WWE Raw Star Undergoes Name Change

WWE Raw set

WWE fashion icons’ Maximum Male Models have been on a mission in recent weeks.

Since moving from SmackDown to Raw the trio made up of Maxxine Dupri, Ma.çé and Mån.sôör have been looking to add to their ranks. This led Dupri to zero in on Alpha Academy powerhouse Otis.

In response, Otis’ tag team partner Chad Gable has desperately tried to keep hold of his fellow Academy member. Sadly for the former NXT star, those attempts have seemingly been in vain. On the March 13th episode of Raw, Gable initially couldn’t find his partner, only to run into him post-makeover having headshots taken by Mån.sôör as Ma.çé and Dupri watched on.

Although Gable tried to get Otis to join him, his head had been well and truly turned by the attention lavished on him by his new admirers.

On March 16th, Gable shared a missing poster on social media after Otis didn’t turn up for training, calling out the “leeches” in Maximum Male Models. While it’s unknown whether Gable ever tracked down his partner, it seems that Otis has already moved on. The star has officially changed his name to Otìsè on social media, with Maxxine Dupri sharing her approval.

The switch comes after Dupri told WWE’s The Bump, that she could bring him the “true stardom” he deserves.

“I mean, let’s be clear. I’ve made no mistakes, and my boys know that. I just think that with the aura that I am exuding, Otìsè knows that he’s in the best of hands when he’s with me. He understands that I can bring him the true stardom that Otìsè deserves.” h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling.

Another WWE Star Could Soon Have A New Name

It was reported on March 15th that the SmackDown star could soon have his Pete Dunne ring name back. The British star performed as Pete Dunne during his time in NXT UK and in NXT in the United States. The report claimed that the star could return to his previous moniker before the end of the year.