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RAW Results – November 23, 2020

WWE RAW Results

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Emanating live from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida –tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw features all the immediate fall-out from Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV.

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The Men’s RAW Survivor Series team are joined in-ring by Adam Pearce

  • Adam Pearce recaps last nights events, before stating that a performance like that of Team RAW’s last night deserves a reward.
  • Each team member takes their turn stating why they deserve to be the next WWE Champion challenger.
  • Riddle requests that he be called ‘King Bro’ moving forward and he wants to beat Drew to get his ‘dope’ sword.
  • Braun angered by being asked last, attacks Adam Pearce with a vicious headbutt.

Analysis: This segment was a little bit of a mess, it felt very painting by numbers. Each team member went one by one discussing their crediabilties with little overlaying vocals and minimalistic interaction. Styles, Sheamus and Strowman in particular felt like they were reading from a script, which the likely were but they need to make it feel like they aren’t. On a positive note, Riddle and Keith Lee got a decent amount of their personality and character over in their small segments. Finally, this opening segment has made me realise how much I would love to see Keith Lee take on Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship and whilst we are at it, let Riddle take on Lashley for the US Title as a match between the two would suit their styles well.

The New Day defeat The Hurt Business via pinfall in 21:32, to retain the RAW Tag Team Championships

  • Prior to the match Alexander is shown arguing with Woods, Alexander refers to The New Day as a disgrace for losing to The Street Profits.
  • This is a rematch of last weeks Tag Team Championship match that The New Day won by pinning Alexander.
  • The veteran Shelton Benjamin utilises his ammeter wrestling skills early on, grounding and isolating Xavier Woods.
  • Returning from the ad-break, Xavier makes the hot tag to Kingston with a rolling tag.
  • Kingston comes in all guns blazing attempting the Trouble in Paradise only moments after entering the match.
  • Benjamin was beating down Kingston on the outside, however, they are unable to get Kingston back in the ring before the referees ten count.
  • The match is announced as ending in a double count-out.
  • MVP grabs the mic and baits The New Days pride and plays them into restarting the match.
  • It is unclear if the count-out was a poorly timed attempt to get back into the ring or a planned event.
  • The former WWE Champion takes a nasty bump over the top rope putting all his weight down on his left leg.
  • Cedric Alexander continues to show an increased level of aggression, working over Kingstons head with hard strikes.
  • The Hurt Business tell Woods he is going to need surgery again after they are done with him.
  • Benjamin and Alexander target Kingston’s injured left knee, with the intent of ensuring that he is unable to leave standing.
  • The SOS gives The New Day a near-fall, Benjamin is able to kick out however.
  • Xavier Woods rolls up Shelton Benjamin following a one-legged Kofi Kingston Suicide Dive.
  • Following the match, Lashley tells Adam Pearce they need to talk business as he was the only RAW Champion to win at Survivor Series.
  • Orton then appears, at which point Pearce states he will discuss the title situation later tonight.

Analysis: This was a mess, the in ring performance from all four competitors was solid and there were some great moments of individual excellence including a wonderful Tornado DDT from Alexander and Kingston’s incredible Suicide Dive. However, the count-out was poorly played out and not put over by commentary well enough so it just appeared confusing for fans at home. Additionally, it just served to make Alexander and Benjamin look stupid and ineffective. Not only did they appear to not know the rules of Title Matches but even after MVP gets them a third title opportunity in two weeks they manage to lose again to The New Day, who do not need the win to appear credible. I do not know what other tag teams exist on the RAW roster, but the Tag Division needs an injection of new lifeblood because RAW feels stuck on a time loop at this point.

Adam Pearce announces a series of #1 contender matches.

  • Pearce states that the time for talking is over and he allow the in-ring performances to crown the next #1 contender to Drew McIntyre’s Championship.
  • Riddle, Sheamus, Styles, Lee, Lashley and Orton will face off in a series of singles matches tonight leading to a triple threat match next week.
  • The winner of that match will face McIntyre for the WWE Championship at WWE TLC.
  • Braun is excluded for contention as a result of his actions earlier in the show.
  • Sheamus vs Riddle is the first match of the night and it is up next.

Analysis: Firstly, once again Pearce does a great job as an on screen authority figure without detracting from the product. If this leads to a new story or a clever build then that is great, we have some interesting possibilities and storyline routes that WWE can go down. Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre have almost similar journeys and Drew has succeeded in ways Lashley has not. Sheamus and McIntyre’s story has plenty of history and build. If this simply leads to Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre again then it is a complete waste of time.

Riddle defeats Sheamus via pinfall in 20:45, to qualify for the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match

  • Sheamus is angered by Riddle’s displays of disrespect.
  • The two competitors exchange heavy strikers early on, with Riddle landing more strikes but Sheamus landing the higher percentage of significant strikes.
  • We see a new side of offence from Sheamus as he attempts to match Riddle’s renowned ground game, utilising a range of submissions and a ground and pound striking game.
  • Riddle gets the first near-fall of the match as he lands a huge ‘Broton’ onto Sheamus in the centre of the ring.
  • Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton vs AJ Styles confirmed for later on tonight.
  • Sheamus and Riddle show a level of fantastic chemistry with each other as everything appears fluid and competitive.
  • The two competitors utilise incredibly stiff offence and they look to move forward in the tournament.
  • ‘The Celtic Warrior’ connects with a hard hitting pump knee strike, however, it is only able to keep Riddle down for the two count.
  • Riddle uses the ring to gain extra leverage as he locks the Kimura onto Sheamus.
  • The Final Flash Knee Strike can only keep SheaAmus down for a two-count.
  • Even the Avalanche White Noise is not enough to keep ‘The Barefooted Bro’ down as he kicks out at 2.5
  • Similar to the infamous Okada vs Omega Rainmaker spot, Riddle avoids a Brogue Kick by collapsing out of fatigue.
  • Sheamus counters a roll-up attempt in a Clover Leaf, however, Riddle turns Sheamus momentum against him and picks up the win via roll-up.

Analysis: This was a superb weekly TV match, in fact I would risk saying this would have fit in on last night’s Survivor Series show. The Original Bro and The Celtic Warrior gave everything they had to take the show up to the next gear and get us back on track for a post big four show. The result its self was a major upset as the story between Drew and Sheamus writes its self, however, McIntyre has said there is no need to rush every story. Sheamus made Riddle here, he sold everything like a bullet and worked around Riddle’s unique style. I was worried that the TLC card was becoming predictable from this as it felt like Lashley and Lee would clearly enter a programme for the US Title, The Fiend would cost Orton and Sheamus would face Drew. Now that Sheamus is out the question the whole thing becomes a lot less clear and that is a great thing, I think McIntyre vs Riddle has superb potential although it is more likely to be Styles at this point.

Asuka confronts Lana backstage.

  • Earlier in the night Lana expressed that she had no intention of challenging Asuka.
  • Asuka approached her backstage and stated she loves challengers.
  • Lana expressed fear and stated Asuka is too good for her and she wouldn’t waste Asuka’s time.
  • Asuka awards Lana a RAW Women’s Title Match tonight on RAW.

Analysis: Great to see Asuka on the show she is Champion on again, this was the most endearing Lana segment since this build started and I am intrigued on where the match goes. Although, I am scared it will be a simple squash followed by Nia Jax attacks. I am crossing my fingers for a Ripley call up or Eva Marie return.

Firefly FunHouse with Wyatt,Bliss and The Friendship Frog.

  • Bray Wyatt shows Alexa Bliss the risks of friendship by flashing back to Orton’s attack of The Wyatt Compound.
  • The Friendship Frog states that Bliss cannot let a friend like Cross go away, Bliss responds by murdering the frog with a comedically large hammer.
  • Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt pay tribute to Friendship Frog with a hilarious tribute video recapping his life.
  • As the duo wave goodbye Bliss waves under her chin in a very Rascalz-esuq manner.

Analysis: Firefly FunHouse was short and sweet this week and I popped unexpectedly for the Friendship Frog memorial video. It was genuinely enjoyable and reminded me what the duo are capable of when FunHouse is at its best. The Rascals link is definitely a over-reach on my behalf but I can’t help but think Trey, Dez and Zachary would fit in perfectly in the mental world of Bray Wyatt.

Lana vs Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship ends in a non-contest following interference from Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

  • As the match is about to commence, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler interrupt.
  • The duo sit down at the commentary table and will be on commentary for the match.
  • Lana gets an immediate near-fall with a roll-up for a two count.
  • Asuka argues with Nia and Shayna on the outside causing Jax to attack her.
  • Nia Jax attempts to put Asuka through the announce table, only to be saved by Lana.
  • Shayna and Nia Jax challenge Lana and Asuka to a Tag Team Match.

Analysis: Classic RAW booking here, as soon as Nia and Shayna appeared at ringside it became clear that our title match would not come out as planned. It is unclear going into the segment if the title are set to be on the line, although it is unlikely as Asuka is unlikely to lose or become a double champion. I was looking forward to seeing Lana vs Asuka, as I wanted to see how Lana could do in a no gimmicks extended length match against arguably the best female performer on the planet. Instead we are jumping right into a segment that will 100% lead to a tables match against Nia Jax at TLC. This was one step forward, one step back and its really disappointing as the Lana chronicle did a great job in getting people behind Lana and I think had she done alright in a single match vs Asuka it would have gone a long way.

Asuka and Lana defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler via pinfall in 5:02.

  • Lana is immediately isolated by Shayna and Nia as Asuka attempts to get into the match.
  • The Tag Team Champions toy with Lana, allowing her to get close to Asuka only to then pull her away at the last moment.
  • Asuka eventually gets the hot tag and with a flurry of strikes cleans houses and regains control for her team.
  • A Shining Wizard keeps Baszler down for a two count, who retaliates with a knee strike of her own.
  • Nia attmepts to put Lana through the table, however, Jax misses and almost puts herself through the table.
  • Baszler is distracted by Lana and is caught with a roll-up from Asuka who picks up the win.

Analysis: Every single match thus far on RAW has ended with a roll-up. Woods on Benjamin, Riddle on Sheamus and now Asuka on Shayna. Poor road agency like this makes the matches feel repetitive and as if not consideration was made to ensuring every segment was special. Nia nearly going through the table pretty much confirms our future at WWE TLC, and it is highly likely that Asuka and Lana will challenge Nia and Shayna for the titles next week. WWE also need to recall their own programming on commentary slightly more, talking about how huge and unlikely the Lana title shot was doesn’t really work when she had one only a month ago. On a positive note, I think Lana has actually improved over the last six weeks, her mic work has felt less awkward and her delivery as felt like she wants to be taken seriously.

Keith Lee defeats Bobby Lashley via disqaulfication in 11:19, to qualify for the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match

  • Commentary focus on how this is a first time ever clash between Lashley and Lee.
  • Neither man is able to take control early on as the duo match in power and speed.
  • On the outside Lashley is able to take advantage of a distraction from MVP and Military Press Keith Lee to gain control.
  • The opening created by MVP allows Lashley to work over the arms and upper body of Lee, in an attempt to remove the power of The Limitless One and weaken him for The Hurt Lock.
  • Bobby Lashley suffers a gash to the head and begins to bleed from his skull.
  • ‘The Almighty’ Superplexes Lee to swing momentum in his favour.
  • MVP shoves Lee into the LED Turnbuckle cover as the referees back is turned, Lashley attempts to lock in the Hurt Lock only for Keith Lee to break out.
  • The Mouth Piece of The Hurt Business jumps Keith Lee costing Lashley the match via DQ.

Analysis: Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashley had the potential to be a fantastically brutal in ring encounter, but instead we got a half cooked match that is clearly to set up a US Title Match at TLC. The Hurt Business look stupid again, for the second time in the show. Even if commentary try to say MVP was protecting his asset, Lashley’s manager costing him the match makes absolutely no sense. Keith Lee needs to start getting big clean wins to build momentum and get back on the path he was on in NXT. Finally, this match featured another non-decisive result, three roll ups, a count-out and two DQ’s. Booking like this doesn’t protect performers, it simply prevents anyone from truly gaining momentum from victories.

Alexa Bliss defeats Nikki Cross via pinfall in 6:03

  • Cross states she is not here to be friends with Bliss anymore but to “Beat The Fiend out of her”
  • As Bliss toys around with Cross, Nikki beats her down viciously whilst screaming at her to listen.
  • The Scottish Superstar slams Bliss’ head into the ring repeatedly, trying to bash The Fiend out.
  • Bliss appears to snap back into reality as she breaks down crying in the middle of the ring asking “What’s going on Nikki”.
  • It turns out to be a rouse as Bliss turns a hug with Cross into a Sister Abigail to pick up the win.
  • Alexa once again uses The Rascalz chin wave.

Analysis: From a purely storytelling POV, this match achieved everything it needed to. Bliss is clearly fully under the control of Wyatt and there seems to be no saving her, Cross utilised offence that made sense for the story. No lockups, grapples or elegant movement just punching and kicking her former friend to try beat some sense into her and The Fiend out of her.

AJ Styles defeats Randy Orton via pinfall in 11:55, to qualify for the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match

  • Styles explosivness allows him to control the opening exchanges before a well timed thumb to the eye allows Orton to switch the momentum.
  • Omos throws Styles onto the apron allowing him to circumnavigate Orton and blind side him with a stiff kick.
  • Commentary discuss what has changed since Orton and Styles met at WrestleMania last year.
  • Orton nearly taps out to the Calf Crusher, however, he is able to crawl his way to the ropes and force a break.
  • As Orton regains control, The Fiend’s signature screech and flash of red lights occurs.
  • Vintage Orton Draping DDT allows the former WWE Champion to set up for the RKO.
  • The Fiend appears behind Orton before disappearing and as the lights come back up Orton is taken down with a Phenomenal Forearm.
  • AJ Styles advances to take on Riddle and Keith Lee.
  • The show ends with The Fiends laughter playing over head.

Analysis: This match never really got to kick into main event gear, however, the angle that it is building and the match that it set up made it main event worthy. The Fiend and Orton have incredible history and the fear on Orton’s eyes was something we haven’t seen in a while. I enjoy that Drew was not on the show as it sells the injuries sustained in his brutal war with Roman and keeps him fresh going forward. Styles, Riddle and Lee is a Triple Threat Match that would have sold out Indie shows around the world so fingers crossed it delivers on a big stage.

Overall, this was a very weak edition of WWE RAW. The opening hour and a half of television was salvaged only by a great match between Riddle and Sheamus. The show structure and construction of matches -in particular the finishes- was poor at best and left the show feeling like a singular blur as opposed to well defined and purpose driven segments. This show felt like it was designed to get every story for TLC underway in three hours rather than building the stories slowly and allowing them to marinate first. Although this is a consequence of monthly PPV programming.

The Hurt Business went from one of the most well booked aspects of RAW to looking like they didn’t understand the basic rules of wrestling in singular week. Lashley and Lee could be fantastic, as could The Hurt Business vs The New Day but it needs to be presented in a more interesting manner than it currently is.

We got a full recap of The Undertaker’s retirement segment from last night, and although I love The Undertaker and it was a big moment it simply felt like a waste of time for viewers who had watched the programming from yesterday.

On a positive, because although there is lots to improve there are still some positive notes worth revisiting. Matt Riddle vs Sheamus was truly fantastic and worth a watch if you check anything out from the show. Alexa Bliss was in two good segments on the show with both the Firefly FunHouse working effectively to portray her character conflict and illustrate the changes she has gone through over the last three months. Hopefully we get a slow and well planned build to Randy Orton vs The Fiend at WrestleMania in which Wyatt can get his win back from WrestleMania 33.

Make sure to check back again on Wednesday, for live results from the upcoming AEW and NXT episodes featuring the build to both WarGames and Revolution.

WWE RAW Results will return next week as we discover who is next in line for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship