WWE RAW Results – December 21st 2020

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Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE RAW results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with four weeks to go till Royal Rumble!

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The results from this week’s RAW were as follows:

  • Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeated Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose via Pinfall (12:50)
  • Angel Garza defeated Drew Gulak via Pinfall (2:10)
  • T-Bar defeated Ricochet via Pinfall (2:45)
  • The Hurt Business defeated Jeff Hardy & Riddle via Submission (9:15)
  • Jaxson Ryker defeated Gran Metalik via Pinfall (0:55)
  • Charlotte Flair & Asuka defeated Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans via Pinfall (8:20)
  • Drew McIntyre, Sheamus & Keith Lee defeated AJ Styles, The Miz & John Morrison via Pinfall (17:55)

Charlotte Flair & Asuka Kicks Off The Show, Multiple Teams Stake Their Claim

  • Charlotte says she’s a champion at her core and that hasn’t changed but said she had to answer the call of a friend before introducing Asuka.
  • Asuka points out she is now a double champion and Charlotte alludes to challenging for the RAW Women’s title before Baszler & Jax interrupt.
  • Jax says Santa isn’t the only one with a naughty and nice list, they do too and they give out ‘season’s beatings’ before Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke interrupt.
  • Rose & Brooke mock Baszler & Jax for not having the titles anymore and get into the ring. Charlotte calls for a ref and makes your opening match of RAW official: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

Analysis: Nothing much to this opener other than the making of Rose & Brooke vs Jax & Baszler and a slight tease of Charlotte challenging Asuka for the RAW Women’s title in the near future! That’s a money match for either the Rumble or even Mania so glad to see we finally have a hint of what’s in store on the road to WrestleMania!

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeat Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose via Pinfall in 12:50

  • Charlotte & Asuka join commentary for the match, during which Charlotte & Asuka vs Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans is announced for later in the show.
  • Nia dominates early on before Dana manages to throw her to the outside before she and Rose dived onto the former champions. Rose & Brooke taunt Charlotte & Asuka and Nia responds by throwing Rose into the barricade.
  • After an ad break, Shayna and Nia work over Rose’s right knee and keep her away from Brooke. Nia tries for a leg drop but Mandy dodges. Baszler tags in and Mandy finally gets the tag to Brooke, who hits a Senton but Nia drags her out.
  • Mandy hits a knee strike off the apron and Brooke hits a springboard elbow strike. Baszler tries to stomp Brooke’s elbow but Brooke dodges into a roll-up which Baszler counters into the Kirafuda Clutch to pick up the win.
  • After the match, Baszler & Jax stared down Charlotte & Asuka but Rose & Brooke pushed the former champions out the ring and stared down the champions themselves.

Analysis: A decent match to kick-off RAW but nothing special really. Jax & Baszler got a win back after losing the titles but we still got a tease of multiple challengers for the Women’s Tag Titles. I hope Charlotte & Asuka aren’t pigeonholed into purely the Women’s Tag belts and we do get a RAW Women’s Title match built for the Rumble over the next few weeks.

The Hurt Business Host The A Special Edition Of The VIP Lounge, R-Truth & The Hardy Bros Interrupt

  • MVP says they’re celebrating Cedric & Shelton’s RAW Tag Team Title win and introduces the VIP Lounge and the rest of the Hurt Business.
  • Shelton says they showed why they’re better than anyone else on RAW and Cedric added especially the New Day. Bobby says there isn’t a man alive who can beat him for the US title.
  • Hurt Business pose for photos and R-Truth photobombs them in the background before several superstars chase him throughout the arena before Jeff Hardy & Riddle interrupts.
  • Riddle says the Hurt Business “should just chill out with the homies” and Hardy clarifies that there are more important things in life than money, like pride. They say they have faith and that will lead them to victory against Bobby & MVP.

Analysis: Riddle has fully embraced the stoner gimmick and it is fantastic! He tells Hurt Business to “get toasted and listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast” and Hardy has to clarify what his stoner rhetoric means. Really really entertaining stuff between the two contrasting with the ultra-serious Hurt Business. If they gel well together in the ring, these two could make for an incredibly entertaining new team!

Angel Garza defeats Drew Gulak via Pinfall in 2:10

  • During a backstage interview before the match, Angel Garza gives Sarah Schriber a rose and says that she should interview him under the mistletoe after his victory.
  • Garza rips off his pants and throws them in Gulak’s face in order to gain control early. Gulak got in some offence but ultimately Garza maintained control.
  • Garza hit a superkick and secured the win with a Wingclipper to pick up the win.

Analysis: Good match between these two despite how short it was. Glad it seems like Garza is finally getting a proper singles shot as he hasn’t really had a chance to show off his singles prowess up to this point, but it’s a shame that it had to be at the expense of Drew Gulak. Quite disappointing to see Gulak be reduced to not even having an entrance after his great run with Bryan over on SmackDown.

The Miz TV With AJ Styles – McIntyre, Sheamus & Lee Interrupt, Dissention Teased

  • Before the segment, AJ is interviewed by Charly Caruso and blames Miz for screwing him out of the WWE title but says he wanted to know what he had to say for himself, which is why he agreed to appear on Miz TV.
  • Miz says he failed himself and his family and for that, he’s sorry before introducing Styles. Miz says he simply took advantage of an opportunity before AJ interrupts, calling him “the biggest idiot on earth”.
  • Miz lashes out after AJ accuses him of causing both to lose. Miz goes on a rant about wanting to live up the expectations of his cash-in a decade ago and genuinely apologies for causing them to lose, before offering to have AJ star in The Marine 7.
  • Omos points out that Morrison cashed in Money In The Bank contract, not him and Miz uses this as an excuse to get the contract back before Drew McIntyre interrupts.
  • Drew mocks Miz & Morrison’s Nightmare Before TLC segment from a few weeks ago before doing their own rendition: ‘The Nightmare After TLC’.
  • Drew, Sheamus & Keith Lee appear and surround Miz, Morrison & Styles before beating them down and throwing the Miz TV set out the ring. Styles kicks Lee into Sheamus but Sheamus thinks Lee attacked him on purpose.
  • After an ad break, we see Lee & Sheamus arguing backstage before Drew breaks it up and tells Sheamus to cool down. Drew tells Lee that he knows it was an accident and to let him worry about Sheamus.

Analysis: A loaded Miz TV with quite a bit of progression in it. Miz realises there’s a loophole from his cash-in at TLC and hints at using it to get the contract back before McIntyre, Sheamus & Lee give us a preview of the six-man tag street fight later in the night. Miz’s impassioned rant about losing the MITB contract was great and showed off one of the rare times that a failed MITB cash-in actually has an impact. Too many times, they’re simply forgotten so nice to see this change.

T-Bar defeats Ricochet via Pinfall in 2:45

  • We’re shown a recap of RETRIBUTION attempting to recruit Ricochet into the group.
  • Ricochet starts off aggressive right off the bell, delivering a dropkick and a springboard dive in an attempt to take down the bigger man but caught him and delivered a backbreaker.
  • T-Bar dominated for the majority of the match. As Ricochet got the advantage for a second,
  • Ali tells Richochet to think with his mind rather than his heart and attempts to recruit him again but Ricochet punched the RETRIBUTION leader before T-Bar hit Feast Your Eyes to pick up the win.
  • After the match, T-Bar tells Ricochet that he will either join them or they will “end his existence”.

Analysis: A dominant performance from T-Bar over Ricochet but it may be a too little too late. RETRIBUTION should have dominated over all their opponents from the get-go but their stop-start performance has hurt them majorly. Hopefully, their dominance isn’t exclusive to their recruiting of Ricochet and this is a start of a rebuild for them, but that’s a rebuild that will take a LONG time to fully come into effect.

The Hurt Business defeat Jeff Hardy & Riddle via Submission in 9:15

  • Hardy and Lashley started off, with Hardy rushing the US champions early on before tagging in Riddle. Riddle tried for a sleeper hold but Lashley knocked him off and took him down with a clothesline before tagging in MVP.
  • The Hurt Business work over Riddle in their corner before Riddle managed to get a series of kicks off on Lashley to give him the opportunity to tag in Hardy, who manages to take down Lashley for a 1-count.
  • The Hardy Bros hit a series of tag manoeuvres on both MVP and Lashley, causing Hurt Business to escape to the outside before we cut to ad break.
  • We cut back to Hardy and Lashley brawling before Jeff got onto the top rope. Lashley managed to push him to the floor, a nasty fall for Jeff. MVP tags in and works over Hardy’s left arm, which he injured during his fall.
  • MVP hits the Ballin’ Elbow but gets a near-fall. He tries for a corner kick but Jeff dodges and hits Whisper In The Wind before tagging in Riddle.
  • Riddle takes down MVP and hits a Fisherman’s Suplex and goes for a pin but Lashley breaks it up early and drags MVP to the corner to tag himself in. Lashley dominates over Riddle and tries for a stalling suplex, but Riddle fights out.
  • Jeff makes a blind tag as Riddle hits a knee strike on Lashley. Riddle takes out Hurt Business on the outside as Jeff tries for a Swanton Bomb but misses.
  • Lashley tries for the Spear which Hardy counters into a Twist of Fate attempt. Lashley counters that into a Hurt Lock to pick up the win.

Analysis: A surprisingly great match between the Hardy Bros and Hurt Business. Riddle and Hardy showed great chemistry working together and the closing sequence with Hardy and Lashley dodging each others’ finishers before Lashley finally locked in the brutal-looking Hurt Lock for the win. I wouldn’t mind seeing Hardy Bros challenge Cedric & Shelton for the titles at the Rumble, even if it was a triple threat involving New Day!

Jaxson Ryker defeats Gran Metalik via Pinfall in 0:55

  • Ryker dominates over the Lucha House Party member whilst Elias sat on the top-right turnbuckle playing his guitar before Metalik took him down with a hurricanrana.
  • The distraction gave Ryker the chance to hit the sit-out chokeslam to pick up the win.

Analysis: Incredibly quick win for Ryker as I think many would expect. It seems like they’re starting a clean slate for Ryker, similarly to Blake & Cutler, in not mentioning Forgotten Sons whatsoever. Interesting to note that this is Ryker’s first-ever main roster win as he never competed whilst appearing as part of Forgotten Sons on SmackDown. The best part of this, by far, was Elias playing the guitar on the turnbuckle, loads of entertaining potential of him taunting Ryker’s opponents with songs if they keep this up as a thing!

Randy Orton Explains Himself Following The Firefly Inferno Match, Alexa Bliss Returns

  • Randy says he’s been called many different things in life – sick, demented, twisted – and he proved that at TLC when he burnt The Fiend alive.
  • Randy said he enjoyed every single second of the burning as he admired the spot in the ring where it happened.
  • Randy states that The Fiend is no more and that he is “the evil son of a bitch that took him out”.
  • The lights in the ThunderDome being going out before Alexa Bliss appears in the ring on a swing. Alexa deliberates where The Fiend is and makes several puns about The Fiend being burnt alive.
  • Alexa says that The Fiend was absorbed into the earth – he’s back home – but if he ever comes back, he’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The lights go out as the segment ends.

Analysis: I don’t know what this was but I loved every second of it. Bliss is SO engaging in this role and is almost like a herald for The Fiend. I’d love it if she appeared over the next few weeks to tease The Fiend’s return in Alexa’s Playground – Could maybe even have him come back at the Rumble?

Charlotte Flair & Asuka defeat Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans via Pinfall in 8:20

  • Before the match, Lacey reveals they requested this match because they aren’t waiting for a handout. As Lacey goes to make her entrance though, Peyton clarifies that she – alone – requested the match.
  • Asuka manages to go toe-to-toe with both Peyton & Lacey early on as we see Nia & Shayna watching on backstage. Peyton hits a roundhouse kick for a near-fall as we go to break.
  • We cut back to Lacey attempting her signature moonsault but Peyton tags in and goes for the cover, but Asuka kicks out. Lacey does the same thing back to Peyton and gets a near-fall. Royce & Evans argue as Asuka manages to tag in Charlotte.
  • Charlotte cleared the ring and tossed Evans out of the ring before Royce managed to lock in a single leg Boston crab on Charlotte. Evans played defence but was outmanoeuvred by Asuka, who broke the hold up.
  • Asuka took down Lacey, allowing Charlotte to lock in the Figure Eight to pick up the win. We’re reminded that Charlotte & Asuka will defend the titles for the first time on SmackDown this Friday.

Analysis: A good first match for Charlotte & Asuka as champions with a surprisingly strong performance from Peyton. The story of the match was that Peyton & Lacey continually argued with each other, distracting them from their opponents and causing them to miss opportunities which could have led to victory. I’d expect Charlotte & Asuka to defend the titles against The Riott Squad this Friday, considering they’ve picked up wins two weeks in a row over Billie Kay and her various partners.

Drew McIntyre, Sheamus & Keith Lee defeat AJ Styles, The Miz & John Morrison via Pinfall in 17:55

  • We see Keith & Sheamus bump fists before the match, suggesting they’ve resolved their issues.
  • Sheamus and Morrison start off with Morrison outmanoeuvring the Celtic warrior before tagging in Miz. Morrison delivers a cheap shot to Sheamus before AJ tags in who Sheamus takes control over.
  • Sheamus eventually tags in Drew. Morrison tags in and focuses on Drew’s left knee, hitting it with a series of strikes and dragon screws.
  • Keith Lee tags in and launches Morrison to the other side of the ring with the help of Drew. The faces keep Morrison close to their corner as Sheamus tags in, with both men taking out the entire opposing team.
  • Sheamus slaps Keith to encourage him and the two exchange these back and forth before Keith hits an overhand chop a little too hard, which sets off Sheamus again. Drew gets in the ring to come between his partners as we cut ads.
  • We cut back to Sheamus and AJ in the ring. Sheamus goes for Morrison as Drew comes in the ring -The two deliver the
    Beats of the Bodhrán before pushing their opponents into Keith Lee, who drives them into the ring apron.
  • Sheamus goes to the top rope but Morrison throws him off, just barely hitting a table on the outside. AJ tags in and delivers a cheap shot to Keith Lee, allowing Sheamus to take down AJ long enough to tag in Drew.
  • Drew takes down all three and hits a reverse Alabama slam on Morrison onto Miz. McIntyre hits a spinebuster and goes for a pin, but AJ breaks it up.
  • Everyone hits their signatures on each other before Drew drives AJ through a table, covering him in eggnog. Sheamus tags himself in before Keith does the same.
  • Keith pushes Morrison into Omos’ arms, who drives him through a table before Keith hits the Spirit Bomb on Miz to pick up the win!
  • After the bell, Sheamus immediately hit a Brogue Kick on Lee and the show closed with McIntyre and Sheamus staring each other down.

Analysis: A pretty confusing main event that was somewhat saved by a great cliffhanger to end the show. It was a six-man street fight yet everyone – including the heels – still tagged like normal and didn’t take advantage of the weapons till the last few minutes? Just completely took me out of the match, unfortunately. The finish was quite fun with Omos taking out Morrison in a similar fashion to how he took out Miz at TLC before Lee picked up the win with the Spirit Bomb. Sheamus showed his true colours though and Borgue Kicked Lee after the match, finally setting us down the inevitable path towards McIntyre vs Sheamus as well as potentially setting up a future heel turn for Lee as many have clamoured for.

And that was the December 21st episode of RAW!

A decent show that had its ups-and-downs for sure. Alexa’s return and introduction of Alexa’s Playground was a great way to introduce a concept that’ll slowly tease The Fiend’s return over the next few weeks and Hurt Business & The Hardy Bros put on an excellent showing!

Meanwhile, both women’s matches were hurt by unfortunate placement in the card and the main event was diabolically immersion-breaking thanks to each team’s commitment to stick to tags despite the match being a street fight.

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