Ex-WWE Referee Criticizes Liv Morgan’s Money In The Bank Cash-In

Liv Morgan Money In The Bank

One ex-WWE Referee believes Liv Morgan’s cash-in wasn’t the action of a true babyface.

Liv Morgan fulfilled a lifelong dream when she cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase to become the new SmackDown Women’s Championship. She took advantage of a weakened Ronda Rousey, who had just wrestled a match against Natalya. Though many have congratulated Morgan for achieving her dream, one ex-WWE Referee thinks her actions last weekend made her out to be a complete heel.

In his latest “Reffin Rant” on Twitter, former WWE official Jimmy Korderas gave his honest opinion on Liv Morgan’s cash-in. Although Korderas admitted to it being a genuine surprise, he ultimately thought the moment was hampered by Morgan not waiting for Rousey and taking advantage of her instead.

“It was a nice surprise. It got the huge pop it wanted, but is it the way a babyface should win a championship and cash in their Money In The Bank? That’s the only issue I had. Yes, the crowd did love it, but at the same time, babyfaces don’t do it that way. Maybe, if she came in and said to Ronda Rousey, ‘I want to cash this in, are you ready?’ And Ronda said, ‘Okay,’ and then do it, then you can make a case for that.”

Morgan isn’t the first babyface to take advantage of the Money in the Bank rules. In 2008, CM Punk took advantage of a fallen Edge to capture his first World Heavyweight Championship. Regarding the women’s Money in the Bank, Nikki A.S.H. also cashed in her briefcase on a surprised Charlotte Flair. Although there have been instances of someone calling their shot beforehand, most winners of the Money in the Bank briefcase often wait until the champion is weakened before deciding to cash-in.

H/t – Wrestling Inc.