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WWE RAW Results – February 1, 2021

WWE RAW Results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida featuring all the fallout from last nights Royal Rumble event.

Check out the results from last nights Royal Rumble Event

Summarised Results:

  • Sheamus turns on Drew McIntyre challenges him for the WWE Championship.
  • Matt Riddle defeats Bobby Lashley via DQ in a Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship
  • Xavier Woods [w/ Kofi Kingston] defeats Mustafa Ali [w/ RETRIBUTION] via pinfall to tie their BO5 Sequence at 2-2.
  • Damian Priest makes his WWE RAW Debut with Bad Bunny defeats The Miz via Pinfall.
  • Carlito and Jeff Hardy defeat Elias and Jaxson Ryker via pinfall
  • The Hurt Business (c) defeat Lucha House Party via Pinfall in a Tag Team Match for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship
  • Naomi & Lana defeat Charlotte & Asuka + Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose via pinfall in a Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
  • Alexa Bliss defeats Nikki Cross via pinfall in a Singles Match.

Drew McIntyre Opens RAW, Edge interrupts and Sheamus turns on Drew.

  • Sign Point #1 of tonight as Drew declares the Road to WrestleMania underway before running down the fantastic Royal Rumble Card with high praise for every performer especially Bianca Belair.
  • Edge comes out and Drew discusses their history backstage during Drew’s first run and how Edge looked out for him.
  • “What’s wrong with you’ Edge criticises McIntyre for not kicking his head off as soon as he came out and says that he needs to learn how to be a champion.
  • Sheamus comes out irate at Edge’s criticism of his friend stating that whilst Edge was at home nursing his arm, Drew was out here being the best WWE Champion ever.
  • The three argue back and forth before Edge states that he is the ultimate opportunist he will make his decision known when the time is right.
  • Post-Promo, after Edge has made his way backstage Sheamus blindsides McIntyre with the Brogue Kick cementing his full allegiance as a heel and turning on his best friend.
  • Sheamus justifies his actions backstage as anger at always being considered just McIntyre’s friend.

Analysis: Very interesting cadence in the voices of both Edge and McIntyre during this exchange, both seemed to have a twinkle of traditional heel in their voice. If the two face off at WrestleMania one of them will presumably take the role, but who? Sheamus hits McIntyre with the Brogue Kick from behind after Edge has left the ring The friendship is over, looks like we have our first feud on the Road to WresteMania. This was a very, very good opening segment it all made sense it have many, many layers and left me excited to see who will turn first Edge or McIntyre or will Edge turn his attention to Roman Reigns? Sheamus turning makes sense because it sets up a feud that can occupy the Road to WrestleMania between now and the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Matt Riddle defeats Bobby Lashley via DQ in a Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship

  • Riddle [who last night lasted 36 minutes in the Royal Rumble and was one of four men who eliminated Lashley] earned this match on last weeks WWE RAW by defeating the trio of MVP, Alexander and Benjamin in a Gauntlet match.
  • A heavy flurry of strikes opens the bout with Lashley gaining the upper hand, Riddle gets caught in the ropes and Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock.
  • The referee instructs Lashley to break the hold as Riddle has a rope break and Lashley refuses causing the DQ finishing however Lashley much to MVP’s anger keeps attacking Riddle at ringside even after he ended up unconscious.
  • Post-Match Riddle sells series concussion syndrome not remembering who he was fighting.

Analysis: WWE and especially RAW love a needless DQ finish to a well hyped and anticipated match, last week it was the Charlotte vs. Shayna first-time-ever singles match and this week it was one of two well hyped title matches. I enjoyed the tease of the tension within the Hurt Business as a four-way between the team mates at WrestleMania could be great for the US Title but don’t sell your show on something you plan on not fulfilling its just really transparent and more so over done.

Xavier Woods [w/ Kofi Kingston] defeats Mustafa Ali [w/ RETRIBUTION] via pinfall to tie their BO5 Sequence at 2-2.

  • Kofi Kingston returns to RAW [although still not medically cleared] and will be at Woods’ side during this match in Woods vs. RETRIBUTION ‘Best of Five Series’ which RETRIBUTION currently lead 2:1.
  • WWE use the pre-ad section of this segment to announce Edge vs. Randy Orton for later in the show.
  • Despite RECKONINGS COVID-19 Diagnosis both Slapjack and T-Bar accompany Mustafa at ringside, no Mace however.
  • The basis of this feud is that Ali believes that he should have been in Kingston’s WrestleMania position in 2019, built upon the real rumours that Ali was originally set to take on Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania before his untimely injury.
  • The opening exchanges of the match see Ali control the flow of the match due to the RETRIBUTIONS involvement however Kingston does his best to counter the interference.
  • A huge Brodie Lee Discuss Lariat gives Woods a near fall however T-Bar grabs Ali and pulls him out the ring.
  • Kingston jumps over T-Bar onto Slapjack allowing Woods to roll-up Ali and pick up the win, tying the series of matches at 2-2.

Analysis: In ring technically this was fine, the fundamentals of story telling and wrestling were all there but I have been given no reason to care. This is a feud revolving around Kofi who cannot even take part in the feud itself, furthermore there are no stakes to elevate the matches and furthermore they are just they same in-ring exchanges every week. I think the time has come to an end for RETRIBUTION, it had potential but Dijakovic and Ali could achieve much more reverting back to their pre-RETRIBUTION selves.

Miz TV w/ BAD BUNNY, Damien Priest Debuts and Defeats The Miz via pinfall

  • Despite destroying his set the night prior at the WWE Royal Rumble, The Miz and John Morrison start the segment praising the ‘incredible’ Bad Bunny and his ‘amazing’ song Booker T.
  • We get a recap of the Royal Rumble events including Bad Bunny hitting a Top-Rope Splash onto Miz and Morrison, the former WWE Tag Champions apologise for destroying his set however Bunny does not apologise for getting involved in the Rumble match.
  • Morrison offers Bad Bunny a deal, he trains him to become a WWE Legend like he did Daniel Bryan, and Bad Bunny helps them record an album.
  • The Miz and Morrison begin rapping before Bad Bunny cuts them off and calls them special, before stating the only reason he is here is because a good friend wanted to be on Miz TV.
  • Enter Damian Priest.
  • Priest immediately knocks Miz out with a huge right hand after commentary confirm he is on RAW to stay.
  • As we return from the ad-break we enter into a immediate match between Damian Priest and The Miz.
  • Huge step over tope from Priest knocks both Miz and Morrison down on the outside.
  • Morrison tries to get involved but gets knocked out by Bad Bunny with his pink microphone, Miz turns around into The Reckoning and Priest picks up the win in was commentary calls ‘his Monday Night RAW Debut’.

Analysis: From a presentation POV it has always been clear that Priest would be destined for RAW/SmackDown success. He has the build, the presentation and the talent to go very far on the traditional main roster. A story with a huge celeb and The Miz isn’t a bad start to life on WWE RAW. The Bad Bunny stuff I would usually finding overly pandering and a the pinnacle of bad Sport Entertainment however I think it makes perfect sense to bring Priest in with him. Not only does Priests character basically reflect that of a Hollywood Rockstar who pursues infamy but he also shares a Puerto Rican connection with Bad Bunny.

The Hurt Business (c) defeat Lucha House Party via Pinfall in a Tag Team Match for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

  • Prior to the match commentary announce that later in the night still to come is: Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross.
  • MVP is on commentary for the match and he does anything in his power to discuss anything other than the disconnect within the Hurt Business machine, excellent touch from the former US Champion.
  • Initially Alexander and Benjamin are able to stay on the same page however LHP still come out on top of the initial sequences navigating the ropes incredibly with a wonderful array of Lucha Libre offence.
  • The mat wrestling background of Benjamin comes into play as he grounds Lince Dorado utilising an array of offence including an Olympic Slam.
  • Benjamin catches Dorado on the outside following a Splash attempt however Metalic hits a huge Straight Arrow Tope to knock him down.
  • A series of Splashes from LHP gives them a near fall before Alexander and Benjamin get back on the same page but as they seem to be cooperating Benjamin tags himself in and his the PayDirt for the win.

Analysis: Outside of a few spots in which I am not sure LHP actually tagged in and just went back to Lucha House Rules. In-Ring this was very, very enjoyable with LHP being the juxtapositional tag team to face-off against THB and this led to great spots of heel wrestling from Benjamin. I am interested in where The Hurt Business are heading but for sure it remains a highlight of RAW week-to-week.

Naomi & Lana defeat Charlotte & Asuka + Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose via pinfall in a Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match

  • Lana and Naomi explain their teaming as both knowing what its like to have opportunities taken away from you unfairly. Naomi delivers a solid short promo but Lana delivers a very script read promo with some audio issue.
  • Naomi and Charlotte open the bout with an exchange of athletic ability that ends in a dual kip up spot before Mandy Rose and Lana get involved with Lana getting a roll-up attempt over the former Fire ‘N’ Desire member.
  • Dana Brooke and Charlotte have a very solid exchange as her and Mandy Rose try to isolate The Queen in the corner however Asuka eventually finds the tag.
  • Charlotte tries to take Lana out with a huge power-bomb however Lana counters with a very smooth ‘Rana allowing for Naomi to make a big tag and renew her earlier exchange with Charlotte.
  • A great closing sequence is interrupted by Ric Flair and Lacey Evans making their entrance, Charlotte tags out blindly onto Asuka as she walks down to deal with her father.
  • Naomi pins Asuka following the distraction from Ric Flair… The team of Lana and Naomi will take on Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax for the Women’s Tag Titles

Analysis: Little note of tension between Charlotte and Asuka in their pre-match promo I am glad that Asuka isn’t just totally fine with losing the titles and I did pop for her just calling Lacey Evans ‘The Woman’. Lana who is usually solid on the mic just gave what is arguably one of the most clear script reads on WWE RAW in a while which is not a great start for this team but it has potential.I think there is a natural story in Asuka and Charlotte dropping the Titles on the Valentines Day TakeOver to Raquel and Dakota Use it to tie into a split between Asuka and Charlotte opening the road for a possible Mania rematch with the variable factor of Rhea. Instead what we get is the RAW Women’s Champion [yes Asuka is still the Champion although RAW never features it] getting pinned of a mismatched team of Naomi and Lana to set up the pay-off to a feud that was scrapped to bring Charlotte back on PPV. Honestly the RAW Women’s division is a mess top to bottom and needs major work. Every main roster Women’s feud fails the Bechdel–Wallace test with only NXT Company wide currently presenting a Women’s Division feud that doesn’t heavily feature a male.

Carlito & Jeff Hardy defeat Elias & Jaxson Ryker via pinfall

  • Commentary discuss both Carlito’s incredible physique and also that he and Jeff Hardy previously feuded over the IC Title.
  • Ryker and Elias attempt to isolate Hardy in their corner cutting him off from his ‘Caribbean Cool’ tag partner.
  • The ring is cut off for a while before Hardy makes the tag to the fresh Carltio who takes Ryker out at ringside with a baseball slide and Elias with his vintage Backstabber.
  • Hardy connects with the Swanton Bomb and pins Elias for the victory.

Analysis: In-ring this was solid with some good tag team fundamentals however there was no reason for me to care outside of the nostalgia of getting to see Carlito. Hopefully Carlito is hear to stay because he could definitely bring some experience and in-ring prowess to the RAW Roster.

Alexa Bliss defeats. Nikki Cross via pinfall in a Singles Match

  • Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring in her FireFly FunHouse attire.
  • Nikki charges Bliss down and berates her for what she has become before telling her it’s time to fight and to drop the playful attitude.
  • The Fiend’s Friend is outwrestled by Nikki Cross but is actually able to outfight her in what quickly becomes a targeted brawl between the former best friends.
  • Alexa plays hopscotch before kicking Cross in the gut and locking in a cuddle based submission.
  • Cross uses the time provided by a slight delay in Bliss to escape the Mandible Claw however Bliss’ music hits and her transformation to normal Bliss is complete.
  • Nikki looks one in shock, bewildered by the transformation but she snaps out and refocuses beating down Alexa before the music hits once again and Alexa retransforms.
  • Bliss sets up for the Sister Abigail but hooks the head into a Hammer Lock DDT variant of The Fiends’ signature offence.
  • As Bliss makes her way up the ramp, Orton makes his way down however Orton refuses to make eye contact.

Analysis: This storyline is really going to test the suspension of disbelief that fans are willing to partake in. For me, I am totally fine with this way this story is unfolding because I don’t watch wrestling to watch a pure emulation of combat sport, for that I simply…watch combat sports. Instead I watch wrestling for a over the top imitatiion of combat sport combined with athletically impressive and innovative in-ring offence. However, I know those who enjoy a more grounded and old school approach to wrestling will not be able to stomach this.

Edge vs. Randy Orton – ‘One Last Time’

  • We open the match with a huge promo package followed by a close-up promo from Edge in which he declares tonight he gets closure and he puts this story to rest so he can focus on Main Eventing WrestleMania.
  • Commentary heavily focus on the fact that Orton only wrestled 8 minutes in the Rumble last night whereas Edge wrestled 58 minute.
  • Edge locks in the Anti-Venom however a rake to the eyes allows Orton to escape.
  • The Edge-o-Cution allows Edge to set up for the Spear however The Viper counters with a vintage Snap Bodyslam.
  • This is the first no smoke and mirrors match of Edge’s return however given the Bliss segment before was clearly pre recorded and this smoothly ran alongside it, it is very possible that this match is also pre-recorded.
  • Edge counters the RKO into a Edge-o-Matic for a nearfall, Orton is then dropped off the apron onto the barricades at ringside.
  • Orton drops Edge onto the Announce Table with a huge back body drop and the Royal Rumble winner appears to catch his head on a monitor.
  • As Orton sets up for the RKO some Jackbox style music plays and Bliss with Black Blood pouring out her mouth appears on the turnbuckle
  • The distraction allows Edge to hit a big Spear and pick up a big win in his first RAW Match in a decade.

Overall I think this was a thoroughly enjoyable show, fast paced and never really had a slamming halt moment unlike previous weeks. The Lashley vs. Riddle match was disappointing however it makes sense from a greater story POV, the Women’s Division is in need of a dire restart but other than that this show was booked pretty much perfectly. Damian Priest got a rocket strapped to him and we commenced an important storyline in Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre.