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WWE RAW Results – March 8, 2021

WWE Raw Results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida and features Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship Inauguration Ceremony.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

Full Live Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling writer: Liam Stewart

Summarised Results:

  • Bobby Lashley retains the WWE Championship, defeating The Miz via Submission.
  • Shane McMahon apologises to Braun Strowman
  • Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre ends in a No Contest, following a Steel Steps clash.
  • Xavier Woods [defeats Shelton Benjamin Via Pinfall [Roll-up]
  • Riddle defeats Slapjack [w/ RETRIBUTION] via pinfall [Bro-Derick]
  • Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali- US Title Match confirmed for next week
  • The New Day vs. The Hurt Business- WWE Tag Team Title Match confirmed for next week
  • Riddle vs. Mustafa Ali- US Title Match confirmed for next week
  • Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeat Naomi and Lana – WWE Tag Team Championship Match via pinfall
  • AJ Styles [w/ Omos] defeats Randy Orton via pinfall, Alexa Bliss makes an explosive impact.

Bobby Lashley [w/ The Hurt Business] defeats The Miz [w/ John Morrison] via Submission [The Hurt Lock] – WWE Championship Rematch

  • The Miz starts the segment in-ring with Morrison running down last weeks events and how he expected a beating from Lashley but not to get screwed by Shane McMahon.
  • Continuing on before the in-ring action, The Miz states that he shouldn’t have been forced to compete after being counted out as he used the champion’s advantage- is it scummy, yes but it’s still in the rules.
  • Bobby Lashley debuts a new entrance complete with lightning bolt pyro and a full-screened hype compilation.
  • The new WWE Champion is presented as a face both in the response from commentary and interviewers but also in the chorus of piped-in cheers played during his entrance.
  • The Miz attempts to brawl on the outside and utilise the ten count to his advantage however Lashley forces The A-Lister back in the ring before laying him out via a huge slam into the turnbuckle padding.
  • Lashley stalks the prone former WWE Champion, locking in The Hurt Lock as The Miz recovers leaving him no choice but to tap out.
  • Post-match, McIntyre calls out Lashley for having no balls however as he demands a title match Sheamus blindsides him laying him out.
  • Sheamus crowns off a brutal exchange of weapon shots by countering the Claymore kick via Chair Shot to the head.
  • McIntyre

Result: Bobby Lashley defeats The Miz

Braun Strowman demands an apology from Shane McMahon

  • Strowman kicks things off demanding to know why Shane has it in for him, states he is over being excluded from the Chamber Match but screwing him out of the Tag Team Championships next last week was too much.
  • After Strowman demands McMahon comes out Shane eventually walks his way into the ring with a cocky swagger and going face-to-face, nose-to-nose with Strowman and immediately apologising.
  • McMahon leaves the ring as quickly as he gets in it however as he reaches the top of the ring he cuts his music and turns to say something before stopping however he leaves without finishing what he has to say.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre No DQ Grudge Match- Ends in a No Contest.

  • Sheamus dominates for the opening exchanges, taking McIntyre down to the outside before The Scottish Warrior is able to regain momentum with a huge flurry of offence.
  • McIntyre sends Sheamus over the announce table and barricade before sending him spine first onto the Steel Steps.
  • A Kendo Stick becomes the focus of the following sections of the match, Drew loses control of the match as he climbs into the ring following a strategic Kendo Stick assisted Low Blow from The Celtic Warrior.
  • The Dublin Smile wears Drew down momentarily however control of the Kendo Stick falls back with McIntyre who nearly breaks the weapon over Sheamus’ back.
  • McIntyre is sent skull first into the LED coating around the turnbuckle before Sheamus hits him with a huge Spinebuster on to the announce table.
  • During the closing brawl, both McIntyre and Sheamus are thrown around into everything from the barricade to the announce table, to the turnbuckle board, to one another and into officials.
  • Sheamus and McIntyre run at each other with Steel Steps held above their head, clashing together the match is called off as both men crash to the ground.

Result: Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre ends in a No Contest.

Xavier Woods [w/ Kofi Kingston] defeats Shelton Benjamin [w/ Cedric Alexander] Via Pinfall [Roll-up]

  • It Is revealed that The New Day will be awarded an upcoming WWE Tag Team title match next week on WWE RAW, commentary is quick to remind viewers that The Hurt Business captured the WWE Tag Titles from The New Day to kick off their title reign.
  • Benjamin rocks Woods with a series of incredible stiff strikes including a turnbuckle Enziguri.
  • The Hurt Business’ Benjamin is dominating the flow of the match however Benjamin is unable to focus on the task at hand and instead keeps getting distracted by Kingston on the outside.
  • Whilst Benjamin talks down to Kingston on the outside Woods picks up a quick win via Schoolboy pin.
  • Post-match The New Day and Riddle share a fun comedic moment discussing Call of Duty with Riddle requesting The New Day lads protect his Scooter whilst he wrestles.

Result: Xavier Woods defeats Shelton Benjamin

Riddle defeats Slapjack [w/ RETRIBUTION] via pinfall [Bro-Derick]

  • Riddle vs. Ali for the United States Championship make official for next weeks show, joining The New Day and The Hurt Business as TV Title Challengers.
  • Slapjack manages to dominate the somewhat injured Riddle early on however it a huge dropkick is needed for Slapjack to take Riddle to the ground.
  • ALi berades Slapjack and encourages the RETRIBUTION team member to takemhis time and weakened hip to the extent he cant make it to TV next week.
  • The Final Flash Knee following a Gatorroll into the Bro-Derick is enough to keep Slapjack down and leave Riddle victorious.

Result: Riddle defeats Slapjack

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeat Naomi and Lana – WWE Tag Team Championship Match via pinfall [Powerbomb]

  • Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are joined by Reginald from SmackDown for the match following his rejection by Carmella and Sasha Banks on SmackDown live.
  • Lana and Naomi hold their own early on in the match showing some great tandem offence including stereo topes to the outside
  • Naomi hits a beautiful corkscrew moonsault to the outside wiping out Baszler leaving Lana and Nia alone in the ring.
  • With just Lana and Nia remaining Lana attempts to hit to LanaRana before being countered into the signature Nia Jax Powerbomb that has been incredibly dominant in recent weeks.
  • The powerbomb and heavy pin that follows are enough to keep Lana down and out for the three count.

Result: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax defeat Naomi and Lana – WWE Tag Team Championship Match via pinfall [Powerbomb]

AJ Styles [w/ Omos] defeats Randy Orton via pinfall, Alexa Bliss makes an explosive impact.

  • Commentary keep referring to the match as a WrestleMania worthy main event, drawing on the two performers history and status within the company.
  • Orton is able to work over Styles early in the match connecting with the Draping DDT and a variety of signature manoeuvres however as Orton attempts to follow through on the early dominance, Omos plays the role of the great equaliser and prevents Orton gaining momentum.
  • Styles traps the knee of Orton [who is still tormented by Alexa and The Fiend] within the boom rope remove the base standing and power from the Legen Killer who Styles quickly follows up on attempting to choke out the former WWE Champion with a rang of read-naked chokes.
  • Orton wipes out Styles with a Short Armed Lariat following up with the signature Viper backbreaker keeping Styles down for a two count.
  • Styles locks in the Calf Crusher teraring away at the knee ligaments of Orton until he is moments away from tapping at which point a well placed upstrike is enough to break the hold.
  • Draping DDT from Orton to Styles whilst Omos looks on from the outside leads to Orton setting up for the RKO in the center of the ring however Omos pulls out his associate and at this point Bliss appears on the tron.
  • Bliss turns a Jack in the Box before stating not year as she stops before it can poop, instead Bliss blows out a match and pyro errupts from the turnbuckles and Orton vomits black tar.
  • The distraction is enough for Styles to hit the Phenomenal Forearm and pick up the huge victory.

Result: AJ Styles defeats Randy Orton via pinfall