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WWE RAW Superstar Recalls Accidentally “Taking A Dump” In Shane McMahon’s Locker Room

WWE RAW Mansoor & Sheamus

The latest Superstar on WWE RAW, Mansoor, has recalled a hilarious story surrounding his first-ever meeting with Shane McMahon.

Mansoor Al-Shehail, simply known as Mansoor, signed for WWE back in 2018. The 25-year-old won a 51-man Battle Royal at Super Showdown in 2019, lastly eliminating Elias. At WWE Crown Jewel later on in the same year, Mansoor defeated Cesaro. That November he also made a winning debut on 205 Live before defeating Dolph Ziggler at Super Showdown 2020.

Following a 49-match unbeaten run, WWE’s first-ever Saudi Arabian-born Superstar joined WWE RAW on May 3rd.

Speaking to talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, Mansoor reflected on his unfortunate meeting with Shane McMahon before his big Battle Royale victory.

The Saudi Star revealed that the seeds for the mishap were sown the year before.

“We were sort of in a little, small locker room – me and the other Saudi boys,”

Well actually, it was me, the Saudi boys and the sumo wrestler they had for the Greatest Royal Rumble.

We were sharing that and they were like ‘OK, you’re going to go to that bathroom down there, alright?’ down the hall. That’s what we used, that’s what all the boys used.”

While that might sound simple enough, it turns out that a year later, that same bathroom actually belonged to someone else.

“So then the next time we were in Saudi for the biggest Battle Royale, I was going to that bathroom because I knew that was the bathroom that we use, right? That’s the one I go to.

So I walk in, go into the stall and I do my business. And it’s one of those automatic flush toilets that I hate. Because I like to adjust, ya know, and every time I move an inch it flushes! So it’s like I’m giving birth in there [laughs].

So that’s happening and then walk out into the small locker room – there’s a few lockers here and three stalls – and who do I see to my right? There’s Shane McMahon.

I see him there and he’s got his bags out. I’m like ‘hey… hey, how’s it going?’ and he looks at me with the most confused face and says ‘hey, man.’ Then I’m looking at my hands like oh, I can’t shake his hand! Obviously.”

An already awkward and nerve-wracking situation, then got worse as McMahon called Mansoor back as he tried to leave.

“So I go over and wash my hands and I look over at the towels and they’re out. So my hands are wet and I’m like ‘Sorry’ and he’s like ‘no, no, no, it’s OK.’ So then I go to walk out the door and he says ‘Hey, wait a minute.’

So I stop and freeze in a cold sweat [laughs]. He looks over and says ‘…Who are you?’ And I go ‘I’m Mansoor.’ And he goes ‘OK, nice to meet you, man. I’m Shane.’ OK, nice to meet you!

And I walked out like god, that was so weird. I totally bungled that interaction. I didn’t shake his hand and I wasn’t respectful and it was all weird.”

However, the story wasn’t quite done there, as Mansoor came face to face with McMahon again as he came back through the curtain after his big win.

“And then I realised, I went back and looked on the side of the door and there’s a piece of paper that says Shane McMahon’s locker room. I’m like ‘Oh nooooo.’ I just took a dump in Shane McMahon’s locker room!

But, no, he’s super cool! After I won the battle royal and I cut my promo, he was in gorilla, he came over to me, shook my hand and said ‘Hey man, you did a great job, that was awesome.’ So I was like thank god! We’re good [laughs].”

After losing to Sheamus via disqualification on his debut, the 205 Live/WWE RAW star picked up his first win on the main roster just a few weeks later, defeating Drew Gulak.

On the most recent episode of the red brand, Mansoor was seen backstage looking to get advice from Jaxon Ryker. The surreal encounter ended with Mustafa Ali trying to guide the young Superstar.