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WWE RAW Results – February 15, 2021

WWE Raw Results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida featuring the build towards the upcoming Elimination Chamber event.

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

Results and Analysis provided by ITRWrestling Writer: Liam Stewart.

Summarised Results:

  • The Miz Withdraws from the Elimination Chamber
  • Lucha House Party & Riddle defeat The Hurt Business via Pinfall
  • Bad Bunny wins the WWE 24/7 Championship
  • Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce [w/ Ric Flair] does not finish, Lacey Evans announces Pregnancy [Confirmed as legitimate by PWI]
  • Kofi Kingston defeats The Miz via pinfall- Kingston wins the right to enter the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.
  • Shayna Baszler [w/ Nia Jax] defeats Lana [w/ Naomi] via Submission
  • Sheamus defeats Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston to earn the right to enter Sundays Elimination Chamber match last.

WWE RAW opens with Miz TV w/ Drew McIntyre – The Miz Withdraws from the Elimination Chamber

  • Miz opens up referring to McIntyre as ‘Andy’ before running down how statistically McIntyre’s reign is over.
  • The former WWE Champion criticises McIntyre’s handling of Sheamus’ betrayal, saying a real Champion would not have let this happen.
  • As The Miz runs down all the Sheamus betrayed him, McIntyre loses his cool unlike anything we have seen recently and places a vicious Glasgow Kiss onto the Most Must-See Superstar.
  • McIntyre throws the Money in the Bank Briefcase into the rafters and storms off.
  • Mr.Money in the Bank recovers and in an almost pantomime villain-esque manner, informs everyone why he feels no pressure going into the Chamber- the Briefcase.
  • The Miz states he is always a step ahead and if Edge wants to talk about high stakes poker, here it is…The Miz is withdrawing from the Elimination Chamber match.

Lucha House Party & Riddle defeat The Hurt Business via Pinfall

  • Cedric Alexander and the Lucha House Party exchange a series of athletic counters and offence.
  • Much of the match focuses on the rivalry that has formed between Riddle and MVP in recent months.
  • Incredible aerial offence from LHP demonstrated throughout especially Metalik.
  • During a cluster of signature exchange, Riddle connects with the Final Flash Knee and Floating Bro onto MVP to pick up the win.
  • As Riddle and LHP make their way up the ramp, The current US Champion appears from behind to attack all three men and work over Riddle ahead of their Elimination Chamber match on Sunday.

Result: Lucha House Party win via Pinfall [Floating Bro]

Bad Bunny wins the WWE 24/7 Championship from Akira Tozawa

  • Bad Bunny is flirting with Mandy Rose backstage before Priest appears to roast him in Spanish for it.
  • Tozawa rolls-up R-Truth in the corner of the screen before Tozawa is attacked by Priest.
  • Priest insists that Bunny takes the opportunity and the Puerto Rican Sensation does so, pinning Tozawa and capturing WWE Gold.
  • Bad Bunny is confirmed as appearing on SNL in the next week thus implying he may appear with the 24/7 title if he can hold onto it all show.

Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce [w/ Ric Flair] does not finish, Lacey Evans announces ‘Pregnancy’

  • Evans cuts a pre-match promo, states she has spent the week learning under Flair and that she has brought some sweets for Charlotte because she was so sad after last week.
  • Continues on stating after their title match on Sunday, Asuka won’t only have not Valentines Day gifts but also no Women’s Championship either.
  • Royce and Asuka kick things off exchanging a quick series of holds and counters before the former Iconic’s member forces the RAW Women’s Champion into the corner.
  • Evans communicates tactical advice from Flair to Royce whispering in her ear and avoiding being tagged in.
  • Neither Evans or Charlotte get involved for a considerable period of the primary section of the match before Asuka makes a big hot tag to Charlotte whilst Evans avoids Royce’s own hot tag.
  • Lacey Evans ‘announces she is pregnant’ during the match against Charlotte and Asuka whilst Ric Flair screams ‘Call me Daddy’
  • The segment ends with Ric and Evans dancing away up the ramp.

Result: DNF- Lacey Evans is ‘Pregnant’

Kofi Kingston defeats The Miz via pinfall- Kingston wins the right to enter the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

  • Kingston takes control early on utilising his incredible agility and innovate offence to gain momentum before The Miz can find his feet.
  • The Miz scouts a middle rope manoeuvre from Kingston and counters with a rope-assisted Swinging Neckbreaker onto the apron before taking Kingston down at ringside as well.
  • Capitalising on previous injuries, The Miz attacks Kingstons left knee wearing him down and locking in a range of submission holds.
  • Kingston hits the SOS onto The Miz allowing him to pick up the win and book his ticket to the Elimination Chamber.

Result: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall.

Shayna Baszler [w/ Nia Jax] defeats Lana [w/ Naomi] via Submission

  • Lana is able to get some offence off onto Baszler, however, The Queen of Spades does control the majority of the match.
  • Naomi takes care of Nia on the outside managing to avoid any offence from the Dominant Champion.
  • Shayna attempts to use the distraction provided by Naomi to take care of Lana however ‘The Ravashing Russian’ manages to get a near-fall following a roll-up.
  • Baslzer locks in the Rear-Naked Choke and taps out Lana quickly to pick up the win.

Result: Shayna Baszler defeats Lana

Elimination Chamber Advantage Gauntlet Match

  • AJ Styles kick off the Gauntlet Match with a quick pre-match promo, runs down Kofi Kingston and why his addition means nothing at the end of the day because either way…AJ Styles is leaving WWE Champion.
  • In two pre-match segments, Alexa Bliss is shown summoning The Fiend whilst sat in a Pentagram and Braun Strowman is shown demanding Pearce add him to the match.
  • Kofi Kingston is Entry #2 in the Gauntlet Match, Continues to sell knee injury, he is accompanied by Woods.
  • Omos is banished from ringside following an unprovoked Chokeslam over the barricade onto Xavier Woods.
  • Kingston is unable to capitalise on a successful SOS attempt due to his injured left knee.
  • Styles connects with the Phenomenal Forearm eliminating Kingston via pinfall.
  • McIntyre enters at #3 in the Gauntlet Match, Immediately flattens Styles with a huge Clothesline.
  • The WWE Champion is clear control for the majority of his exchange against Styles with ‘The Phenomenal One’ unable to rely on Omos for assistance.
  • McIntyre connect with the Claymore Kick to eliminate AJ Styles following a long and incredible exchange.
  • Jeff Hardy enters the Gauntlet Match at #4.
  • Drew McIntyre dominates Hardy however The Charismatic Enigma is able to kick out of almost everything McIntyre throws at him including the Future Shock and a Huge Superplex.
  • Hardy counters the Claymore Kick into a Twist of Fate but McIntyre avoids the Swanton Bomb and converts into a Claymore Kick eliminating Hardy.
  • ‘The Viper’ makes his way to the ring as entrant #5 in the Gauntlet Match.
  • The two men brawl for a short period until Orton is recovering on the outside, suddenly the Thunderdome is surrounded by laughing videos of Alexa Bliss.
  • Distracted by Alexa’s presence, Orton is counted out and therefore eliminated from the match.
  • Sheamus enters at #6 in the Gauntlet Match, jumps McIntyre from behind.
  • The Celtic Warrior defeats McIntyre thanks to a well time Brogue Kick, cuts post-match promo confirming he will leave Elimination Chamber WWE Champion.

Result: Sheamus wins the Gauntlet Match, Earns Right to Final Entry in Elimination Chamber

AJ Styles eliminates Kofi Kingston

Drew McIntyre eliminates AJ Styles

Drew McIntyre eliminates Jeff Hardy

Drew McIntyre eliminates Randy Orton

Sheamus eliminates Drew McIntyre