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Former WWE Referee Compares Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair To 2 Iconic WWE Hall Of Famers

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair

Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas has compared Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to two WWE Hall Of Famers after their tense confrontation on SmackDown.

Lynch and Flair went face to face to swap their title belts after SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was drafted to Raw and her Raw counterpart Flair was sent to the blue brand.

What followed in the ring was a fraught encounter that reportedly ended in an argument backstage and Charlotte Flair being escorted from the building.

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas was talking on The Wrestling Inc. Daily when he compared what happened between the two women to an encounter he witnessed between WWE Hall Of Famers Kurt Angle and the late, great Eddie Guerrero:

“I think in today’s day and age, it is a rarity. It was a little more, I don’t want to say it was frequent back in the day, but stuff like that happened. We know about the issues with Shawn [Michaels] and Bret [Hart], and there was one I was witness to after a match at SmackDownone day between Eddie [Guerrero] and Kurt Angle, who got into it backstage before Big Show broke it up.”

“It got physical. Sometimes things get heated, for whatever reason it is, whether it’s ego, whether something happened in the match, whatever the case may be, something was said that wasn’t supposed to be said.”

Korderas then discussed that things like the confrontation between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are less frequent in the wrestling business and also added he was not a fan of the idea of the title swap in the first place:

“I think it’s less frequent now, but at the same time, in this business, ego is a big thing, and this is my impression, this is what took place here. There’s a little bit of an ego issue with how this was going to go down. I wasn’t a big fan of just swapping the titles in the first place.”

“It was kind of like, yeah, they’re just gonna switch the blue and the red titles back and forth. It felt lazy to me, but maybe something was said in the back that kind of set things off. I don’t know, but apparently, according to reports, it got intense. If I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that Charlotte kind of snubbed Vince [McMahon] too.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.