WWE Reaches New Deal With Twitch

WWE Superstar Zelina Vega

Back in 2020, WWE launched a crackdown on its Superstars using third-party streaming platforms such as Twitch.

A number of WWE stars such as AJ Styles and Zelina had found success on the platform but the company blocked their progress. In Vega’s case, it was reported that this policy played a huge role in her departure from the company in November 2020.

However, it has now been reported that WWE has reached a deal with Twitch that will see Superstars able to return to the streaming platform. The report from Fightful Select noted that stars will be able to return with “almost no restrictions.” The restrictions that are in place revolve around stars appearing alongside performers from other companies without it being cleared ahead of time.

Revenue will be split three ways with the performers themselves and Twitch taking home the majority.

In April 2022 a talent meeting was held during which they were informed that they’d be able to utilise third-party platforms again, but a deal with Twitch specifically took longer to finalise. Talent is said to be very happy about the news.

WWE Star Zelina Vega Recently Confirmed Return To Twitch

The report comes after Zelina Vega announced that she was returning to Twitch. After being released due to the initial crackdown in late 2020, the star re-signed with WWE in July 2021.

She went on to win the Queen’s Crown tournament and the Women’s Tag Team Titles. In recent months the star has formed part of Legado Del Fantasma and the newly reformed LWO.