WWE Referee Charles Robinson Challenges Roman Reigns?

Charles Robinson

WWE’s Charles Robinson may have found himself caught up in the Roman Reigns vs Adam Pearce storyline from Friday Night Smackdown.

Reacting to WWE’s Twitter post (recapping the backstage discussion between Charles and Jey Uso where Jey warns Charles he may lose his job in the WWE), the veteran official initially only reacts with the word “What!?”.

One of Robinson’s lifelong fans responded to his tweet, suggesting that perhaps this interaction could lead to a huge main event tag-team match down the line. “Charles & Adam Pearce vs Uso & Reigns confirmed?!”. A reply which ‘Little Naitch’ may have wished he hadn’t spotted, let alone responded to. The reply, “Let’s do it“, a clear acceptance from Charles on the potential fight.

We haven’t seen any responses to this approval for the match as of yet, whether Roman & Jey are up for the challenge. What we do know however, is the WWE Universe is backing the unlikely duo of Adam Pearce & Charles Robinson to get something out of it.

Inside The Ropes staff are behind Robinson if he were to find himself up against the Head of the Table, our Dean Puckering wrote “I believe in you, Charles. You just gotta have faith!“, whilst Gary Cassidy pointed out that Charles may have an advantage with his unique skillset. “My money is definitely on the guy who assembles the ring and knows the rules inside out!“.

Charles is clearly very confident with his in-ring abilities, the 25 year+ veteran of the squared circle also responded to another users suggestion of he & Kevin Owens vs Roman & Jey Uso – simple replying “I am game”.