backstage in the all-female promotion Mendez also works as a colour commentator.

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