WWE RAW Results – March 1, 2021

WWE RAW Results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida and features the The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

Full Live Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling writer: Liam Stewart

Summarised Results:

  • Drew McIntyre defeats Sheamus
  • Nia Jax [w/ Shayna Baszler] defeats Naomi [w/Lana]
  • The Hurt Business defeat Braun Strowman and Adam Pearce – RAW Tag Team Title Match.
  • Damien Preist [w/ Bad Bunny] defeats Elias [w/Ryker]
  • Charlotte Flair defeats Shayna Baszler
  • Riddle and Lucha House Party defeat RETRIBUTION
  • Mustafa Ali defeats Riddle.
  • Bobby Lashley defeats The Miz via Submission to become the NEW WWE Champion

Drew McIntyre defeats Sheamus via pinfall [Claymore Kick], MVP gives The Miz his one hours notice.

  • McIntyre opens the show following a five minute pre-show recap package of last weeks main event segment, he states that he still does not understand why Sheamus turned his back on him.
  • The former WWE Champion acknowledges his failings at Elimination Chamber, stating that Lashley kicked his ass and he did not see that coming.
  • Drew states that his goals are clear, defeat Sheamus then recapture his WWE Championship before main eventing WrestleMania.
  • The Miz interrupts, demanding the announce team introduce him correctly before making his way to the ring under a barrage of pyro.
  • In an attempt to weaken his opponent ahead of tonights main event, The Master Manipulator states that all he did was cash in a contract that he was always going to do…the only person Drew has to blame, is Bobby Lashley.
  • MVP comes out to insult McIntyre and The Miz before warning Miz that time is running out, and quickly because his title defence will kick off promptly at 9pm EST…in less than an hour.
  • Sheamus finally comes out and the former best friends being to brawl around the ringside area.
  • The Celtic Warrior is in control early on taking the giant Scotsman down to the mat and dropping a stiff knee onto his skull.
  • McIntyre takes a page out of Sheamus’ playbook, tying the former WWE Champion up in the ropes and hitting the Ten Beats of the Bodhran before Sheamus replies with one of his own.
  • With McIntyre tied up in the ropes Sheamus connects with a huge Brogue Kick sending the Scottish Warrior flying to the apron.
  • The Irish Curse Backbreaker is only able to keep McIntyre down for a two-count however It does allow Sheamus to follow up with a so called ‘Dublin Smile’
  • The ring regularly shakes and the ropes nearly snap on several occasions as commentary puts over the power of both performers.
  • McIntyre hits Sheamus with a huge Belly to Belly into the side of the Announce Table, before following up with a Suplex onto the seemingly sturdy structure.
  • Sheamus ascends to the top turnbuckle however McIntyre kips up and meets the Celtic Warrior above the top rope hitting a huge Belly to Belly to send both his opponent and himself crashing to the ring below.
  • McIntyre hits an Avalanche White Noise onto Sheamus however it still is not enough to put his recent rival away .
  • Like two cowboys from the Old West both McIntyre and Sheamus have the same idea going for the Claymore Kick and Brogue Kick at the same time however McIntyre is the one to connect.
  • McIntyre picks up the win via pinfall before exchange a impassioned look at his former best friend.

Result: Drew McIntyre defeats Sheamus

Nia Jax [w/ Shayna Baszler] defeats Naomi [w/ Lana] via pinfall [Powerbomb]

  • Commentary discuss how teaming with Lana has been a longtime dream of the former two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi.
  • Jax dominates early on with a series of strikes before locking a Bear Hug onto Naomi who attempts to convert the submission into a Sunset Flip [unsuccessfully]
  • Nia Jax hits a huge Samoan Drop before hitting a One Handed Powerbomb similar to the finishing manoeuvre of Raquel Gonzalez which is enough to keep Naomi down for the three count in a very, very short one sided match.

Result: Nia Jax [w/ Shayna Baszler] defeats Naomi [w/Lana]

Bobby Lashley [w/ MVP] vs. The Miz [w/ John Morrison] – Singles Match for the WWE Championship Part 1

  • Lashley and MVP make there way to the ring and wait patiently but The Miz leaves the duo waiting until his music hits at 9:01pm…The Miz is nowhere to be seen however.
  • We cut to The Miz backstage claiming he is unable to compete due to Stress Caused Stomach Cramps, as Adam Pearce attempts to talk sense into the WWE Championship Lashley runs backstage to attack The Miz.
  • Whilst The Miz lies on the floor in pain, Adam Pearce states that even if he has to drag him out to the ring himself he will defend his title…at 10pm EST.

The Hurt Business defeat Braun Strowman and Adam Pearce via pinfall [Roll-up] to retain the RAW Tag Team Championship

  • Strowman states that the Elimination Chamber sucked and that Pearce and McMahon clearly have issues with him due to their ‘unjustified suspensions and exclusion from the former Champion Elimination Chamber match’.
  • McMahon cuts an incredibly heel promo on Strowman however it appears he is meant to be presented as the face in the exchange.
  • He insults Strowmans intellect and preaches his own supremacy before giving a talk on conflict management and teaching the Monster to work with WWE Management.
  • McMahon announces that tonight Strowman will team with WWE Management to compete against The Hurt Business for the RAW Tag Team Championships tonight…and WWE Management will be represented by Adam Pearce.
  • Pearce is shocked by the revelation and not best pleased with it however he goes along with the plan under McMahon’s orders.
  • Strowman bulldozes through The Hurt Business immediately whilst the Tag Team Champions express anger that this match was made into a Championship match without any prior warning.
  • The Monster of WWE Raw throws Alexander in the turnbuckle nearly sending the former Cruiserweight Champion flying to the outside.
  • Alexander and Benjamin show their incredible chemistry following up on a Basement Dropkick with a Stiff Knee Strike.
  • Strowman hits a Running Powerslam onto Benjamin and seemingly has the match won however McMahon forces Pearce to tag in.
  • Pearce pins Benjamin however the Gold Standard rolls-up the former NWA Superstar retaining the Tag Team Titles for The Hurt Business.

Result: The Hurt Business defeat Braun Strowman and Adam Pearce

Damien Priest [w/ Bad Bunny] defeats Elias [w/ Ryker] via pinfall [Hit the Lights]

  • Before the match, Elias approaches Bad Bunny in an attempt to encourage him to collaborate on a new album at which Bad Bunny simply laughs.
  • Priest works over the ‘strumming arm’ of Elias early on before a Spinning Elbow strike and Clothesline sends Elias over the rope and into the Announce Table.
  • Elias tries to take out Priest with his signature jumping Knee Strike however Priest dodges and counters with a deep arm drag.
  • WWE’s signature musician sends Priest throat first into the ropes before capitalising with a jumping knee strike on to the former North American Champion.
  • Ryker gets involved laying out Priest with a huge strike however it is nowhere near enough as The Broken Arrows followed up by a pinfall.
  • Messy roll-up sequence between Elias and Priest with Elias eventually coming out on top with a two-fall.
  • The Bell Clap into Hit The Lights gives Priest another win on the main roster an.

Result: Damien Preist [w/ Bad Bunny] defeats Elias [w/Ryker]

Bobby Lashley [w/ MVP] defeats The Miz [w/ John Morrison] via DQ – Singles Match for the WWE Championship Part 2

  • The Miz makes his way to the ring first this time still accompanied by John Morrison, MVP and Lashley march down second before confronting the WWE Champion inside the ring.
  • The WWE Champion grabs a mic before the bell rings and he attempts to play to Lashley’s desire to become to a legend and trying to trick him into waiting until WrestleMania.
  • As the bell rings The Miz grabs the WWE Championship and runs way backstage getting counted out in the process.
  • It is revealed that if The Miz fails to compete Lashley durning tonight’s main event then he will be stripped of the WWE Championship.

Riddle and Lucha House Party defeat RETRIBUTION via pinfall, Mustafa Ali then defeats Riddle via pinfall.

  • A Sky-high Chokeslam Backbreaker from T-Bar onto Riddle nearly ends the match before it gets rolling.
  • Riddle survives an early RETRIBUTION onslaught before making the hot tag to Metalik who works with Dorado to hit a series of tandem strikes onto Slapjack ending with the Shoulder Top Splash to pick up the win.
  • Post-match Ali berates his failures before demanding that Riddle allows him the opportunity to show his failures how to succeed
  • Ali and Riddle immediately lock up showing immense chemistry however Ali is unable to compete with Riddle’s mat ability initially.
  • Eventually Riddle counters offence from Ali into the Bromission however Ali is able to escape getting a near fall from a cradle roll-up.
  • Riddle sets up for the Floating Bro however RETRIBUTION provide the distraction needed to allow Ali to sneak the pinfall victory over the reigning United States Champion.

Result: Riddle and Lucha House Party defeat RETRIBUTION, Mustafa Ali defeats Riddle.

Bobby Lashley defeats The Miz to capture the WWE Championship

  • Before the match can finally get underway Shane McMahon brings out the RAW Locker Room to surround the ring and act as Lumberjacks for the match.
  • The Miz attempts to bargain with a range of superstars around the ring however nobody is willing to have his back instead feeding him to Lashley.
  • Lashley connects with the Flatliner however refuses to go for the pinfall instead tossing The Miz over the top rope onto RETRIBUTION and setting up for the a series of strikes in the centre of the ring.
  • Spinebuster from Lashley allows him to set up for The Hurt Lock which he quickly locks in forcing The Miz to tap, ending the reign of the first two-time grand slam Champion in WWE history.

Result: Bobby Lashley defeats The Miz via Submission to become WWE Champion