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WWE Raw Results – December 7th 2020

WWE Raw Results

WWE RAW Results will be updated live throughout the show, so make sure to check back for the latest results as they happen.

Emanating live from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida for one final time –tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw features the beginning of the build to the Royal Rumble PPV.

Already announced for tonight’s show:

  • McIntyre & Sheamus to battle Miz, Morrison & Styles in Handicap Match

  • Randy Orton ‘Lets Himself In’ to the Firefly FunHouse

  • Lashley vs Jeff Hardy in a Non-Title Match

A Moments Silence for Pat Patterson

  • Show opens with a moments silence and ten bell salute to wrestling legend Pat Patterson

Analysis: Thank you for everything Pat, you will be dearly missed.

Randy Orton and The Fiend Open the show

  • We open the show with a full five minute re-cap of last weeks interaction between Orton and Alexa Bliss
  • ‘The Viper’ states that unlike Wyatt, he does not need to wear a mask to act out his violent intentions
  • As Orton begs The Fiend to let him in the FireFly FunHouse appears on the titantron
  • Bray states that because of Orton’s actions last week, Alexa is upset and won’t be here tonight
  • Wyatt introduces a new game show ‘Let’s get Randy’
  • The question of the show is ‘How should Randy Orton be punished at TLC’
  • All the contestants answer wrong, and Orton says that at TLC he will defeat ‘The Fiend’ but tonight he wants Bray Wyatt

Analysis: A very strong opening segment once again as Randy shows why he is one of the best in the business on the mic. Firefly FunHouse is a highlight every week and even if this week was a little more grounded than last week it was still an effective story-telling tool. Wyatt vs Orton could be a fun middle of the show match with lots of shenanigans to flesh it out. My only issue with this segment is that it is another WWE RAW opening with a Orton, McIntyre or Fiend promo segment and as pointed out in last weeks WWE Raw Results, this is beginning to feel a tad repetitive.

Asuka [with Lana] defeats Shayna Baszler [with Nia Jax] via pinfall in 8:11

  • Before the match begins it is made official that at WWE TLC, Asuka and Lana will team up to take on Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • During the pre-match promo, Shayna states they are going to mutilate Lana, to which Nia responds:

“She’s going to have boobs on her back”

  • Shayna and Asuka lock up and immediately take the match to the ground as the jostle for control, exchanging heel hooks and knee-bar attempts early on.
  • ‘The Queen of Spades’ forces Asuka to the outside utilising the Steel Steps and Barricade to allow herself to gain control of the momentum as we cut to the ad-break.
  • ‘The former Ravashing Russian’ cheers her make shift tag partner on from ring side as chants of ‘ASUKA’ play over the commentary team
  • A release German Suplex allows Asuka to regain control following a serious of strikes and fast paced grapples from Shayna Baszler
  • Asuka catches Baszler in a Flying Armbar however Shayna is able to transition into the Rear-Naked Choke.
  • Jax blindsides Lana and attempts to toss her into the Steel Steps only to be taken out by Lana
  • Lana continues on hitting Jax with a Hurricanrana and knocking her out on the Announce Table [On not through]
  • The distraction allows Asuka to roll-up Shayna for the win

Analysis: This segment confirmed to me that this storyline really is not for me, it feels like a colossal waste of Asuka but also Shayna Baszler. The pre-match promo Nia and Shayna was laughable with ‘Boobs on her Back’ summing up the quality of writing in the segment perfectly, Lana is not even the problem here. She clearly isn’t incredible but her acting and performances feel genuine whilst Shayna and Nia feel flat at best, hopefully after TLC this can end and Asuka can begin to try bring some prestige back to her title reign. Last week in the WWE Raw Results post I said we had made some positive steps, we appear to have stepped backwards once again.

Ricochet and Dana Brooke defeat Slapjack and Reckoning [with Mustafa Ali] via pinfall in 1:56

  • In a pre-match promo segment Mustafa Ali of RETRIBUTION states that tonight Ricochet and Dana Brooke will suffer more than ever before.
  • Ricochet wipes Slapjack out on the outside with a twisting corkscrew moonsault over the top rope.
  • Dana Brooke makes a quick blind tag before the action can pick up and pins Reckoning clean in under three minutes

Analysis: This truly cements the end of any credibility to RETRIBUTION, they have proved ineffective at every major opportunity, losing clean every week and losing in under three minutes, Ricochet and Dana is an interesting pairing that could really work, if it had the potential to go anywhere but at least for now it allows Dana to stay on TV whilst Mandy is injured.

Miz TV with the #1 contender to the WWE Championship, AJ Styles[with Omos]

  • The Miz begins by apologising to Omos, stating that they could not find a chair big enough for that ‘Tree of a Man’.
  • John Morrison and Commentary then reveal that AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre at TLC will be in a TLC Match.
  • As AJ Styles discusses his plans for TLC and how he will tackle McIntyre, The Miz reminds him McIntyre might not even make it to TLC.
  • Morrison and The Miz do a whole back and forth scene with Scottish and Irish Accents discussing Sheep Shagging, Shrek and Whisky
  • Drew McIntyre is now referred to as The Scottish Warrior not The Scottish Psychopath
  • Sheamus interrupts stating if they were in a Dublin pub, he would have destroyed them all by now.
  • As Morrison states Sheamus has no friends McIntyre comes out to back him up.
  • McIntyre name drops Brock, Orton and The Fiend as people he has crushed on his rise to the top, before saying the Jackass [Styles] and the Bean Stalk [Omos] aren’t remotely on their level.
  • Styles and Omos look on as McIntyre and Sheamus clear The Miz and John Morrison out the ring

Analysis: This segment did a strong job at tying in the three or four major stories from the World Title picture, Styles and Drew built towards their match whilst simultaneously building to a Miz cash-in and a possible Sheamus heel turn. When stories overlap successful it adds depth and realism to the characters taking part. Last week I stated in the WWE Raw Results that I believed Sheamus would turn on McIntyre however I truly now believe this will be allowed to play out for a while and we may see Keith Lee turn instead in a more immediate time scale

Kofi Kingston [with Xavier Woods] defeats Shelton Benjamin [with MVP and Cedric Alexander] via pinfall in 4:01 before Cedric Alexander defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall in 7:01.

  • MVP is shown at ringside coaching Alexander by showing him what Benjamin is doing and analysing why it is effective
  • Benjamin dominates early on, getting three near-falls in the opening couple of minutes
  • Kingston appears to have tweaked his knee on a Monkey Flip attempt
  • As Benjamin slides in the ring, Kingston connects with the Trouble in Paradise.
  • The New Day attempt to leave however Alexander quickly grabs the mic and demands Kingston gets in the ring so he can school him like he did Xavier Woods last week
  • Much to his partners disappointment, Kingston agrees despite the injury and gets in the ring to take on Cedric Alexander in singles action
  • Alexander targets Kingstons weakened left knee with a serious of strikes and grapples
  • Kingston nearly picks up the win via pinfall but Alexander kicks out at the last moment
  • A beautiful basement dropkick sets Alexander up for the Spinning Brainbuster which Kingston only just manages to kick out off
  • Alexander avoids a huge splash from Kingston and uses the moment of grounding to regain control and take Kingston out with Lumbar Check

Analysis: The Hurt Business remain a highlight of WWE Raw with the evolution of the relationship between Alexander, Benjamin and MVP getting better each week. The note taking and coaching on the outside was a lovely subtle touch and the over eager ‘rookie’ calling out the experienced opponent to avenge his partner is a fantastically simple story. Kingston and Alexander featured some incredible in ring sequences and moments, furthermore, the over arching story of Kingston’s injured knee did a wonderful job of creating a routable face for the match and elevated the heel status of The Hurt Business. It looks like The Hurt Business and The New Day will clash for the titles at TLC and it is the perfect time for The Hurt Business to capture the gold. In last weeks WWE Raw Results I stated I wanted something fresh in the tag division, however I am not sure who that team would be as the RAW tag division truly lacks depth.

AJ Styles, The Miz and John Morrison defeat Drew McIntyre and Sheamus via pinfall in 13:37

  • Morrison and McIntyre start the match off, however, Morrison is quickly knocked down by a singular stiff forearm from the WWE Champion
  • Sheamus is tagged in following a huge headbutt from McIntyre, The Celtic Warrior and Morrison immediately trade grapple attempts before Sheamus resorts to a series of strikes
  • Throughout the match Styles avoids tagging in, dropping off the apron and hiding from all competitors
  • Sheamus attempts to Lariat Morrison however he instead strikes McIntyre on the outside, the seeds of descent have begun.
  • McIntyre and Sheamus catch Morrison following a dive attempted and toss him overhead into the announce table, Morrison instead lands perfectly in the commentary chair
  • The Celtic Connection dominate the match as Styles finally tags himself in whilst McIntyre is stuck in the heel’s corner
  • Styles [rather roughly] transitions Sheamus into a Calf Crusher, however, The Celtic Warrior is able to escape
  • Sheamus counters a Style Clash attempt into White Noise to allow him to tag in McIntyre who clears house
  • A Misdirected Brouge Kick accidentally knocks out McIntyre before a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles keeps Sheamus down for the 3 count.
  • Post match we get a very intense staredown between McIntyre and Sheamus as the latter states that Drew is coming to kick his arse.
  • The Celtic Connection brawl at catering before taking their anger out on WWE Official, Pat Buck.

Analysis: Lots of good elements to this segment, once again several storylines played out at once; dissent in The Celtic Connection, Styles attempting to avoid McIntyre before TLC and The Miz and Morrison teasing the cash-in. From an in-ring POV this match was solid, nothing spectacular aside from the big fallaway slam by Sheamus and Morrison. However, the role it played in plating the seeds of the feud between Sheamus and Drew makes this a must watch match and one of the better segments of tonights show thus far.

I am still optimistic that Drew vs Sheamus plays out slowly and cant have its payoff at WrestleMania with McIntyre helping elevate Sheamus as he approaches his retirement. The brawl that unfolds between the two is constructed perfectly, with it appearing like two friends taking out their aggression and when people try to stop them [mainly Pat Buck] they take their aggression out on him solving their issues.

Bobby Lashley [with MVP] defeats Jeff Hardy [with Riddle] via submission in 12:01

  • Prior to the match, Hardy is approached backstage by Riddle who suggests that they team up and chase the Tag Titles
  • Riddle suggest the name ‘The Hardy Bro’s’ with their finisher ‘Broetry in Motion’
  • Hardy replies that he isn’t against the idea however he as a match right now and needs to go
  • MVP once again proves his worth as a manager, reminding Lashley from ringside that Hardy has a injured back focusing The US Champions offence on that area of Hardy
  • Lashley counters Whisper in the Wind thanks to interference from MVP, however, the interference brings Riddle out from the back who takes out MVP.
  • As we move to the ad-break Hardy takes Lashley out with a cannon ball off the ring apron
  • Lashley attempts to lock in ‘The Hurt Lock’ however Hardy rolls on the mat in an attempt to break out.
  • ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ hits his signature sit-out face buster to regain the momentum and control of the bout as we move towards the closing sequences
  • ‘Whisper in the Wind’ connects, however, it can only keep Lashley down for the two-count.
  • Hardy connects with a ‘Twist of Face’ and climbs up for the Swanton Bomb, Lashley gets out the way and connects with the Spear
  • Lashley finally locks in The Hurt Lock and forces the tap out to pick up the win
  • Riddle attempts to make the save as Lashley refuses to break the hold only to be stopped by MVP

Analysis: The Hardy Bro’s and Riddle vs Lashley are two things I can get behind, the writing behind Riddle has been superb each week with him coming out with some of the best dorky and innocent one liners to get a cheap laugh. Hardy has felt a bit flat recently and Lashley has needed to lock up with someone who can compliment his style, Riddle can solve both of these issues. Lashley vs Riddle could allow both men to show their UFC/Bellator MMA training and bring a new style of performing to Monday Night’s, I guess next week we will get Riddle and Hardy vs The Hurt Business leading to a TLC match down the line. Check out the WWE Raw Results next week to find out if that is correct, or if WWE are throwing a curveball into their usual booking approach.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt ends in a non-finish following interference from The Fiend.

  • Unlike their WrestleMania clash, there are no projector bugs and spooky lightings this time
  • Wyatt grabs a headset and sends the show to an Ad-Break as he hits Orton with a huge Ura-nage onto the announce table
  • Although Orton is able to out wrestle Wyatt, the mind games and underhanded tactics of Bray allow him to regain control in a variety of key moments.
  • Following Orton connecting with The Draping DDT, the lights cut to black and The Fiends music plays.
  • Orton hits Wyatt with an RKO, however, the lights cut out again and as they come back on The Fiend has replaced Wyatt
  • The Fiend attacks Orton with the Mandible Claw choking him out to end the show

Overall, this weeks WWE Raw was a bit of a non-consequential show that felt slow and sluggish across the majority of the three hours, with two or three redeeming segments.

The Hurt Business vs The New Day, Sheamus and Drew’s Interactions and the opening and closing segments were the highlights of RAW, however, everything in-between was fine at best. Shayna and Nia continue to miss the mark each week with some very questionable writing [see – boobs on her back] and continuing to waste away Asuka as RAW Women’s Champion. For comparison, SmackDown is currently building towards a legitimate dream match between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair whilst on RAW we are building to Lana vs Nia in a Tables Match.

It is unclear what the future holds for RETRIBUTION especially after another sub three minute loss on weekly TV, there is a story playing out with the relationship between Ali and his team however we have not been introduced enough to the characters or relationships for it to be meaningful or impactful.

Jakson Ryker and Elias teamed on Main Event before this show, and Fightful have reported that they are set to become a unit on RAW moving forward which only spells bad things for the RAW Tag Division as Elias’ repackaging starts off with a massive uphill battle ahead of it.

The closing segment between Wyatt and Orton was great and The Fiend taking control of the feud once again is fantastic and continued to be interesting despite the lack of Bliss- who has been the driving force of the feud in recent weeks

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WWE RAW Results will return next week as we discover if Drew McIntyre and Sheamus can continue to coexist