WWE RAW Results – November 30, 2020

WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results will be updated live throughout the show, so make sure to check back for the latest results as they happen.

Emanating live from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida –tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw features all the continued fall-out from last Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV.

Already announced for tonight’s show:

A Moment of Bliss with Randy Orton

  • As Orton makes his way to the ring, he is cautious to survey his surroundings afraid of The Fiend appearing.
  • We get a recap of last weeks main event and the impact The Fiend had on the outcome [Available in last weeks WWE RAW Results]
  • The former 14 time champion, says he is very well versed in Bray Wyatt, The Fiend, however, he is yet to meet.
  • ‘The Viper’ continues, saying he found Wyatt’s weakness and burnt it to the ground and now…well now he has found The Fiend’s.
  • As Bliss mocks Orton’s foolishness the lights begin to cut out around the ThunderDome as the fiend appears in the ring.
  • Orton grasps hold of Bliss, scooping her up and holding her hostage as The Fiend slowly approaches.
  • The Fiend signals a begging motion as Orton hands Bliss back and walks away laughing.

Analysis: This was an interesting opening segment, Bliss played her role perfectly moving between endearing and creepy with in a blink. Bliss’ refusal to accept herself as The Fiend’s weakness before Orton is proven right adds a new dynamic in her kinship with The Fiend. This was however, a very cliched RAW opening at this point. I cannot recall a time since these live results began, that RAW has not opened with one of Orton, Wyatt, McIntyre or The Miz in a promo segment in the centre of the ring. It is becoming formulaic and taking away from otherwise good segments.

Jeff Hardy defeats Elias in a Symphony Of Destruction Match via pinfall in 11:01

  • Doesn’t take long for the weapons to get involved as Hardy grabs a Violin/Viola and attempts to take Elias out with it.
  • R-Truth is revealed -out of nowhere- to be hiding inside a Piano.
  • His reveal leads to the 24/7 division spilling out to chase after him, only to receive chair shots from both Elias and Hardy.
  • Elias loads his knuckles with Guitar Picks before striking Hardy’s forehead over and over again.
  • A Whisper in the Wind from Hardy is counter by a well placed Guitar Strike from Elias.
  • The following pinfall is only able to obtain a two count as Hardy reaches the ropes at the two count.
  • Elias attempts to strike Hardy with a blunted out Guitar handle however, Hardy moves and Elias’ follow through lands inside a speaker causing Elias to get electrocuted.
  • Hardy piles Elias under a variety of instruments whilst on a table, Hardy connects with a Swanton Bomb onto the table to pick up the win.
  • As Hardy lands the high risk manoeuvre the back of his head clashes with the steel steps and he appears to be bleeding as he celebrates the win.

Analysis: Firstly, sending positivity Hardy’s way, that bump looked nasty and I hope he is alright. However, with that being said, this match was fine at best. The electrocution looked childish and the rest of the offence was nothing strikes with two guitars, a violin/viola and one bass. We end November with a fourth Jeff Hardy vs Elias match in as many weeks and they are all identical in built and outcome. Rumours of a Hardy heel turn are circulating and I feel like this is not a character that will be saved via heel turn and instead the heel turn feels like a quick almost lazy attempt to revitalise the performer. Hardy needs to enter a new, interesting and high in ring quality feud that reminds us what he can do and shows us that he can still do it. Otherwise, he risks damaging his own incredible legacy.

Slapjack defeats Ricochet via pinfall in 3:15

  • The match is built to from two Exclusives following Mustafa Ali vs Ricochet last week on WWE Raw [Available in last weeks WWE Raw Results]
  • Ricochet is done trying to save his former friend from his path of self destruction, whilst Ali wants to show Ricochet no one man can make a difference.
  • The former NXT Tag Team Champion gains control in the opening exchanges, however, a loss of focus and attention being drawn to Ali allows Slapjack to take control.
  • Announced during this match is Lana and Asuka vs Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.
  • As Ricochet regains control with a Standing Shooting Star, Ali signals for T-BAR and MACE to come out and attempt to interfere.
  • Ricochet [assisted by Dana Brooke ] clears the majority of RETRIBUTION out, however, Slapjack was left to recover for too long and he picks up with the win with a modified side suplex as Ricochets back turned.

Analysis: The story telling aspects of this segment all made sense, Ali baited out the numbers advantage and although Ricochet was shown to be the superior competitor eventually he was unable to focus on the active competitor enough and that cost him the win. Dana Brooke coming out to avenge Mandy’s attack at the hands of RETRIBUTION’s RECKONING made perfect sense, she missed out on Survivor Series because of them and would want revenge. Slapjack got the win which help restore legitimacy to a RETRIBUTION stable that had lost far too much, far too cleanly unto this point. The in-ring work here was fine, some moments of NXT Ricochet beginning to come through, however, it was ultimately a very weekly TV Match.

Miz TV with Sheamus

  • The Miz and John Morrison attempt to drive a wedge between Sheamus and his friend/tonight’s partner Drew McIntyre.
  • Sheamus plays it off saying him and Drew have a true mutual respect and he was proud to be a part of Drew’s journey.
  • Morrison asks why, if they are such good friends, why Drew hasn’t given Sheamus a title shot yet.
  • The Miz continues saying that Sheamus should cash in his anger and lay out McIntyre allowing The Miz to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.
  • References are made to Sheamus feud with current Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, and how poorly it was received.
  • Sheamus finally has enough, striking The Miz down with a stiff right before beating down both members of the A-Listers.
  • The beatdown is short lived as The Miz’s MITB Briefcase proved the great equaliser allowing The Miz and Morrison to come out on top

Analysis: Another sensible story advancing segment, Sheamus dispelled any murmurings of turning on Drew [meaning he is at least 50% doing it tonight] and The Miz attempted to manipulate any self doubt or jealousy The Celtic Warrior had inside him. Drew McIntyre has gone on record to say he is in no rush to jump straight to him vs Sheamus, however, if they do want to go right into it. I can think of no better way than Sheamus costing Drew his title and allowing The Miz to the gold in tonight’s semi main event.

Lana and Asuka defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler via infall in 9:02

  • The current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, attempt to set the record straight following last weeks shock loss to Lana and Asuka [Available on last weeks WWE RAW Results article].
  • Before the match Asuka gives Lana a pep talk in Japanese which Lana says “She Understands” and they will show Nia and Shayna what teamwork means tonight.
  • The Tag Tiles are not on line despite Lana and Asuka’s victory last week on WWE Raw.
  • Nia and Shayna dismiss their first loss last week as a fluke, however, dissension is shown as they argue over who is to blame.
  • Lana shows some legitimately impressive chain wrestling early on as she takes Shayna to the ground, before the former NXT Women’s Champion regains control with a a well placed strike.
  • Asuka and Lana attempt stereo baseball slides, instead Nia and Shayna catch them into a clunky grapple following up by swinging them against the barricade head first.
  • The former Ravashing Russian, looked capable in this tag match. Noticeably, Nia looked clunkier and more out of place during the match.
  • Lana counters a Snake Eyes attempt, instead allowing Nia to go head first into the LED Ring Post cover.
  • Shayna gets the tag and locks in a a rear-naked onto Lana who is able to get and last minute tag into Asuka.
  • Asuka and Lana begin to regain control before Lana tags herself in needlessly and gets caught in the near naked.
  • Lana holds on enough for Asuka to break up the submission with a hip attack, allowing Lana to pick up the three count and victory in the process.

Analysis: Lana has now pinned Shayna Baszler, a feat that the likes of Bianca Belair, Candice LeRae, Mia Yim, Nikki Cross and Becky Lynch could not achieve. Credit to Lana she looked solid in ring here, she is definitely getting better and I respect the hell out of her hard work. Nia Jax looked clunkier than usual in ring her and at points looked like she did not know what was happening next. I disagree with this not being a title match and also with the outcome however It does seem like it is setting up a pretty clear story. At TLC, Lana will take on Nia in a Tables Match and Asuka will most likely defend her WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler. The latter of those has potential to be great, however, Shayna’s dominant Elimination Chamber performance is even more questionable now that she has lost clean to Lana.

Cedric Alexander defeats Xavier Woods via pinfall in 5:45

  • We get a ‘dream sequence’ comedy promo from both Woods and Kingston as they recap their multiple victories over The Hurt Business.
  • UUDD is plugged as is Woods’ new role as host of G4/
  • The Hurt Business come out and explain that actually even though we didn’t win the title our hands were raised and we are 2-2 overall so next time they get a shot they will win.
  • Alexander jumps Woods before the bell screaming at him in a slightly crazed fashion, screaming that he is the Hurt in Hurt Business.
  • Thevs former Cruiserweight Champion shows a far more aggressive offensive style than we are familiar with, dumping Woods around the arena as he works over the body of the Tag Team Champion.
  • Woods gets out first near-fall of the match following a slick looking Honour Roll after capitalising on a distracted Alexander.
  • Xavier’s control is not kept for long as a beautiful Brainbuster from Alexander turns the momentum in his favour.
  • Another incredible Suicide Dive from Alexander, however, this time Woods’ is able to counter it.
  • Alexander picks up the win with a Lumbar Check in the middle of the ring.
  • Abandoning The Hurt Business, Alexander celebrates alone walking up the entrance ramp.

Analysis: I was initially sceptical of this segment, it is the same match up/segment that we have seen since the WWE Draft over a month ago now. RAW seriously lacks established Tag Teams, there is Miz and Morrison as well as the Lucha House Party outside of these 4 competitors. The match itself however, was incredible for a TV match and Alexander continues to be a highlight of The Hurt Business as he devolves into a ruthless reckless brawler. When he eventually splits from MVP and his men, he should be the man to dethrone Lashley for the United States Title.

AJ Styles defeats Keith Lee and Riddle via pinfall in 13:55, to become the new #1 contender to the WWE Championship.

  • Strangely this match for the #1 contendership to Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship is not main eventing, instead the tag team match between Sheamus & Drew vs The A-Listers looks set to.
  • This lends its self to the possibility of either a Strowman related Non-Finish to this match, or a Cash-In/Sheamus turn in the tag match segment.
  • Before the match Omos revealed to Styles that his nickname Skippy from Riddle, is because Riddle thinks Styles looks like his Rabbit of the same name.
  • Initially Styles and Riddle clash, before realising they will need to work together to take down the generic freak that is Keith Lee.
  • As the match progresses, Lee dominates due to his superior size and strength advantage.
  • However, as the match continues, Styles is able to cut the big man down with a flurry of vintage Styles strikes.
  • Riddle attempts a Spider Suplex onto Keith Lee however the weight difference proves too much for Riddle.
  • The Barefooted Bro hits Styles with a serious of Germans and manages to clear Keith Lee out the ring.
  • As Riddle turns round to take advantage, he is caught with a Phenomenal Forearm and Styles is able to pick up the win.

Analysis: This was a fantastic overall segment, no catches at all. The match itself was great, with all three getting their unique style over and no body coming out looking weak or stupid at all. The match was by no means a world class, show stealer however for a weekly TV match, it was one of the best in a while. Additionally, from a PPV match POV, AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre has superb potential as Styles is proven excellence when working around a much bigger opponent. I was expecting a non finish or Strowman interference so seeing a clean win for Styles was refreshing and exciting.

Dana Brooke defeats RECKONING via pinfall in 2:22

  • This is RECKONING’s [Yim’s] singles debut on WWE RAW.
  • RECKONING receives a entrance whilst we are away at the ads.
  • Before the match can truly get under way Dana Brooke picks up the win with a quick roll-up.
  • Ali enters the ring and berates RECKONING for her loss saying there is no failure tolerated in retribution.
  • RECKONING loses her mask during the match.

Analysis: The trend of one step forward, one step back for RETRIBUTION continues, Slapjack gets a big win over a former Champion and then RECKONING loses a sub three minute match to Dana Brooke. Mandy Rose is off TV for at least a month and the win would have helped legitimise the former Mia Yim and would have not been a major loss for Brooke who is more established as a tag competitor. Instead Brooke wins and nothing really developed, a fairly weak and possibly pointless segment.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre vs The A-Listers

  • Before the match we get the previously announced interview with Drew McIntyre.
  • Drew acknowledges his loss to Reigns,however, he says he is the only man to put fear on the face of The Tribal Chief.
  • McIntyre’s new opponent at WWE TLC, AJ Styles, joins us on commentary for this main event.
  • Sheamus is calling Styles out whilst in control of the match leading to an altercation between the two on the outside.
  • ‘The Celtic Warrior’ backs off as Omos approaches, however he is thrown by The Miz onto the announce table as we move to an ad-break.
  • As the match unfold chaos begins to erupt, Styles attacks McIntyre signalling for The Miz to cash in who receives a Claymore from the recovering WWE Champion

Overall, this show was a very positive step for Monday Night RAW. It was easy to consume and totally non offensive which for a weekly three hour show is impressive. Everything felt watchable and there were truly enjoyable moments spread throughout. Lot’s of sensible booking decisions and positive steps for character development that has been missing over the last few weeks.

Highlights of the show include, Cedric Alexander vs Xavier Woods and Riddle vs Styles vs Lee. These two matches both delivered in ring but also progressed several storylines/character arches that other segments have been missing in recent weeks. The opening segment between Orton and Alexa was also a great bit of story telling and the discovery that Orton has identified The Fiends weakness is excellent as it raises a whole new portfolio of question regarding their relationship and the Wyatt/Fiend Symbiotic relationship.

The main event segment made a lot of sense, Styles trying to help The Miz only to make his own live easier is great sensible heel work and it not quite playing out only adds more mystery to when will The Mix cash in. It’s not ofter than we get a WWE main event non finish that makes sense but this week it did and it worked well.

Segments that could do with improving include both of the featured women’s segments on this show, Lana is improving and I hold nothing against her for being on the show. However, focusing 20-30 minutes a week on Nia vs Lana is detrimental to the rest of the Women’s Division, including the brans own Women’s Champion who has not featured prominently outside this feud. Peyton Royce also pinned Bayley and has been rewarded by not appearing on the show at all this week.

Make sure to check back again on Wednesday, for live results from the upcoming AEW and NXT episodes featuring the build to both WarGames and Revolution.

WWE RAW Results will return next week as we discover who is next in line for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship