WWE RAW Results – November 16, 2020

WWE RAW Results - 16 November, 2020

WWE RAW Results will be updated live throughout the show, so make sure to check back for the latest results as they happen.

Emanating live from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida –tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is the ‘Red Brand’s’ go-home show before the upcoming Survivor Series PPV.

Already announced for tonight’s show:

Drew McIntyre speaks about the upcoming Survivor Series event.

  • The Scottish Psychopath starts the show by speaking about the importantance of Survivor Series to American Thanksgiving culture.
  • He says he is thankful for the WWE Universe, the believers but also the doubters…including Roman Reigns
  • Continuing on Drew states that Roman’s head is far up his arse and once he dethrones ‘The Viper’ he will personally remove it.
  • Randy Orton cuts in via Titantron Video to adress McIntyre.
  • Orton remincices about previous fines, suspensions and rules he has broken.
  • He states the reason after all of this that he is still here is because he is ‘The Greatest Wrestler…Ever”.
  • The Miz joins the segment interrupting McIntyre’s music with his tag team partner John Morrison.
  • Morrison and Miz refer to Drew and Orton as merchants of the past, and that he [and his briefcase] is the future.
  • Mr. Money in the Bank claims that the only reason The Fiend was not on the show last week, is that The Fiend fears The Miz.

Analysis: Although it does feel at this point like every episode of RAW must open with a huge promo battle between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton, this was excellent. Every participant in this segment held their own and demonstrated a unique style of promo ability. This segment also did a great job of illustrating the stakes of tonight’s main event, I honestly cannot call the winner of tonight’s main event as everything both makes perfect sense and no-sense.

Asuka, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke defeat Lana, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler via Submission in 5:12.

  • Prior to the match, Shayna and Nia informed Lana that she is not to enter the match under any circumstances.
  • Baszler and Jax isolate the arm of Mandy Rose early on, including attempting to separate her shoulder with assistance from the steel ring steps.
  • Lana reveals that she requested to team with Nia and Shayna after being inspired by The Miz and John Morrisons actions last week.
  • Asuka turns the tides of momentum back into her teams favour as she dominates Baszler in the centre of the ring.
  • Lana accidentally costs her team the win as she tags herself in whist Shayna has Asuka in the Rear Naked.
  • Asuka immediately locks in the Asuka-Lock submitting Lana much to the dismay of Baszler and Jax.
  • Nia pretends to befriend Lana before putting her through a table…again.

Analysis: I really do not know what this Lana storyline is meant to be achieving. I try every week to go in with open eyes and instead leave feeling like it is a re-run of lasts weeks episode of RAW. The SmackDown’s Women team should 100% walk through this absolute mess of a RAW team. Asuka feels absolutely wasted right now on RAW, she pops up every so often has a single match and then disappears whilst we focus on Lana week-after-week. Luckily, Sasha Banks vs Asuka has match of the year potential and this will help recapture some of The Empress of Tomorrows momentum.

AJ Styles focuses Team RAW’s attention before their match against RETRIBUTION

  • AJ starts by attempting to calm down the heated confrontation occurring between his Team Raw members, rather unsuccessfully.
  • He does manage to focus everyones attention by appealing to their desire to win and hatred of defeat.
  • Styles states that his team is clearly superior on paper to Team SmackDown but if they don’t get on the page it’s over.
  • Segment ends with the reveal that Riddle and The Associate are friends and that AJ Styles didn’t realise he could speak English.

Analysis: A short but sweet segment that ticked all the boxes. AJ Styles is an effective captain, he wants his team to win and that’s great because he should want to win, he is AJ Styles and he wants to be number one. The little touch of comedy at the end of Omogbehin and Riddle hanging out was a nice cleanser on a otherwise very heavy episode of RAW.


The Firefly FunHouse with Alexa Bliss, Bray challenges The Miz.

  • Segment opens with Bray Wyatt stating that The Miz would sacrifice his children to reptilian leaders.
  • He then challenges The Miz to a singles match tonight, Bray vs The Miz,
  • We cut to a training montage of Bray and his puppets doing a Kung-Fu Training sequence.
  • Up next is Wyatt participating in Darts and a spelling bee with Bliss.
  • Bray says Miz better not make him repeat himself because you won’t like his angry side.

Analysis: One of the better Firefly FunHouse episodes in recent weeks, this was still bonkers and fun whilst achieving a short term goal – get us to Bray vs The Miz. The training montage was expertly put together and Alexa’s dead pan delivery throughout raised the effectiveness of the comedy within the segment. Miz vs Bray will likely be a squash or shenanigan heavy match but it is still a huge match for tonight’s show.

The New Day defeat The Hurt Business via pinball in 11:51, to retain the RAW Tag Team Championship.

  • MVP kicks the segment off by addressing Sami Zayn on behalf of the CEO of The Hurt Business – Bobby Lashley.
  • He refers to Zayn as a vermin and refers back to Zayn and Lashley’s previous encounters.
  • The former US Champion continues, further putting over his stable by referring to The Hurt Business vs The Street Profits as ‘The Best vs The Best’.
  • The New Day interrupt referring to The Hurt Business as ‘The Jerk Business’ and stating their respect for the Street Profits and distain for MVP and his crew.
  • Woods and Kingston play up to the crowd which MVP is quick to point out doesn’t exist and tell MVP they are going to put The Hurt Business in their place.
  • In ring action commences as we return from the ad-break, The Hurt Business dominate early on thanks to outside interference and underhanded tactics from Benjamin.
  • Benjamin counters a Boom Drop attempt into a pop up power bomb with assistance from Alexander, this provides a great near-fall.
  • Kofi and Xavier pick up the speed with some incredible high intensity offence including a lovely Crossbody from Kingston to capture momentum
  • Kofi -in a moment of desperation- hits a huge DDT from the top turnbuckle, allowing him to tag in the fresh Xavier Woods.
  • Woods comes in flying with a series of high kicks and a Honour Roll to Benjamin.
  • A series of huge drop kicks from Woods and Kingston gives us our second near-fall of the match so far.
  • Alexander hits a monster series of Suicide Dives, hitting the barricade head first on two occasions.
  • Benjamin hits an Angle Slam in homage to his time as part of Team Angle, only capable of a two-count.
  • Kingston connects with a Trouble in Paradise setting up for The Day Break keeping Alexander down for the three-count.

Analysis: This felt a very familiar segment, The Hurt Business talking down to their opponents before The New Day interrupt. Much Like Orton and McIntyre it isn’t bad or overly reparative but it does leave RAW feeling a little bit repetitive at points, as if we are locked in a time loop. Hopefully the fallout of this match allows both teams to move on to fresh feuds that utilise their incredible charisma and talent well in, in a new and enjoyable manner. The match itself was a strong showing of all four competitors got to shine with signature offence and through backs to older storylines, Alexander in particular once again got time to shine that he wasn’t really getting prior to aligning with MVP. The series of dives from Cedric looked incredible but very risky and potentially career ending so it was hard to watch live. The New Day vs The Street Profits is the match, so the result makes perfect sense and I look forward to seeing them lock up on Sunday.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are injured and out of Survivor Series.

  • During The New Day vs The Hurt Business we get confirmation that due to injuries sustained throughout the show, both Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are officially out of Team Raw for Survivor Series.
  • Commentary put over the huge implications this has for Sunday’s PPV event.

Analysis: There are so many potential replacements moving forward from here, Reckoning herself will surely be in with a shout at an opportunity and this could help legitimise RETRIBUTION. Possible debuts are a plenty with rumours of Eva Marie and Melina returns gaining traction as confirmation and rumours are confirmed by various wrestling journalism sites. Either way this explains why the RAW team was confirmed so quickly and certainly makes the rest of tonight’s show more exciting.

RETRIBUTION defeat Team RAW (Sheamus, Strowman, Riddle and Keith Lee) via pinfall in 7:12.

  • Prior to the match, Sheamus is captured backstage speaking with long time friend Drew McIntyre.
  • He expresses a love for The Scotsman’s late mother and says he has somethings he wants him to have.
  • Drew opens a chest containing his Clans tartan and Sheamus then presents him with a Claymore and tells him to do what needs done.
  • RETRIBUTION then speak prior to the match, expressing a hatred at being used as pawns for Team RAW’s benifit.
  • AJ Styles [With Omos/ The Associate] is on commentary for this match] alongside fellow former X-Division Champion Samoa Joe.
  • Slapjack and Riddle start things off exchange early grapples, with the former NXT Tag Team Champion coming out on top.
  • Team RAW implodes very early on with Sheamus and Strowman brawling on the outside.
  • Styles attempts to break things up only to be thrown into his associate by Strowman who then approches Strowman as we head to an Ad-Break.
  • Ali and Riddle have a lovely exchange of slick reversals and fast paced offence, The RETRIBUTION leader and Styles exchange constant words throughout the match.
  • T-Bar and Mace assist Ali in wiping Keith Lee out on the outside with an assisted suicide dive.
  • Braun forces Slapjack to run into the path of an oncoming Brogue Kick from Sheamus as Team Raw looks to be on the same page.
  • However the teamwork is short lived as the make shift team implodes allowing Ali to pick up the roll-up victory over Riddle and Team Raw.

Analysis: This tried to achieved exactly what It needed to but strangely in the least effective manner possible. RETRIBUTION 100% should have won this match, they are a team and Team Raw is a collective of un-cooperative individuals. However, nobody was given enough time to shine in-ring to get over with fans through building up a portfolio of in-ring work. The segment also felt incredibly predictable with the smallest guy on Team Raw [Riddle] being the one pinned, nobody in RETRIBUTION was ever going to pin any one of Sheamus, Lee or Strowman and that made it incredibly difficult to get invested into the match. Additionally, from a segment construction point-of-view, the audience was made to sit through every entrance from members of Team RAW only to then get an Ad-Break less than three minutes into the match itself.

Bray Wyatt [with Alexa Bliss] defeats The Miz [with John Morrison] in 5:45

  • Prior to the match, The Miz attempts to appeal to the humanity in Wyatt by stating that there is no reason for this match to occur.
  • He continues stating that Wyatt wants Orton and The Miz wants to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase so they should work together.
  • Alexa comes out to inform The Miz that Wyatt rejects, only to be interrupted by Nikki Cross [who we earlier saw searching for her former BFF]
  • Cross attempts to save Bliss from Wyatt’s control only to be beaten down by Bliss as punishment for her interference.
  • As Wyatt’s music hits Bliss’ cadence changes and she skips down the ramp hand-in-hand with her master – Bray Wyatt.
  • The former Universal Champion offers forgiveness to The Miz who responds with a cheap shot to the midsection of Wyatt.
  • Morrison attempts to interfere, however his involvement only succeeds in angering Wyatt who demands they never raise their voice to Alexa Bliss.
  • The Miz avoids a Sister Abigail attempt from Wyatt only to then be caught with the neck snap instead.
  • Alexa Bliss throws herself over the barricade to take out Morrison, the distraction allows Wyatt to hit the Sister Abigail on the second attempt and pick up the win.
  • As Wyatt and Bliss leave the ringside area, The Fiend appears on the titantron and fear appears on the face of Wyatt.

Analysis: This match existed for one very sensible reason, it removes The Miz and John Morrison as factors in tonight’s WWE Championship match main event. The in-ring performance was nothing special, however Bliss’ huge dive over the barricade was great. The storyline elements with Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss is a nice slow burning story, especially as Cross would be the more natural fit for the Sister Abigail-esque personality that Bliss is currently portraying. The Bliss-Wyatt coalition storyline needs to evolve sooner rather than later as, although it is enjoyable so far, it runs the risk of treading water too long without working towards an end goal and that can kill an angle.

Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce confirmed as newest members of Team Raw.

  • Adam Pearce confirms that due to the previous discussed injuries sustained to both Rose and Brooke, that two replacements are required.
  • He reveals Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce as the newest members.

Analysis: This is a confusing decision to say the least. Rose and Brooke have been the highlight of this otherwise poor RAW Women’s team and to build replacements and then just insert two other equal level roster members is a massive energy killer. Don’t get me wrong, I think Lacey and Peyton are wonderful performers, but if you wanted them on the team…then just put them on the team.

Drew McIntyre defeats Randy Orton via pinfall in 20:33 to capture the WWE Championship

  • Drew McIntyre enters his WWE Championship match wearing the kilt and Sporran of his late mother’s family whilst wielding a Claymore as Pyro blazes around him.
  • Match starts as an aggressive back-and-forth with both men jockeying for control.
  • As McIntyre begins to win momentum, Orton attempts to leave the venue.
  • Adam Pearce comes out to announce that this match will have a winner, and therefore it is now No DQ and No Count-out.
  • The No DQ stipulation initially plays into the hands of Orton who is able to gain control using a series of chair strikes to the back of the challenger.
  • A massive steel step strike to the upper-body of McIntyre allows Orton to work him over with the signature Orton Stomps.
  • As McIntyre begins to regain control, he misses a Claymore kick on the outside and instead takes a big bump onto the announce table.
  • Drew McIntyre paying tribute to the incredible victory from the Scottish National Team as he tells Randy Orton “Yes Sir, I can Boogie”.
  • A huge superplex from Orton regains the momentum for the defending WWE Champion, paying homage to his father Cowboy Bob Orton.
  • Orton gets a large cut across his back following a bump through a table on the outside thanks to a Claymore from Drew.
  • One final Claymore kick seals Orton fate and Drew McIntyre is able to defeat The Viper to regain his WWE Championship and book his ticket to Survivor Series.

Analysis: This was a well constructed and sensible main event for the go-home RAW before Survivor Series. This main event was must watch and was filled start to finish with throwbacks and homages to Orton and McIntyre now storied rivalry. Touches such as McIntyre’s family kilt, Orton utilising his father and grandfathers manoeuvres made this feel like the perfect end to this rivalry. This match more than many, would have been incredible with a loud crowd and I am glad Drew is holding the title with the opportunity to maybe enter Monday Night RAW as champion with a crowd.

Overall, this episode of Monday Night RAW was propped up by strong opening and closing hours with not a lot of interest occurring during the middle. Another prime example of why RAW could be a fantastic show, if they cut it down an hour.

The exchange between Drew, Orton and The Miz to kick the show off was a fun and fast paced opener to the show and set the tone for the main event perfectly. The Hurt Business vs The New Day was a very enjoyable match and featured some great moments of tag team action, and the main event was a great ending to McIntyre’s now year long rivalry that rewarded viewers for sticking with the story through small details and references to stories within the feud.

Drew’s entrance alone made this show worth checking out.

On the ‘needs improvement side of things’, I am not sure about the choice to replace Mandy and Dana with two equal level active roster members just six days before Survivor Series. It was a disappointing reveal and doesn’t really provide much in terms of story depth, neither does this ongoing Lana segment that I still have yet to see anything enjoyable from it and instead makes RAW feel at points like a repeat of the previous weeks show.

Survivor Series has some great matches set for Sunday including:

  • Asuka vs Sasha Banks
  • Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns
  • Team RAW vs Team SmackDown
  • The New Day vs The Street Profits.

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